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The Liminalist # 70.5: Salvation & Loneliness (with Paul Seydor)


Part two of conversation with Paul Seydor, on Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, how Brando taught Sam to hate, Stanley Kubrick again, artists as human beings, humanizing the villains, Peckinpah & scapegoating, the old time directors’ sadism, Sam & the stars, endless rain on Ballad of Cable Hogue, Sam’s father & negative identity, Sam’s mother-enmeshment, Peckinpah’s issues with … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 70: A Celebration of Perspectives (with Paul Seydor)


Part one of two-part conversation with author Paul Seydor, on Sam Peckinpah’s legacy, Stanley Kubrick’s image management, Seydor’s first experience of Peckinpah, The Deadly Companions, The Wild Bunch, the presence of poetry, getting a better education, The Western Films, Pauline Kael on the Western, Peckinpah mountain, Wild Bunch as commentary on the Vietnam experience, the intersection of art & … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 69.5: The Soft Machine of Society (with Sean Kerrigan)


Part two of conversation with Sean Kerrigan, on the cover of Bureaucratic Insanity, corporate identity, sociopaths and bureaucrats, a killer alter, a violent robot world, child sex abuse and schooling, data collection for control, the commerce & pursuit of sacred information, schools as laboratories, AI & social constructs, how school shootings escalate, lack of meaning, lack of caring, the desire to … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 69: The Elimination of Consciousness (with Sean Kerrigan)


Part one of two-part conversation with Sean Kerrigan, author of Bureaucratic Insanity, on liminality & rioting, draconian punishments in schools, the banality of office environments, loss of meaning, the omnipresence of rules, quests for identity, bureaucrats as victims of bureaucracy, cogs in the social machine, the illusion of power, bureaucracy & hierarchy, imposition from above, the need for internal honesty, professionalism … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 68.5: Original Junk (The Crowley Edifice; with Nalyd Khezr Bey)


Part two of conversation with Nalyd Khezr Bey, on oneiric sorcery & the sleep feasting ritual, summoning aliens, automatic writing, a model agnostic, Whitley Strieber & the perpetuation of fragmentation, entities & fragments, Aleister Crowley, the Holy Guardian Angel, and divine dictation, NKB’s facing mirrors ritual, summoning voices, the original junk of language, dialoguing with the deep, crossing the abyss, the results … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 68: Survival Alters (with Nalyd Khezr Bey)


First part of two-part conversation with long-time follower Nalyd Khezr Bey (NKB), on the power of voice, The Lucid View and a writer’s frustration, Crowley in Sicily, was Crowley advocating child sexual abuse?, the trap of occultism, aggressive purging, the academic voice, writing The Blood Poets as a Trojan Horse, Lucid View, Aeolus Kephas, Robert Anton Wilson’s Cosmic Trigger, NKB … Read the rest

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The Liminalist 67: Opening to the Underworld (with Ann Diamond)


First part of a return conversation with Ann Diamond, Jasun’s dream of being Mr. and Mrs. Smith, hot & cold programming, integrating a murderous alter, recognizing compartmentalization, programmed twins, Steven Griggs, Carol Rutz, the dangers of over-literalization, Our Father the Serial Killer, Ann’s memory of military program, Good little Soldiers, releasing programming, sexual alters, exploring pornography, a BDSM master … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 66.5: The Opposite of Transcendence (with Isaac Marcuson)


Part two of conversation with Isaac Marcuson, on society’s conspiracy to keep us fragmented, Stoicism and the Shadow, the intent to be virtuous, seeking homeostasis, the drive to wholeness, the split between being and doing, sweetness of the mundane, the obligation of the world, spiritual path into adversity, powering a corrupt system, the quest for knowledge & the will to power, the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 66: The Lives & Smells of Others (with Isaac Marcuson)


Two-part conversation with Isaac Marcuson, Jasun intro, After Garbanzo Year 0, the essence of this podcast, Garbanzo’s gift, Isaac on biological hazards at work, mold and heavy metals in the environment, sensitivity to smells, body awareness & food, autism & extra-consensual perception, the difference between conscious & unconscious perception, children & imaginary friends, encountering entities, Isaac’s early memories, the stigma of odor, … Read the rest

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Garbanzo R.I.P

Garbanzo-GardenRead the rest

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The Liminalist # 65.5: Yesterday’s Convictions (with Jason Wilcox)


Part two of return conversation with Jason Wilcox, on the mystery of charisma, what is psychism, negative empathy, Hitler’s training, MKULTRA and creating false ceremony masters, Hitler’s hypnosis programming, puppeting Hitler, Britain’s rivals, Winston Churchill’s history as crucial fiction, German generational shame, Carl Jung & Allen Dulles dialogues, liminality & inserting new cultural programs, questioning the Holocaust, historical dissociation, the creation of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 65: Deeper Into the Margins (with Jason Wilcox)


First part of a return conversation with Jason Wilcox, on the culture industry, growing up with movies, the process of disillusionment, censorship & selection, Jason W’s work as literary agent, the commercial agenda, directing values, the two types of writer, unconscious & conscious drives, The Godfather, how the film industry seeks outliers, self-censorship, what’s the opposite of censorship, the job of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 64.5: A Willingness Not to Live the Dream (with Aaron Ciderbeard)


Second part of conversation with Aaron Ciderbeard on the pressure of psychedelics, a journey of wrongness, a common psychosis, grand visions and negative motivation, surviving environments as children, psychic annihilation, the “lost state of innocence,” the optimal experience, outside the temporal frame, a God alone, eternally regenerated sensation vs. old thoughts, the nag of the future, a child’s experience of time, an … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 64: A Symbiotic Relationship to Vampires (with Aaron Ciderbeard)


Two-part conversation with longtime listener Aaron Ciderbeard, on missing connections for the podcast, infant abandonment patterns,  Gordon White and the Chris Knowles altercation, Neil Kramer’s changing persona, platforming people and self-packaging, the position of not-knowing, how to be kindly critical, Jeffrey Kripal, the dichotomy between amateur and professional, liminalism, a space for uncertainty, the value of conversations, landscape architecture in a small … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 63.5: Before the Beginning/Judaic Ritual Abuse (with Mark Golding)


Second part of conversation with Mark Golding, on the difference between mystery schools & wisdom schools, social engineering and the overlap between occultism and spirituality, the fragment’s bid for wholeness, transcending duality, will to power/pursuit of happiness, letting go of the spiritual goal, chopping wood/carrying water, intellectual kung fu, Buddhist frying pan attack, distrusting appearances & opinions, being response-able, finding the medicine … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 63: The Lion’s Share of Living (with Mark Golding)


Part one of a challenging (for me) conversation with Mark Golding on trauma release and yoga, Iyenga yoga and the precision of asanas, undoing the knots of trauma, clearing space in the body, placing attention of the trauma, death contemplation, Mark’s death simulations, Cern & the Hadron collider, 94% dark matter, the sacred geometry of yoga, representing the emptiness, the process of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 62.5: Ancestral Hosts (with Gary Heidt)


Part two of return conversation with Gary Heidt, on the thesis of Prisoner of infinity, Marvel comics as formative fictions, empowerment through trauma, social engineering via image-inception, Man of Steel & Superman as a weapon of mass destruction, MKULTRA movies and self-empowerment fantasies, the limits of expansion, turning nature into junk, reinforcing the hierarchy, the natural cycles of growth vs. capitalism, ancestral … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 62: A Genealogy of Disorder (with Gary Heidt)


Return conversation with liminal literary agent & musician Gary Heidt, on almost signing up with Shoko Asahara, a guru is not an elephant, Kundalini yoga, anal rape, & the Key of Solomon, UFOs & Kundalini, meeting a Gnostic bishop, reading Nag Hammadhi, renegade Catholic Masons & CIA bishops, a schism in the Gnostic underground, UFOs & role-playing, John Micheal Greer and druidry, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 61.5: The Noetic Transformation Template (with Robin S. Eubanks)

noetic template

Part two of interview with Robin S. Eubanks, on conspiracy culture, Robin’s three-tap rule, why conspiracy is the wrong word, the nerves of government, when facts don’t change anything, the levers of government, a coordinated vision, outlawing conspiracy theory in the UK, institutional abuse revelations, sexualizing children for social engineering, the noetic transformation template, Willis Harman & SRI, Changing Images of ManRead the rest

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The Liminalist # 61: Guiding Fictions (with Robin S. Eubanks)


Part one of a conversation with lawyer-researcher Robin S. Eubanks, on accidental beginnings, healthcare and education overlap, integrated math and National Science Foundation, following the money, behavioral sciences, psychology & education, the Fabian thread, the Ford Foundation, collusion vs. conspiracy, standardization & adaptive learning, pushing virtual reality via education, Anthony Giddens’ “Third Way,” seeding false beliefs to generate action, … Read the rest

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