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The Liminalist # 60: Plunger of Light (with Venetia Campbell)


Conversation with Venetia Campbell, on foregoing introductions, the Liminal Language Lab, Jasun & Venetia’s alternate perspectives, the difference between God & government, the ceiling of psyops, obvious operations, Egyptian language as embodiment, the decline of Egyptian knowledge, letting go of the need for symbols, observing Easter (or not), the difference between receiving and generating spiritual experiences, fanning the flame of the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 59.5: Removing the Veils (with Znore)


Part two of a probing exploration with Znore, on what shackles perception, tactility & meaning, the two modes of the imagination, imposing the will on the universe, synesthetic common sense & sexuality, the abuse of erotic energy, loss of tactility, the magical manipulation of society, literature & pedophilia, the pendulum of social engineering, the internal guardian, Yeats’ Vision, phases of the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 59: Before the Fall (with Znore)


First part of conversation with Znore of Groupname for Grapejuice, on the origins of “Znore,” the end of Stormy Weather, Aeolus in Afghanistan, Znore in Canada, rainbow gathering in Atitlan, life in Guatemala, the gathering of the tribes, being the center of the eschaton, being a drug shaman, DMT & salvia divinorum, Chinese whispers in community, Jasun’s Being the One … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 58: The Fog of Trauma (with M.C. Caplan)


Conversation with M.C. Caplan, on the Horsley connection, family resonance, everybody’s future, saying the unsayable, how the truth sets you free, the plumber’s transmission vs. empty knowledge, the discomfort of confronting people when they lie, avoiding disagreements about movies, repeating our own lies long enough to believe them, the program not to see, not giving lies a free pass, being seen in … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 57.5: Stealing Enchantment (with Louis Proud)


Part two of a return conversation with author Louis Proud, on the end of books, writing with an audience, crucial fictions and the slow build of Prisoner of Infinity, a new form of nonfiction, demonstrating the reality of the paranormal, finding the emotional component in writing, comparing novel-writing experiences, trusting one’s own estimation, Jasun’s past writing, disowning Aeolus Kephas, finding your … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 57: The Abuse of Woo, or “A Saucer Is Not a Hat” (with Louis Proud)


Part one of a return conversation with author Louis Proud, on fending off unconstructive criticism, writing a novel, John Michael Greer’s writing career, failing to read Dune, the mechanics of trauma and psychism, was Frank Herbert an insider?, NASA & Scenario Planning, seeding new generations with techno-fantasies, a biography of L. Ron Hubbard, Battlefield Earth, ancient astronauts, Hubbard Jr., and … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 56.5: Pied Pipers of Trauma (with Mike B)


Talking with listener Mike B, on Jasun on Red Ice, what’s happening in Europe, the Conspindustry, the rape of Europe, an alternative to conspiracy theory, Lloyd de Mause & how the psyche responds to trauma, Whitley Strieber’s voice, reading Communion, the collective wound, culturally conditioned crucial fictions, individuating as entering into the world by becoming not of the world, that’s embodiment, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 56: Loving the Abomination (with Monc)


Conversation with Monc, from Sweden, on the force of Swedish reserve, being repelled by The Liminalist, enjoying the areas between, electric cigarettes, the chans, the anonymity of the internet, the contrarian spirit, a continuous counter-movement, the parts we deny, a bunch of monkeys throwing shit, the highpoints of 4chan, identifying voices, semantics and identity, the quality of the transmission, a contrarian community, … Read the rest

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Liminalist # 55.5: Unpacking the Shadow (with Mari H)


A second conversation with Mari H, on original sodomy, differentiating visions from reality, a psychic response to trauma, a prosthetic childhood, a lack of a core self, rejecting the social implant, how do people enjoy life, buffered against misfortune, the advantages of a cohesive family, a successful fragment, lacking the spirit of spontaneity, looking beyond the box, not having to ask why, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 55: The Afterlife of the Constructed Identity; or, God’s Problem (with Mari H)


In-depth esoteric explorations (part one) with Mari H, on Whitley Strieber, UFOs, projections of the unconscious, meeting entities in hats, a creature without a face, a weed-induced psychosis, visitations, becoming radioactive, a trip to the primordium, demonic incarnation through sodomy, visions of being Jimmy Savile, gaps in memory, the flyers and the mechanical mind, Morgellons disease, thoughts as nanotechnological implants, astral rape … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 54.5: Strange Currency (with David Costanza)


Second part of a conversation with David Costanza of Art of Flying, on death and rock and roll, the space in between, songs as vehicles or doorways, conversations as triggers, being the amateur, finding one’s voice, excavating a song from the soul, David Lynch’s fishing, words as anchors, creativity, going inward, & depression, disidentifying with emotions, Dabrowski & positive integration, becoming spacious, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 54: What’s In It for the Fish? (with David Costanza/Art of Flying)


First of a two-part conversation with David Costanza of Art of Flying, on cosmic clowns, baking and art-packing, pondering the mystery of art, the beginnings of Art of Flying, the parallels with Big Blood, keeping a low profile, creating music outside the industry, avoiding the label-BS, music & community, Free Music Archive, how the world doesn’t take artists seriously, corporate mentality, divorcing … Read the rest

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Liminalist 53.5: A Tribe without a Scapegoat (with Samuel Corwin)


Part two of conversation with Samuel Corwin, on Girard’s mimesis & Jesus’ ultimate innocence, martyrs as copycats, Christ as a way of being, imitating God, experience without understanding, a lifetime’s defenses, Strieber and the Sisters of Mercy, Catholicism, the traumatic secret, MKULTRA, & rejecting the body, addressing attachments to pleasure, the idea of purity, the Pleroma, the vulnerability of children, psychic and … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 53: Crumbling Temples/The Trap of Occultism (with Samuel Corwin)


Part one of two part conversation with Samuel Corwin, on Prisoner of Infinity, trauma-generated beings, MKULTRA & Montauk, the desire for abduction, Flower of Life book, using automatic writing to contact entities, seeing invisible beings, The Stargate Conspiracy, TV-generated beliefs, psychedelia and a hijacked realm, Jasun’s night encounters, Carlos Castaneda, how the discussion is framed, space is a rumor, taken … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 52: Everything Illusion Touches (with Mark Ehrman)


Special funeral podcast to commemorate the life of Mark Ehrman, who died January 9th, 2016, the day before David Bowie. This is made up of unused material from two long conversations Mark & I had back in spring of 2015. Mark & I discuss Whitley Strieber & the alien abduction narrative phantasy, Newtonian psychology, putting Strieber out to pasture, selling … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 51.5: The Limits of Control (with Jason Wilcox)


Part two of discussion with Jason Wilcox, on Moon-Sun mythology and the divine androgyne, the 3rd state, David Bowie, royalty and starmen, manipulating the sacred, staging alien invasions, Stan Gooch’s secret society payment, Two Thirds, The Martian, E.T. explanation for ancient megaliths, Arthur C. Clarke’s Japetus jape, embodying the culture, how Bowie may have been handled, hidden technology, MKULTRA and The … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 51: A Civilization of Clowns (with Jason Wilcox)


Two-part conversation with Jason Wilcox, on David Bowie & the occult, Bowie’s birth and death days, the question of coincidence, marketing and social engineering, “Black Star” and “Lazarus,” Bowie’s many personae, Major Tom & 2001, deep space entities, Stan Gooch and The Nine, Phyllis Schlemmer & Robert Watts, “The Sentinel” & alien intelligence, the Heliopolitical gods & Sirius, the Aeon of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist 50.5: The Punishment of Desire (with James Quigley)


Part two of conversation with James Quigley, on the demon series, getting the world’s attention, genital highlights of an O.T.O convention, getting rid of the Crowley tarot, the roots of occultism, archetypes and the psyche, the risks of creativity, the element of will, the link between occultism and the intelligence community, disentangling from the past, satirizing demons, the other side of demonology, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 50: Demon Whispers (with James Quigley)


Two-part conversation with artist James Quigley, on the shared secret of porn addiction, a trip to the basement, discovering porn at 5, the correlation between pornography and horror, a descent into the underworld, the video nasty and the Christian campaign against violence, breaking taboos, totem and taboo, id and libido, sexualized violence against women, Dario Argento’s Tenebrae, murder as penetrative act, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 49.5: The Pragmatic Nature of the Universe (with Guy Duperreault),


Second part of conversation with Guy Duperreault, on Kalsched’s model of fragmentation of the psyche, putting Humpty back together, compartmentalization of awareness, living inside a fragment, social alters, moving towards wholeness, transitory despair, does the ego have will, waking up in the morning, poisons in the body, being wounded by the world, the relevance of causes, avoiding change, self-acceptance = change, aligning … Read the rest

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