• The ideal of the free man is central to the ideology that enslaves all men.

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Los Liminalistas: Twice-Monthly Online Video Group Meet-ups, Exploring the Nature of Reality

This project is still in beta stage and so there is no fixed fee for participation, though there are a few conditions. If you are interested, first fill out the form here, with special attention to the last questions. If you have already done so, simply email me directly, jasun at this website.

Two New Interviews

With Robert Stark for Stark Radio With Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill for Unspun # 062.    

The Line

New Books Network Podcast

I am now doing regular interviews for The New Books Network. This entails finding new or newish books that interest me (generally on hidden history of one sort or another) and then contacting the publishers for a copy and the authors for an interview. My first published interview is with Lance deHaven Smith, author of […]

Article on Organized (“Satanic”) Ritual Abuse at Disinfo.com


Vancouver Shadow Work Shop Nov 21 2015

Jasun Horsley will be traveling from Mount Hope and presenting—himself—in Vancouver this November, expressly in order to find out why he came here. Horsley is a cultural analyst, “existential detective,” and the author of Seen & Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist. With the world for his looking-glass, he reframes popular culture (with special […]

Seen & Not Seen Free PDF

Somewhat inspired by talking to Peter Watts this week (although we didn’t discuss his strategy of making his books freely available online), I have decided to make Seen & Not Seen available as a free PDF. At this point there are no longer any illusions about making a dime on the book or getting it reviewed, […]

“Peddlers of Astonishment”: Seen & Not Seen Reading, May 13

New Podcast Series from Doug Lain & Zer0 Books

[Edit: this seems to have organically sprouted my own podcast, so my involvement with Doug’s may turn out to be a square Zero.] Doug’s podcast can be followed at Zero Books Blog or Podomatic  

New Forum Now Operational

The Kubrickon

The Kubrickon is new multimedia campaign to fathom the secret design behind what I call Stanley Kubrick’s Architecture of Immersion. I have never been a fan of Kubrick’s films; in fact I have disliked the later ones quite a bit but most of all the whole idea that he is a Great Cinematic Genius bugged the […]

Movieautist.com Site Now Up

“Remember remember the fifth of November”  

New Book release date, Jan 2015

  If movies and popular culture shape us from an early age, how do we separate the real from the imaginary? Popular culture mirrors the human soul and it can’t lie about the state it is in—which is what makes it an essential guide on the quest for self-knowledge. Seen and Not Seen: Confessions of […]

BONUS WEEK in MEXICO with Rushkoff, Pinchbeck & Davis

I will be speaking at Bonus Creative Week in Mexico City, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013, the last slot of the day, and apparently of the whole program (maybe due to my being a last minute addition to the cast). Douglas Rushkoff and Erik Davis will be there too, and I just found out that […]

Helsinki Interviews, Post 2013 Dave O Retreat

Lucid View 2013

What governs the laws of physics and makes one man’s reality another man’s hallucination? How many points of view does it take to make a consensus? If reality is in the eye of the beholder, why should we believe anything which we can’t see for ourselves? And if our beliefs and perceptions are creating our […]

Coming Soon

Interview with One Half of the Mother-Strangled Team

This two-part dialogue with “Gefunden Trouve” – one half of the mother.strangled.info team, took place on March 1st and March 12th. The conversation was edited by Gefunden for the m.s site but due to complications has not been featured there. I will be posting both parts of the interview at my blog and here, starting […]

New Article Cites Beyond Dirt, Indian Joe, and Carl Jung

 Carl Jung thought all transformations of useful materials by alchemists corresponded to psychological processes. Following in these footsteps, the British writer Jason Horsley has recently dedicated himself to tracing parallels between looking for gold and spiritual work. Full article here

Perceptual Training, Volunteers Wanted

Jason invites volunteers for a free consultation session. Consultations will be directed towards the general goal of Auticulture, that of mapping inner space to navigate outer reality. The focus will be on perception and attention. The intended aim of these explorations is to help you to connect to your inner guidance system, or “spiritual GPS.” […]