The Liminalist # 95: The Logic of Empathy (Jehovah’s Room of Shame, with Gary Heidt)


Talking again with Gary Heidt, on how everyone’s a Nazi, capitalism & evolution, US eugenics movement, body, soul & spirit, body-world inter-subjectivity, communicating without language, soul rapport, a disconnect within oneself, facts & feelings, a denial of malevolence, smartness & sociopathy, shutting down empathy, the stronghold of the intellect, cognitive empathy & affective empathy, Jonathan Franzen: braggart of cognitive empathy, NLP & the science of cognitive empathy, singers and the divine, the soul & body expression, simulating soulfulness, facing the divine, Gary’s implants, resisting the machine, the pulsation of the divine, a comedy of malevolent errors, the need to control the environment, the purpose of endless malevolence, restless entity syndrome, music as mechanical entrainment, the opposite of individualism, the artistic process, the intellect, & empathy, the value of the arts, the work of the soul, getting inside people’s heads, post-structuralism again, an ethical mine-field, ethics & consequences, the human food chain, a sense of being watched, facing shame, a comfortable rut, Whitley Strieber’s interstellar Nazis, externalizing the soul, the self-bound universe, the Old Testament as self-destroying book, Jehovah’s room of shame, Ahriman & the principal of intellect, Kabbalah’s control system, the credo of the malevolent, the courtesy of awareness, arbitrary divisions in a continuum, Strieber: the boy in the box, the spectrum of the malevolent, a trick of perspective, trauma fetishized, communicating with alters, talking about shame, twinky culture, owning the abuse, alters in plain sight, gay liberation and abuse identities, homosexuality & abuse trauma, anthropology & the incest taboo, Lloyd de Mause, reframing trauma as a positive, AI & capitalism, Marx’s oversight, when computers get funky, the logic of empathy, quantum complexes.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “OK But Not Today,” by Party People in the Can; “Fins,” by Fist of Kindness; “Orugas,” by Las Pelotas.

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