• The idea of free speech is a luxury for those who have learned to police their own thoughts.

The Liminalist # 105: The Hollywood Threshold (with Holly Grigg-Spall)

Return conversation with Holly Grigg-Spall on liminality or Illuminati?, the Hollywood threshold, where saying yes can lead, the women’s march, reminders of female biology, identity bearings, polarization & ideological grouping, obliged responses to Trump, losing friends over ideology, a 4-yr freak-out, being unmoored by peer pressure, the main thing is to panic, Trump the trigger-monster, the energy of male abuse, targeting … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 104.5 (A Life of Keepers, with Susan Frey)

Part two of conversation with Susan Frey,  on discerning benevolence from malevolence, an inner compass, deconstruction, a sensation of being, reinforcing the signal, celebrity culture, the coming generations/generation gaps, positivistic values, trauma rationales, the desire to be the one who fixes, immortality, harvesting organs, fear of death, avoiding the reckoning, the load of an unlived life, the problem of mortality, a nurse … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 104: A Liminal Life (with Susan Frey)

Part one of a conversation with Susan Frey, PhD, on meeting Jim Kunstler, Susan’s five careers, the backdoor to the healthcare system, sick buildings, designing healthy schools from the inside out, Common Core and education as programming, neurotic patterns, the problem with agendas, ethic-free agendas, community-building, theater of absurd realism, human-animal chimeras, Trump the pig-human, the coming of the bots, beyond conspiracy … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 103: The Lovecraft Paradox (with Heather Poirier)

Return conversation with Heather Poirier, on writing as detective work, discovering HP Lovecraft, cosmic indifference and the real horror, The Dunwich Horror, levels of accessibility, the Lovecraft Project, Lovecraft’s writers circle, the end of anthropocentricism, August Derleth, indifference vs. malevolence, the way the cosmos rocks, the question of ethics, a harmless life, Lovecraft’s Roman values, rejecting Jung, the Enlightenment and gothic … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 102: Everything Happens at Night (with Alison Miller)

Conversation with Alison Miller, therapist and author of Healing the Unimaginable, on discovering ritual abuse, meeting inner children, dissociative identity disorders, False Memory Syndrome, how widespread is ritual abuse, the therapeutic community’s awareness of organized abuse, psychologically sophisticated organized crime, Elizabeth Loftus & the agenda to discredit memory, Lori Handrahan & the child porn industry, liminal realities, an innate resistance to … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 101: When Two Rams Meet (with French Radio Constellation)

Epic return conversation with French Radio Constellation guy, comparing Aries, pioneers and leaders, goats & sheep, learning the rules, the use of clichés, technique & improvisation, the Internet & autonomy, releasing a CD, publishing The Blood Poets, David Bowie’s post-Scary Monsters period, loving Elvis, Hunky Dory & occultism, Crowley & Nietzsche, Crowley’s malevolence, liberation through transgression, the art & the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 100.5: The Territory of Belief (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Part two of a conversation with Joseph L. Flatley, on pedophile rings, adding info to the map, an ontological rollercoaster, from Strieber to the Manchurian Candidate, Tavistock, high concept conspiracy theory & how to discredit the dots by joining them too soon, the program of society, Coleman & LaRouche, Beatles-as-social-engineering, swimming against the current, keeping thoughts at bay, self-censorship, Pizzagate, creating narratives … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 100: Where’s the There? (with Joseph L. Flatley)

Talking to Joseph L. Flatley, on Joseph’s interests, meeting Flat Earth-ers, getting accused of being an agent of Mossad, the error of flat-earthism as an appeal to antiquity, targeted individuals and energy-directed weapons, an honest dialogue between opposing viewpoints, falling between two stools, alien abductions & the eyes of beholders, a wide spectrum of belief, questioning the literal reality of the paranormal, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 99.5: Simon’s Denial (with Tom Mellett)

Part two of conversation with Tom Mellett, OTO ritual on Discovery Channel, Jim Wasserman, crashing RFK’s funeral, wandering bishops, Levenda-as-Zelig, Intelligence pranking, the Trickster & crazy wisdom, Peter Levenda’s ambiguous intelligence affiliations, Tom’s stint in military intelligence, Sims Bainbridge, The Process Church, & religious engineering, the power of speaking truth, the Levenda agenda, higher directives, agents of trauma, Afro-Caribbean magic, Lovecraft’s racism, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 99: Sinister MacGuffins (with Tom Mellett)

First of a two-part conversation with Tom Mellett, on Peter Levenda, Arthur Young, and The Nine, Ruth Hyde Paine, New York City rapport, Levenda joins Facebook, Simon’s Necronomicon, a 40-year hoax, the UFO nutshell & the uncertainty principle, Dexter Forces, conflicting levels of reality, Schrödinger’s Cat, the non-fiction narrative, a stake in the Crowley game, 2017, year of disclosure?, the disharmonic … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 98: The Art of Dying (or: Cosmologies to Confuse, with James Kunstler)

Return conversation with James Howard Kunstler, on creating cosmologies to justify behaviors, the new urbanist movement, landscape urbanism, the architectural cutting edge, cosmologies to confuse, architecture that makes people feel bad, melting designs, zero capacity for adaptive re-use, the sunset of the techno-industrial age,  the illusion of permanent progress, the enlightenment watershed, imposing empiricism, how to lie with statistics, social-traffic engineering, the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 97.5: The Inertia of Power (with Nicolas H***)

Part two of conversation with Nicolas H***, on Jasun’s version of optimism, powerlessness, the freedom to investigate, predetermined by trauma, concentrated violence, evading World War III, long-term social engineering plans, an unusual kind of insanity, the question of faith, a sense of the infinity, the logic of eternity, the power of healing/art, drunken spider webs part 2, the end of history, AI … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 97: The Anthropological Limits to Bullshit (with Nicolas H****)

Talking with Nicolas H****, author of Superstructural Berlin: A Superstructural Tourist Guide to Berlin for the Visitor and the New Resident, on Doug Lain & Zero Books, patterns of cultural programming, the gulf between university & the internet, in the domain of the plausible, drawing out cultural poisons, poisoning the attraction of Berlin, a culture of melancholy, death of the European … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 96: Original Shame & The Progression of Trauma (with Jason Butler)

Talking with Jason Butler on marijuana use and checking out, porn addiction, a reverse bucket list, the question of sublimation, the problem of ejaculation, celibacy in marriage, Sex Addicts Anonymous, sex addiction & heroin addiction, shared nose-picking habit, seeking symptoms of trauma, the need for sensation, the effects of cannabis, weed hangovers, uses & effects of alcohol, use, misuse,& abuse, sex as … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 95: The Logic of Empathy (Jehovah’s Room of Shame, with Gary Heidt)


Talking again with Gary Heidt, on how everyone’s a Nazi, capitalism & evolution, US eugenics movement, body, soul & spirit, body-world inter-subjectivity, communicating without language, soul rapport, a disconnect within oneself, facts & feelings, a denial of malevolence, smartness & sociopathy, shutting down empathy, the stronghold of the intellect, cognitive empathy & affective empathy, Jonathan Franzen: braggart of cognitive empathy, NLP & … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 94: Icarus’ Wings (The Dark Side of Marijuana, with Kyle)


Two-hour Christmas conversation with Kyle, on Jasun’s anti-marijuana rule, exploring the harmful effects of cannabis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, marijuana as anesthetic, the benefits of cannabis, social drug use, getting back to baseline, the quest to get high, drugs as bonding, being possessed by plants, salvia divinorum, three witches in Guatemala, a devil & an angel, an alternate timestream, accelerated consciousness, retraumatization via … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 93.5: The Premature Collapse of Wave Forms (with Gary Heidt)


Part two of return conversation with Gary Heidt, on the twin poles of the #Pizzagate narrative, forgetting Jimmy Saville, a visceral aversion to the subject of child abuse, being groomed for power, being among the blacklisted, programmed to kill, super-soldiers & MILABs, avoiding the dangers of premature integration, Jeffrey’s Epstein Lolita jet, different levels of immersion, Christians & satanists, Jimmy Saville & … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 93: The Gatekeepers of Consciousness (with Gary Heidt)


Return conversation with Gary Heidt, on censored conversation, external & internal filters, the dangers of public testimony, how is reality constructed, the question of credibility, why male survivors don’t speak out, a motif among drag queens, suffering as identity, military culture, sex as power, language as penetration, dictating narratives & child-raising, imaginary friends, Gary’s automatic writing, improvisation & the forbidden, the burden … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 92.5: The Afterworld & the Undertow (with Mari H)


Part two of return conversation with Mari H, on being part of the collective, let’s talk about Pizzagate, a reality challenge, the need for compassion, being an enlightened doormat, toxic culture, nuances of the beast, playing with symbols, problems with the occult,  magical protection, what is ego, MKULTRA & internal geometry, structured knowledge, everything’s finite, moving towards the infinite, the spirit of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 92: The Real Inconvenient Truth (with Mari H)


Return conversation with Mari H, on feeling semi-suicidal, Fukushima, identifying with the collective, public indifference, Pizzagate & the Podesta emails, James Alefantis & Comet Pizza, slicing pizza fine, Majestic Ape & the hipster-satanic culture, the joke-codes of sociopathic society, drug culture and pedo-culture,  finding the subculture & gaining access, Hampstead ritual abuse, the debunking program, average incapacity to face the truth, distrusting … Read the rest

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