The Liminalist # 6.5: A Vague Suggestion of Heaven (with Alan Green)


Part two of candid conversation with Alan Green: on the co-opting of Red Ice radio, biting the hand that feeds, conspiracy as escapism, the Holocaust narrative, Alan’s military milieu, the uncertainty principal vs. dogma, the Illuminati product line, Henrik and the cricket people, the Christian conspiracy market, re-packaging aliens as demons, how we create the environment for selling out, the struggle of alternate researchers to make ends meet, William Sims Bainbridge and audience cults, generating diffuse hope and free-floating optimism, oiling the wheels of capitalism, the path of disillusionment, the Saturnalia of Alan, Chris Knowles’s brain technology, the diamond in the rubble, knowing vs. belief, what we transmit, Bukowski and the immersion in the mundane, finding magic in dirt, the seed below, Kotze’s passion, how to engage over-mediated couch potatoes, heaven on earth and the road to hell, moving towards ecstasy, the goodness of the real, the unbearable lightness of being Saturn.

Useful links:
William Sims Bainbridge & the Church of God Galactic
Exploding the UFO Bottle (on audience cults)

Songs: “Fight for Your Dinner,” by Big Blood, “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 6.5: A Vague Suggestion of Heaven (with Alan Green)”

  1. I started listening to Red ice about 4 years ago when I was 20 years old, and from what I quickly gathered about the decline is that Henrick was corrupted partly by his girlfriend. I won’t go too far into what I think she actually is, mainly because it’s a dead topic to me, but…she did (according to her) run a very succesful recording studio and met all kinds of interesting/weird folks through that. Made me wonder lol.

    Anyway man, I love what your doing. I only recently found out about you last week but I started listening to your oldest (stormy weather) to newest podcasts (I work nights, which made it easy to do) and I loved the journey and I sincerely hope you keep this podcast alive. The conspiracy movement is dieing an agonizing death since about 2014 but you give me hope that these topics won’t sustain any serious damage.

    Have a good weekend man.

    • there’s a need to always move beyond, to keep changing the external focus, using ever smaller and more close-fitting mirrors to see the internals more accurately… the problem with paranoid awareness becoming a movement (proactive) is it will always be reactionary one. the goal is to move within, not outward, but then it gets less & less titillating, more and more uncomfortable

      • That’s what draws me to your talks here. I had no idea what I was listening to when I first came across Stormy Weather, not sure I do still, but your conversations have the effect of guiding one inwards instead of projecting outwards onto the world in general.

        I honestly thought you were attempting to be a cult leader when I listened to those shows with Cary Mccoy on Stormy Weather. I thought I was hearing a man being broken down and built back up until I realized there was no building back up going to happen hahaha.


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