The Liminalist # 93.5: The Premature Collapse of Wave Forms (with Gary Heidt)


Part two of return conversation with Gary Heidt, on the twin poles of the #Pizzagate narrative, forgetting Jimmy Saville, a visceral aversion to the subject of child abuse, being groomed for power, being among the blacklisted, programmed to kill, super-soldiers & MILABs, avoiding the dangers of premature integration, Jeffrey’s Epstein Lolita jet, different levels of immersion, Christians & satanists, Jimmy Saville & James Alefantis, hipsters & Satanism, solidarity with Comet Ping Pong, Charles Bernstein, “Tender Buttons,” dada & homosexuality, George Bataille & transgression cool, a culture of coded exploitation, Leonard Cohen & Kris Kristofferson, the overthrowing of the idols, cultural identifications, “Family Guy,” post-structuralism, moralistic condemnation of pedophilia & normalization, the prevalence of child porn, the pizza code, Norman Mailer’s “White Negro,” the last taboo, the pedo-club in Academia, beyond good & evil, moral relativism, the worship of power, the imposition of reality, fear of conscience, hazing rituals, Alefantis & David Brock, an abuse-identity, Foucault as crypto-fascist, moral absolutes, the trap of morality, identifying paraphilias, an internal guidance system, suppressed identity of trauma, a destructive alter, the premature collapse of wave forms, a multi-dimensional vision of reality, science, religion, & mysticism, being led out of the herd, the fascist definition of truth, an underlying field.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Go Where You Are,” by Fist of Kindness; “Sparkle in the Sun,” by Hazelwood Motel.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 93.5: The Premature Collapse of Wave Forms (with Gary Heidt)”

  1. Been listening for a few years now Jasun and just wanted to thank you for some great conversations in the past and this show as well. I think it help to hear from lurkers that listen but don’t post like me just to show some appreciation for you work. I listened to both parts back to back, the concept of withholding judgement on who we see as crazy was something that hit me. No specific reason but i was aware i do that same thing. The whole trauma as transformation is very disturbing as the left hand pathers enforce their will on others, and that is the norm that we value. Anyway great conversation for late night listening when i can really think about these topics.

  2. Yeah mahn i get that crypto fascist Foucault business . He is being pushed big time at university , in my arts degree i am currently undertaking . The thing with philosophy is that its like reading a poem , and it filters straight through the gates of the unconscious . In a recent essay , Aboriginal Activist Stan Grant went to an indigenous conference where he listened to a young woman deriding “the whiteness of everything “. She intoned that whiteness was the root of all evil and needed to be ferretted out of as many areas of life as possible . It struck him that she imagined herself as a progressive but was in fact a reactionary . Railing against whiteness being the same beast as railing against blackness , the yearning for the return to purity and mummys womb or “the field “. So the engineers are churning out armies of little proto fascists who see themselves as hip and progressive, very ingenious . I guess these are the same people that want to censor the internet now .


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