16 Maps of Hell Update & First (Partial) Review

As of today, there are 105 contributors to the 16 Maps of Hell fundraiser, with only £760 still needed to meet goal # 1 of £6060, and 79 days still left to the end of the campaign (that’s over 5/6 of the goal in 1/5 of the time). We currently need less than 20 more option 3 pre-orders to complete phase one.

After which, phase two will be to raise the additional £600 for the audio book. The third and final phase is to raise enough to add a small (50 copies) hardback run to the release. If this happens, those who have already pre-ordered the book (option 3 and up) will have the opportunity to make a small additional payment (probably less than £10) to receive the hardback, though only while stocks last.

On this last point, do keep in mind that only those who support the campaign, with a few stragglers after, will receive copies of this unique work.

And now the selling is over, here’s some feedback from an early-early reader;

As is often the case when reading your last few books, a main take away for me is the institutionalized nature of this, the multi-generational aspect. You don’t talk explicitly about the phenomenon known as prescriptive programming. But you do suggest somewhere that your task is mainly suggestive, that there is something underneath the underneath, and do a remarkably good job laying out a case for the conclusion that there is something unseen existing underneath all this smoke and (probable) hand-waving being as reasonable as the conclusions offered by all the various ‘official’ denials and obfuscation. It’s a very VERY modest goal you have set for yourself, but the import and effect is amplified by the very VERY long range and wide angle scope you take to it. 

I don’t know most of these figures, books, or movies but have found myself on several occasions laughing out loud in sincere marvel and disbelief how weirdly incestuous, grotesque, and insular it all seems. 

It does seem to have to do with violence, desire, and power. And animalistic capacities of humankind, and the possibilities of incarnated existence, perception, evolution, spirituality, etc. You know, a standard run-of-the-mill book of film criticism. 

By modest, I mean you don’t appear to be interested in making firm allegations or suggestions. Rather, the overarching conclusion (thus far) appears to be that all previously arrived at conclusions are inconclusive. Which calls for a reworking of our collective understanding of the issues, figures, and narratives at hand. But the hundreds of pages to arrive at a non-conclusion (again, thus far) makes for a wild ride and a pretty curiosity-inspiring series of linked vignettes. It really does work well, and your self-effacing confessional approach to your personal (albeit ‘failed’) involvement contributes bigly. 

Of course, it takes time to realize that much of social reality isn’t what it seems. You’re circling the Trauma Wagon, admirably and in some cases successfully taking shots at the wheel spokes. . . . . hoping there’s sunlight in there rather than an ambush. Maybe there will be sequels: ‘When Maps Become the Atlas’, and ‘Atlantean Atlas of the Heaventree of Stars’. But more likely ‘Trapdoor Beneath the Curtain Call’.

Gotta say that the tone of your writing has become quite mystical again (similar to the Kephas business) but in a way which doesn’t seem hamstrung by the self-serving drive of ego (dissimilar). Refreshing. Relationships are certainly the things which drive social life. Authentic ones and parasocial ones. The spark of transcendence animates everything, the glimmer of light within. Ascribing evil to all of the nasty business which goes on in the entertainment industry is sometimes a stretch. Stupidity, rather. Ignorance better. Buddhists would call the various sets of behavior which fall here ‘unskillful’ which is descriptive rather than valuative: it doesn’t help in realization, insight, enlightenment. I do think that transference, rapport, dissociation lies at the heart of all meaningful cultural / experiential / spiritual experiences, but also believe in the ineffable, the something beyond, the unutterable (or better inaccurate if uttered) Tao. Language both a tool and an always collapsing crutch.

Your writing is very personal. Like a kind of self-therapy for you and select parasocially enthralled readers.



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  1. Rather enjoyed it. Sounds like the content I hoped for.

    But, “parasocially enthralled readers.”, makes me want a domain name (.rs)

  2. This site says mp3 player or e-book for 16 maps of hell but isee only an option for the mp3. Is there an e-book & how much is it? Thanks


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