Canadian Ark for Sale: House + Thrift Store business in Hope, BC. Covid-19-Resilient!

  • The plan: to move from Canada back to Europe with the wife and the cat and get close to family and assorted loved ones before the next corona contraction (or covid-20) hits.
  • First step: pass on the house, vegetable garden, and a thriving thrift store business built over the past six years to able-bodied, stout-hearted, and level-headed buyer.
  • The ark: this community business has weathered the covid storm amazingly well and has many if not all the necessary elements to withstand the long-emergency as it, too, contracts to more openly apocalyptic dimensions.
  • The location: Hope, British Columbia, a small frontier town of 6,000 simple souls. Good community life, clean air, fresh water, two rivers, mountains on every side. A veritable paradise with all the amenities, and highly des-res as people scramble to leave the cities while they still can.
  • The mom & pop business: New2Yew Thrift store (388B Wallace St.) is beloved by the community for our many services and charitable deeds, not to mention the indispensable service of redistributing goods for a small service & handling fee (90% of our items are $2 CAD or less). Whoever takes it over will be instantly hooked into the community.
  • The lifestyle: during the four years my wife and I have been running the business, I’ve published three books, written a couple more, maintained a weekly blog and podcast, paid off our mortgage, traveled regularly to Europe, and been able to save.
  • An Englishman’s castle: the house (which we renovated) is an old but solid, depression-era building suitable for a family of four or five, with a commercial front just off the main street and a 4-minute stroll from the thrift store.
  • A perfect life: it actually is pretty much ideal here, so if we are going to pull up our stakes and start recreating something equivalent from scratch in Europe, we first of all want to make sure the right person inherits this luxury lifeboat, and for the right price.
  • Covid-19 Impact on Hope: roughly nada. Since March there have been zero confirmed cases of the corona virus in town, and no enforced closings, quarantines, or lockdowns. Besides a few old people wearing masks, and some franchise stores and government services (inc. the library) closing, life has continued exactly as before. For our little shop, in fact, though we have reduced our hours to 4.5 a day, business has actually improved!
More info + video of properties here.
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