Request a Dialogue

To request a dialogue with Jasun, answer the following questions as expansively as you like, & send to jasun [at] protonmail [dot]com




How did you come across me or my work & which if any of my books have you read?


What do you feel you have gained from it?


What’s your current living situation?


What’s your current work and financial situation?


What’s your religious or spiritual orientation?


What’s your experience of therapy, psychoanalysis, or other healing methods?


Do you suspect or know about any traumas in your past?


Do you currently have specific questions, concerns, or issues?


What are some hoped for outcomes in consulting me?


What are the best times and days for you for consulting? (Include time zone)


What’s your past & current drug intake (including meds, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, etc.)?


(If relevant) Do you agree to abstain from smoking, alcohol, and/or (non-prescription) drugs 48 hours before, & during, the meeting?


Which days and times are suitable for you (include your time zone)?