Forum Opportunities

I am currently participating with some participants or ex-part’s of the Rigorous Intuition board to create an alternate, less ideologically-constricted area for parapolitical investigation. It is a work in progress, currently located here.

There is also at present an Inner Space forum for interpersonal explorations, hidden at Participation is for a small fee and can be requested via the Auticulture Questionnaire or by emailing me.

The preliminary approach at Inner Space is simple journaling, to report one’s daily life and examine the elements in the same manner one examines the contents of a dream: to discover what it reveals about our unconscious processes. The process can be thought of as anthropology in which we are our own study.

Interest does not guarantee access, as the space has a very specific purpose and certain requirements must be met before being included. (E.g., having a previously established correspondence with myself definitely helps.)