The Liminalist # 109: The Dupes of the Superman (or Smokeless Fire; with David Livingstone)

Part one of a two-part conversation with researcher David Livingstone, on occultism, discordianism, & transhumanism, how science was shaped by occultism, a post-Christian era, dogmatic empiricism, mapping cultural trends, collecting circumstantial evidence, Tavistock & the development of social psychology, occultism as ideology, the scientific method vs. scientism, the ideology of science, Nick Bostrom & H-plus, Gnosticism as the Bible inverted, the devil’s promise, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Dan Brown, human potential movement, God as the Internet, alchemical AI, MKULTRA, enlightenment through trauma, discarnate entities, bringing about spirit possession thru drugs & traumatization, smokeless fire, the jinn, the dupes of Superman, religion as solution, true religious experience, William James, Castaneda & inorganic beings, the godfathers of sci-fi, the theory of happiness, deviations of religion, inevitable propensities of human nature, Satanism & turning appetites into virtues,  religion and aspiration, the illusion of a guarantee.

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Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Siren’s Knell,” by Big Blood; “Tango Mecanique Instrumental from A Man Disappeared Once,” by Kirk Pearson and BIT.

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  1. I think David Orban might have been the other Trans-humanist Livingstone was looking to mention. Also, the occult and spirituality in general have been distorted about as much as religion & science since true occultism is more about describing & noticing something hidden rather than experimentation with the supernatural to gain influence over others. Much of this isn’t very different from what politics has become too since all it divided factions resemble a collectively fractured, traumatized, psyche even though that’s another worm can in itself.

  2. Hello Jasun and David,

    I was very much enjoying the podcast when I started multi-tasking and looked up David’s Transhumanism book which he so graciously provided on his website in PDF form. I then got so engrossed in the book that I had to pause the podcast. Suddenly, I experienced what I now call

    The Levanda Synchroncity!

    You see, earlier that morning, Peter Levenda had posted on his FB page a link to the latest Rolling Stone interview with Tom deLonge.

    In the article, Peter Levenda is also interviewed, but his name is misspelled throughout as Levanda. And so ensued many a mirthful comment from fans of Peter and from Peter himself about this curious lapse of proofreading. I even chimed in, speculating that this misspelling was a deliberate Deep State “Mandela Effect” attack on Peter and Tom’s Sekret disclosure project.

    Then an hour or so later, I see Jasun’s new podcast is up and now I’m reading David’s book online. I do a Word Search on [Levenda] and find that David has mentioned him 10 times. He’s also mentioned several other people I happen to know personally, and soon I am looking through the Name Index at the back of the book. When I get to L, I am quite puzzled because there is no Levenda in the Index. Huh? But David has mentioned Levenda 10 times. What gives?

    In the place where there should be Levenda in the Index, instead I find Levanda! And only one page reference to a Levanda which is at the top of page 296 and which I copy here.

    “Wasserman left Weiser in 1977 to found Studio 31, where he produced the Simon Necronomicon, a volume purporting to be the mythological Necronomicon made famous by H.P. Lovecraft.

    The reputed author of the Necronomicon, who assumed the pen name Simon, is reputed to have been Peter Levenda, best known for his book Unholy Alliance, about Esoteric Hitlerism and Nazi occultism, and his Sinister Forces trilogy. 

    Among his numerous bizarre associations, Levanda confesses to have been involved with ASPR (American Society for Psychical Research), to have “gate-crashed” St. Patrick’s Cathedral during the RFK funeral in 1968; to have been involved as a teenager with the American Orthodox Catholic Church . . . . “

    So, what do you guys make make of this quite pointed Levanda Synchronicity which points directly at the “identity transparency/opacity” issue involving Simon/Peter?

    Tom Mellett
    Los Angeles, CA


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