The Liminalist # 123.5: Jesus Didn’t Write the Bible (with Anonymous Italian)

Part two of return conversation with Anonymous Italian on organized abuse, psychological fragmentation, mind control, being multiple, dissociative identity disorder, therapeutic healing, and on spirtuality and Christianity.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” & “Of the Lakes” by SunWalker; “This Life Gives Force,” by Richard Youngs.

5 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 123.5: Jesus Didn’t Write the Bible (with Anonymous Italian)”

  1. You two really hit the vav on the resh with this one, and I hope you keep nailing it in. The discussion about the perpetrators of abuse having hidden knowledge about human physiology is an extremely important one. This is where practical internal/embodied alchemy comes into play. This is where the Irvinator misses the mark with his whole “mysticism is the tool of tyrants,” in that he implies mysticism/occultism/etc are only used as a dangled carrot to confuse, dissociate, and otherwise divide the abused masses. Sure, occult knowledge is historically used as a sales-pitch to lure people along dead-end paths and to participate in horrendous programs; but the real “secrets” are actually quite benevolent in and of themselves. Like any tool – they can be used for good or evil. If you know how to full integrate, you also know how to cause disassociation. I have been getting the distinct feeling that one of the main rationalizations for the programs of abuse is that the “elect” feel they need a mass of disassociated slaves below them to give them the resources necessary such that they have the freedom/time to fully integrate themselves, and in turn cross the threshold of death with their ego-consciousness intact. We see this playing out in a very perverted form with the technocrats and transhumanism, and in perhaps a less disembodied – but just as insidious a form – with more ancient and spiritually veiled iterations of programs of abuse.

    • And there isn’t a much better way of creating a bunch of dissociated drones than through exploiting their most base desires such as forbidden sex and violence. What I’m still trying to crack in my own worldview is why trauma seems to be used in these programs in two ways – to 1. disassociate and splinter a mind such that it can’t recall what it is being used for and 2. as a shortcut to a more integrated being capable of accessing a greater degree of their “human potential.” Is this all just a result of greed on the part of the el-ites not wanting to actually respect that Kronos requires our time to achieve integration and embodiment?

  2. Thanks for this. I’m getting a lot out of your guys continuing conversation.

    I was surprised Jasun to hear you say that you think Christianity is essentially correct, but then hinted at a lot of esoteric provisos and that the message has been corrupted. After much journeying I find myself on roughly the same page. ‘Fragmented people can only create fragmented narratives.’ That is a tremendously wonderful line that captures so much of what I have tried to convey to my close ones about the degeneration of mystical/spiritual insight by increasingly cruder channels of consciousness.

    And Anonymous Italian, ‘They want to use the whole animal’ is a deeply chilling, livestock way of putting it.

    A lot of what you two were talking about near the end – about the creating of wounds and then providing the medication – is a nice summary of a lot of gnostic thought about the material world in general. Hymn of the Pearl type stuff.

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