Out of the Mind & Into the Body Event Today at 5 pm UK time, & Daily JaHo Top-Ups, at 12:30 pm UK

There is a free event at the Stoa (https://www.thestoa.ca/), today at 9 am PDT, 12 noon ET, 5 pm UK time, 7 pm Helsinki (see multiple time zones): “Out of the Mind & Into the Body: Mapping Hell to Regain Heaven w/ Jasun Horsley.”

Hell is a comfy armchair the philosopher can never leave. Isn’t it better to be torn away from the endless, self-created divertissements of mental cock-wobbling, and be hurled headlong and screaming into the shit, piss, and vomit of the (utterly non-academic) spontaneity of existence?

Hell is a place where nothing ever happens because we never get around to doing what needs to be done. (It takes more than tidying your room.) The mind is a place of never-ending procrastination. Paradoxically, or symmetrically, the perennial diddling, doodling, & eventual doddering of the mind’s masturbatory theories about itself are what create and sustain Hell­, for everyone.

This event, God willing, is an opportunity to be liberated from endless deliberation and to be tossed unceremoniously into the farts and belches of bodily experience. When it comes to Hell, better out than in! It is only through intense discomfiture, and a terrifying loss of facemask for the sophist in stoic’s clothing, that freedom lies.
To register go here. If you are getting this late, you can try to join via this direct link, though it may not work without registering: https://zoom.us/w/93723160192

Related workshop/play group: https://landmademan.com/exiting-hell-weekly-workshop


Also, I am doing daily (except when there is a conflicting event) 20-minute JaHO-As-Is talks on Zoom, at half past noon UK time. This is the time slot that seems most compatible with all the major time zones, being 7:30 am Eastern time & 10:30 pm Sydney time. What is it? I will simply sign in and talk (or not) for 20 minutes, whether or not anyone is there; the mini-talks will then be made available as audios to pay-or-playing contributors at the Land Made Man site, later the same day. To hear them live, you do not need to be a contributor, or even observe the 48-hr sobriety rule! (tho you do need to show up 100% sober and not smoke or use substances during the event). Turning your camera on is not required. Just click on the link at the designated time & relaax: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83718460458

This room will also be available for participants to meet, greet, and complete one another, after I am done, on request (via the chat function; these events will be non-interactive, tho questions & comments can be put in the chat area).


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