Say Farewell to Hell, & Don’t Forget Your Maps

Please be advised that there are only a small handful of Maps of Hell (under 16, roughly 4 pbs & 6 hbs) remaining, & only a few days in which it will still be available in the US, as remaining copies will soon be joining me in Europe. So any North Americans uncartographed, order now, or prepare to gnash your teeth & wail when it shows up for $3000 on Evil Bezonia.

For further incentivization, read Luke Dodson’s (“More-than-a-review-it’s-a-spin-off!”) Manifestation of the Anti-Christ.

And a jaunty review from Silly Nacho Legs (the Phony Guru) here:

5 thoughts on “Say Farewell to Hell, & Don’t Forget Your Maps”

  1. Hello there Jasun, I hope is finds you well. I’m writing with regards to your latest offering- I see 16 Maps is only available on audio as of 01.23pm on 03rd May 2021, I’d like to ask if there is a physical copy I can still purchase or whether I should start preparing myself for the inevitable teeth gnashing and wailing?

    • where are you located? the short answer is not really, there will be hardbacks available again in a few weeks but they have to reach me first, and mailing outside europe may be absurdly costly

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m located in the UK, so I assume mailing shouldn’t be too costly for me if you would be posting from Europe- where I belief you are now based. If the copies you are expecting are made available, then is it possible to please reserve a copy and what would the process be if you’re not planning to list them here? I can contact you at the email provided at the ‘Request a Dialogue’ page if you feel this exchange would be better suited there than on the comments section here? Thanks again.

  2. Hell yeah – another UK-fag here. Put me on that list aswell dude else I’ll just keep hitting the refresh button just in case !


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