Selected Film Scripts by Jasun (& Jake) Horsley

A very dark psychological sci-fi comedy-thriller about a young man who undergoes (something like) enlightenment and winds up being hunted by the police when every woman he has sex with dies from “premature enlightenment.”

An epic occult psychodrama about an ambitious young advertising exec who is drawn into a many-tiered conspiracy of cosmic proportions involving an ancient race of Vampires who have created modern society as a breeding ground for human livestock. The Matrix meets The Godfather, with vampires.

A dark and surreal psychological thriller about a man with a compulsive disorder who keeps a young girl in his basement and mind controls her for sexual purposes. He is tracked over the years by a psychic police detective, even as he loses control of his victim.

An epic biopic of the life and death of legendary director Sam Peckinpah. A surreal, tragic, and profound psychological study of ambition, genius, addiction, and madness.

A frustrated scriptwriter becomes a gossip journalist to get revenge on the Biz, and uncovers a sinister plot by movie agents to destroy a frustrated actress who wants to shed her celebrity. A scathing screwball satire on Hollywood deal-making and celebrity worship. The Playermeets Dogma.

THERE BE DEMONS (unfinished)
Psychological horror/sci-fi teen movie about a new anti-depressant drug for treating high school students that works by suppressing the imagination. An unknown side effect is that it opens kids up to possession by the dark forces of their unconscious and turns them into sleeper killers, all part of a government conspiracy. The Faculty meets Jacob’s Ladder.

LOOSE ENDS (very loosely based on Smoked by Patrick Quinlan)
An Irish hit-man is unable to retire because he knows his organization will have him killed. When he is hired to kill a Native American bomb-maker, they team up and turn the tables on the organization. Comedy-action-thriller.

Action-fantasy about a movie actress who gets drawn into a secret sorcery war and discovers that behind the movie business—and the whole of modern society—is a demonic plot to enslave humans. She joins a small group of sorcerers, learns the art of lucid dreaming, and discovers that she is not who she thought she was.

THE PLATO CONSPIRACY (based on a story idea by Desmond Diamond)
Action-scifi espionage epic of warring factions in the near future for access to hidden knowledge and the location of Atlantis.

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