The Liminalist # 218: Theater of Abuse (with Alison Miller)

Return conversation with Alison Miller on the Satanic Temple & the Grey Faction’s harassment & disinformation campaign against victims of organized child abuse.

Part One: Day Child/Night Child (0 – 28 mins)

The Satanic Temple, filing a complaint against Miller, (2:50 blip) Evan Anderson & the Grey Faction, stirring up a hornet’s nest, Temple-spin, survivor testimony, the College of Psychologists, monitoring members, why Miller resigned, Ed Cara at Gizmodo, targeting therapists, Neil Brick, questioning therapeutic models, memories stored in the body, Grey Faction mandate, dissociation vs. repression, the day child & the night child (26 min edit)

Part Two: Resurrecting the Witch-Hunt Narrative (28 – 56 mins)

Allegations of Grey Faction’s harassing survivors, examining the motives, the public image of the Satanic Temple, the satanic panic, organized abuse convictions, shutting down the conversation, validation of recovered memories, “ISSTD Kills” Logo, using the popular press, writing about the Mafia, creating a counter-narrative, survivors speaking out, a poisoned well, sexual abuse in Catholic Church, cross-institutional abuse, bad news, sophistication, the satanic element & use of theater & deception.

Part Three: Identity Confusion Training (56 mins – 1 hr 23 mins)

Cognitive dissonance, how dissociation works, abuse theater, everybody has parts, Wormwood, growing awareness, belief without understanding, understanding fragmentation, the Jason Bourne films, the Hollywood spell of violence, mind control research, superheroes & trauma, an Internet-powered narrative of Illuminati mind control, the primary abuser groups, Wendy Hoffman, implanting elements of absurdity, identity confusion training

Part Four: The Voice of the Victim (1 hr 23 mins – end)

A focus on mainstream, the skeptical mind, the Illuminati conversation, two wings of propaganda, how the psyche fragments, survivor honey pots, Whitley Strieber, the false context of conspiracy theory, internal colonization, global warming, climate refugees, the problem of mind control, the production of false narratives,  demonizing the Russians, people who have lived through things, the testimony of victims, abusing the victim card, a false dichotomy of belief & disbelief, identifying the threats, awareness of abuse, Jeffrey Epstein, exposing a paper tiger.  

Songs: “Pirates” & “Sirens # 1” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “My Own Private” by Rabbit Island; “No Place to Fall” by Isobel Campbell; “Change” by Short Hand.

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 218: Theater of Abuse (with Alison Miller)”

  1. I’m very optimistic that this information will be able to refute the claims these Grey Faction people are making. I think people have had enough of these Adversary apologetics in the form of fake dialectics like”our religious freedom is under attack”, which is what I observe these satanists doing constantly. Their religion is based on atheism and nihilism and as such doesn’t even qualify as a religion in my mind, which makes all their arguments these sort of perverse strawman attacks that are all self refuting. Anyway thanks for another great podcast with another tough subject.

  2. Jasun, long-time lurker coming out of the shadows… 😉

    I’ve spent many hours the last two weekends reading/watching the links you provided in your Polanski video. I listened to this podcast as I thought it might be helpful to hear a professional’s experience with child abuse victims, especially those that either are or use the facade of satanism. I remember that at the time of the McMartin preschool trial I didn’t know what to think about it. On the one hand I am loathe to question a victim; on the other, the story was so preposterous. Then about eight years ago I came across information that there actually were tunnels (among other types of evidence) that jibed with the children’s accounts. Opening up that can of worms led me to reading about the Presidio child care abuse and after that came the Dutroux story and then Savile.

    Having said that, I felt a bit of deflation when Dr. Miller referenced Dr. Mengele. I felt even more deflated when she talked about her co-author’s memories of “illuminati, nazis and Muslim terrorists”. These are cartoons. Dr. Miller claims skepticism and yet she, by her own conversation on this podcast, reveals herself to be completely believing what the mainstream media tells her. Russian influence through Facebook? Climate change panic? Random shootings taking place (all hoaxes)? The irony of her thinking that people are nonsensical to believe there is an elite controlling things or that there are lizard people and yet wanting the public to believe the incredible stories her clients have told her is rich.

    She is to be commended for taking her clients seriously, and I think that’s wonderful. I guess my disappointment is that she has heard really awful things in her professional career but doesn’t seem to have looked about the world and the incredible events that we are told are true and that have shaped our lives and used her skepticism to look into the truthfulness of them.

    • No one person has all the answers. Consider the nature of her work, and the positions it is necessary for her to take publicly to best help her (former) clients.

      Are you completely thorough in your thinking? How credible are your beliefs? How would you modify your own language if working within a professional body and subjected to public scrutiny?

    • If you really listen to the what Alison says she says that these groups are a possibility and she doesn’t know. She does not say that she is completely believing.

  3. Grey Faction, Satanic Temple and Lucien Greaves Fact Sheet:
    For almost a decade using several aliases (including Douglas Mesner and Lucien Greaves) has harassed groups helping child abuse, rape and trauma survivors. He has also harassed groups providing research in support of child abuse, rape and trauma survivors.

    In 2013, he and others created a group called the Satanic Temple. One part of this group is called the Grey Faction. The Grey Faction states they “invade” conferences. These conferences are provided to help and educate child abuse, rape and trauma survivors and their helpers.

    Alison Miller’s reply to Evan Anderson, Grey Faction Director of The Satanic Temple (TST)’s Grey Faction

    “The reason I discontinued my membership in the College of Psychologists has nothing to do with the Grey Faction’s harassing complaint about my writings and online videos. I left the College because I am 78 years old. I retired two years ago.” – Alison Miller

    “That is why I resigned, not because I was about to be found guilty of promoting unscientific conspiracy theories. Anderson has posted his complaint and the College’s response, distorting the story by omitting the College’s letter to me and my response to it. As for not being allowed to call myself a “psychologist,” that is the situation for every retired psychologist. It is similar for other health professions, and it does not indicate that the work I did was inferior or that I was found guilty of unethical behavior.” – Alison Miller

  4. Information about Alison Miller and Her Research

    Online Conference Presentations:

    Deception by Organized Abuser Groups: Helping Your Front People and Your Insiders Recognize the Lies and Tricks Which Keep You Enslaved by Alison Miller

    Alison Miller – Survivorship Conference 2017 – Confronting the Spiritual Issues in Ritual Abuse

    Alison Miller – Survivorship Conference 2017 – Working Through Your Traumatic Memories and Destroying the Mind Control

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