The Liminalist # 230: Culture Wars (with Alexander Adams)

Conversation with artist & author Alexander Adams, on identity politics, progressive decadents, postmodernism, critical theory, transgender crypto-eugenics, & the transgressions of the ruling elite.

Part One: Cultural Entryism (0 – 27 mins)

Comicsgate, cultural entryism & social justice activism, snuffing out heterosexuality in the superhero universe, Gamergate, activism as power-hunger, revenge-politics, Marxist principles, collective correction & oppression, enforced outcomes, bullying, labelling, and hate-accusing, narcissism & infantilism, downgrading agency, the indignation of the privileged, pork barrel politics, downgrading the Chinese at Harvard, “good allies,” submissive leaders, transgenders vs. women, assuming higher victim status.

Part Two: The Oppositional Values of the Elite (27 – 59 mins)

Down the rabbit hole, going beyond tolerance into promotion, anti-racism trumps non-racism, gay pride as provocation, Fabian Society, LSE, & liberal sexual progressivism, tactics & strategy, leaders & the led, perversity & the cultural elite, the secret life of the aristocracy, decadence & the purview of the dandy, the oppositional values of the elite, the conspicuous cosmopolitans, Robert Mapplethorpe, a resilience to moral decay, a parasitical class & lifestyle, postmodernism as transgressive elitism, Marxism & postmodernism, the aim of destabilization, the spiritual path, Bataille, Foucault, a social chameleon.

Part Three: (59 mins – 1 hr 28)

The question of conspiracy, left & right temperament, convergence vs collaboration, a top-down influence, the Fabians, Extinction Rebellion, political strategic thinking, climate change as Trojan Horse, cultural Marxism, cultural Bolshevism, critical theory, identity politics, undermining the scientific method, intersectional feminism, enforced atomization, when algorithms rule, Judith Butler, misery loves company, kingdom of blind, Bertrand Russell, Vice of Kings, CND, priming a people for programming with Critical Theory, H.G. Wells, the scientific fashioning of Man.

Part Four: Cage of Bone, Mud of Flesh (1 hr 28 mins – end)

Transgender & crypto-eugenics, LGB vs T, Extinction Rebellion, self-sterilization, transhumanism, post-humanity, shunning of the body, cage of bone, mud of flesh, the anti-theists, the New Age movement, Heaven’s Gate, private support, public evasion, seeking a publisher, cultural consequences, a climate of fear, a culture of silence, academic presses, choice between being attacked or ignored, jargon-free writing, the auticulture audience.

 Alexander’s site               Alexander’s writing            Publisher’s website for Alexander’s book

Songs: “Pirates” by Entertainment for the Braindead; “Fab Cushion” by Martinibomb; “Varnhem” by Emerald Park; “No Cure” & “Changes” by Short Hand.


4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 230: Culture Wars (with Alexander Adams)”

  1. Thank you, comprehensive listen of truth and untruth . I am no longer a vagabond of the universe, a drifter among spaces where the madness of things spoken here had no limits. My mind has once again found firm root, no longer a minority of one 🙂

    • I’m not sure that is true. I think that someone could indeed speak of eugenics if they backed it up with credible science and testimony from people of all “races” who have worked and studied and lived with people of different “races.” However, what such methods have demonstrated over and over again ad nauseum is that there are more significant differences between different individuals of the same “race” than there are across “races.” Most biologists also affirm that the concept of “race” itself is utterly specious and does not pass scientific muster as a verifiable concept. As someone who has been an educator in one of the most diverse cities In the world for the last 20 years and someone who speaks three languages, I can confirm that there are precisely zero conclusions one can make about a student’s ability based upon their “race.” It’s a phony and worthless predictor of anything. Finally, as somebody who has worked in the fields of literature, translation, theater and music cross-culturally for 30 years, it is clear to me that one’s “race” is about as meaningful as the color of their eyes, as regards their intellect & ability. (If anything,My informal observations would lead me to believe that people with African heritage have superior creative intellect. But I know that that is as bullshit as the opposite conclusion, that one can predict nothing based upon one’s “race”). To me, these are things that mere children can observe and conclude. It is quite deflating to think that there are still adults pondering over these nothings.


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