The Liminalist # 37: Controlling Interests (with Gary Heidt)


Part one of conversation with musician, conceptual artist, and literary agent Gary Heidt, on the authority of the cat, agents as necessary evil, an anomaly among agents, reaching an impasse, CIA controlling interests in publishing, setting the tone among the literati, changing editors, the single controlling node of Sessalee Hensley, pushing a bourgeoisie sensibility, domestic realism, what being a writer means, fiction as an aid to a fugue state, fiction as ethical experimentation, the liminal space of writing, becoming a messenger to oneself, authors with intelligence affiliations, writing as channeling, timesharing on one mind, different stations within the psyche, Gertrude Stein, James Joyce, and language experimentation, Tender Buttons, Stein’s salon and the control circle, Henry James and automatic writing, Stein’s childhood abuse, mass graves in Ireland, communicating in code, keeping secrets from oneself, pain barriers and compartmentalized psyches, as within so without, child porn in the pentagon, what you can’t talk about in the mainstream, the CIA & the Cultural Cold War, the best writers in the US are not published, suppressing the voices, a bubble of innocence, Jonathan Franzen and the smug voice, The Counselor, Breaking Bad, and ironic detachment, reframing sociopathy as heroism, The Searchers, The Century of the Self and Edward Bernays, controlled democracy, RCA and mass media monopolies, David Sarnoff and psy-ops, the imposition of language, ruling class newspeak, Henry Luce, CIA as creation of Wall St, slanted language, the sociopathic loner of existentialism, existentialist materialism, Husserl’s phenomenology, the ground of consciousness, Heidegger’s reversal, consciousness as byproduct of history, is the world already there (The Matrix), the false dichotomy of fiction and nonfiction, Donald Kalsched’s The Inner World of Trauma, autonomous fragments, fiction writing to access the unconscious, drinking and self-annihilation, Gary’s upbringing in Texas, NASA, CIA black-ops and suicide cults, Bush and the oil industry, the deep state, European hereditary elites, Whitley Strieber engineered messenger, creating the context for truth, going David Icke, Fabianism in the family, it’s all us, Jasun’s disinheriting of family heirloom, the sins of the father.

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Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “A Little Called Pauline” and “Bugs, the Fifth,” by Gary Heidt.

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 37: Controlling Interests (with Gary Heidt)”

  1. Interesting stuff. What was said of Time magazine-speak, the CIA, magazine publishing etc reminded me, again, of Bob Dylan in “Don’t Look Back” – that interview with the Time magazine journalist. What did he know?

  2. Dear Jasun,

    This interview was fantastic- Gary’ s take on Husserl ( and Merleau-Ponty) ,phenomenology and consciousness was spot on ( my PHD)- congrats on another erudite guest which keeps your podcast meaningful and thought-provoking-always something for a thinking person…AND, his music was great, too. He sounds like the perfect agent for you, Jasun !

    • Thanks, very nice of you to comment after my “hint” over at the blog. I didn’t hear Gary mention M-Ponty, is that the same Ponty who inspired Ponty Pool?


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