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“This hothead fantasist offers the excitement of a wild, paranoid style. . . . It’s always a surprise.”
~Pauline Kael


“Through a Fractured Glass, Darkly”

“the most devastating and articulate summary of Whitley Strieber and his works that I’ve ever read. Neither facile dismissal nor endorsement, [Aeolus Kephas’s] analysis is propelled by a sincere interest in Strieber’s writings that illuminates the often schizophrenic nature of his alleged experiences.”
~Mac Tonnies

“You’d have to be crazy to understand it,”
~James Moseley, co-founder of Saucer News

“Autism & the Other”

“A wonderful text that shows great insights into issues related to culture and autism. We need texts such as this which celebrate autistic differences as unique strengths and talents, to be fostered and developed, instead of considering them pathologies to be eliminated or cured.”
~Alexandra Bal, PhD, Assistant Professor at Ryerson University

The Blood Poets

“This hothead fantasist offers the excitement of a wild, paranoid style. He lives in the movies, explodes them from the inside, and shares his fevered trance with us. But he doesn’t lose his analytic good sense. He’s not just a hothead, he’s a hardhead, too. . . . He’s a marvellous critic. Tackling a new movie, he’ll hang in there until he’s balanced and sound. It’s always a surprise.”
~Pauline Kael

“Horsley arrives on the scene with a combination of articulate analysis and a provocateur’s punch. . . The Blood Poets is the first work of criticism to talk at any length about how the exploitation impulse has crossed over into the work of respected filmmakers.”
~Charles Taylor, Salon.com

The Lucid View: Investigations Into Occultism, Ufology and Paranoid Awareness

The Lucid View is a primer by example—an initiation into the processes whereby Meaning can be invoked to bring the world to life around us. . . We need dangerous ideas and wild theories to bring back the colour to existence. Aeolus Kephas points the way.”
~Ramsey Dukes, author of The Word Made Flesh, S.S.O.T.S.E.E, and Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons

Lucid View is a compelling witness to the choices that lie open to us. Utterly intriguing.”
~Kenneth Grant, author of The Magickal Revival, former head of the O.T.O, and heir to Aleister Crowley

“In the hands of another writer, the text of The Lucid View would most likely read like the anchorless ravings of a madman, but Kephas is an eloquent, highly intelligent, perceptive, discerning, and organized writer.”
~Amazon reviewer

“Some find it fascinating that they can’t believe anything being written about and yet the author is so intelligent and eloquent in his writing that they find themselves unable to agree with themselves. . . . a wonderful tool and stepping stone to graduate oneself from the likes of Icke and Jones. . . The book . . . was the beginning and the end for me. . . It marked the beginning of my own path.”
~Amazon reviewer

“Probably a future classic of the genre”
~Amazon reviewer

Matrix Warrior: Being the One

“I get almost sensory overload from [Matrix Warrior] and have to pause and digest. I am sure you have received a ton of enthusiastic endorsement. . . . There is such a wealth within it I will be slow digesting it.”
~Joseph Chilton Pearce, author of The Crack in the Cosmic Egg, Magical Child, and The Biology of Transcendence (in private correspondence with author)

“the best self-help book I’ve read in years.”
~Marie D. Jones, author of 2013 – End of Days or A New Beginning: Envisioning The World After the Events of 2012

“If no more Matrix films are ever made—or if future sequels sink so low as to be not worth viewing—there is still enough in the original movie plus Horsley’s handbook to last a lifetime. . . . a very neat re-interpretation of shamanic and martial arts ‘warrior’ principles for the twenty-first century. Taking the works of Carlos Castaneda in particular, Horsley has synthesised the teachings with the language of cyberspace to define ‘The Way of the CyberWarrior.’ . . . This book does not need the film any more, or any less, than an adult human needs its mother. The myth evolves.”
~Ramsey Dukes, author of The Word Made Flesh, S.S.O.T.S.E.E, and Ramsey’s Little Book of Demons

“As a novel, Matrix Warrior holds the key.”
~Kenneth Grant, author of The Magickal Revival, former head of the O.T.O

“[Horsley’s] examination of solipsistic cool slides through existential nausea into outright psychopathy and back again with a wink and a grin.”
~Tony Chester

“Jake Horsley was laughing at me as I read his book.”
~Julia Burns

“A high quality mindfuck.”

“a soggy trout that no one should read . . . about as pleasurable as sticking a sharpened pencil into your thigh.”
~Donna Jones

“The ultimate self-help book.”

“contains oodles more than most of the self-help manuals on the market…”
~Adam Roberts, author of Blue Yellow Tibia

Dogville vs. Hollywood: The War Between Independent Film and Mainstream Movies

“insightful and refreshing.”
~Adam Atkinson, Online Journal of Film & TV Studies, University of Nottingham

“[R]elentlessly entertaining . . . Horsley’s prose overflows with vitriol and colorful personal take-downs. . .. . . a rollicking evisceration of Hollywood.”
~Publishers Weekly

Homo Serpiens: An Occult History of DNA from Eden to Armageddon

“I find it simply amazing that [this] book has not been noticed. I am reading it for the second time and I am blown away by it.”
~Anthony Peake, author of Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die

Homo Serpiens is as an eccentric and brilliant occult perspective. . . One of the most extraordinary occult books ever written.”
~Louis Proud, author of Dark Intrusions

“a handbook for the present weirdness and the upcoming…well, upcoming. It’s not all about you. [A] postmodern Hymn of the Pearl.”
~Amazon reviewer

Lucid View on steroids!”

The Secret Life of Movies: Schizophrenic and Shamanic Journeys in American Cinema

“Walter Benjamin… observed of cinema that ‘It is through the camera that we first discover the optical unconscious, just as we discover the instinctual unconscious through psychoanalysis’ . . . . Jason Horsley’s intriguing account of modern American film suggests this possibility, and much more besides. . . . . By inhabiting a split consciousness and occupying time outside of linear chronology, particular movies and their directors offer a shamanic journey from estrangement and loss of identity to psychic integration. … [H]is opening pages on the ‘occult text’ in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly are superb… This book would be a good supplementary text for film and cultural studies classes or courses in film history and film criticism.”
~Robert N. Matuozzi, Washington State University, in Projections Volume 6, Issue 2, Winter 2012
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“A simply stunning book . . . an intellectually vigorous exposition of the theme of the ‘shamanic journey’ within the American movie. Jason Horsley takes his reader on a similar journey in which many of the most iconic films of all time are systematically deconstructed to show them in a fascinating new light. . . enlightening.”
~Anthony Peake, author of Is There Life After Death? The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die