The Liminalist 166.5: Levity & Gravity (with Gib Strange)

Part two of two-part return conversation with Gib Strange, on the last generation, the end of enlightenment opportunity, belief in Apocalypse, the rush to suicide, zombies & clowns, temporal anxiety, the age of the prequel, born into someone else’s story, the quest for causality, seeking the bad DNA, The Godfather & fathers & sons, a diminished future, when the future arrives, the pathology of the president, the serpent’s poison, the end of history, the Trump-Brexit blow, Generation X’s twin myths, Star Wars & Twin Peaks, paternal evil, Laura Palmer’s crucial fiction, identifying the bad guy, Lynch’s willful incoherence, the sins of the fathers, blaming Bob, the dark side of resurrection, Cartesian duality in the zombie mythos, the Morlocks maid service, living below the the underman, cats & dogs, living inside a paradox, libertarianism, the nightmare of the global village, technological dependency, a series of responses, prepping for the end times, the canaries in the coal mine, looking for solid ground, speaking from the heart, levity & gravity, “What a Wonderful World” and Kool Whip, the fear of sentimentality, sacrificing sincerity, back to the valley.

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Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” & “My Heart Is a Piece of Garbage” by Geoff Berner; “Deep Space Island” by Krestovsky; “Beeps” by Gib Strange.

The Liminalist # 166: Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (with Gib Strange)

Two-part return conversation with Gib Strange, on the Uncanny Valley, transhumanism, when robots cease to be cute, on the other side of the valley, the space between robot and human, the robots’ agenda, fear of Skynet, Star Wars & Silent Running, C3P0 vs. R2D2, teddy bears, dolls, & clowns, hyper-realistic sex dolls, relics of irretrievable loss, where fantasy & reality meet, twerking sex dolls, perfecting the counterfeit & fudging the reality, the advent of the deep fake, revenge porn, voice Photoshop technology, how transhumanism uses existing templates to take hold, body modifications past, present & future, a counterfeit religion, since God died, the 20th century church of self, consumerism & spirituality, a techno-secular immortality, Descartes’ mechanical doll, Ray Kurtzweil’s dad, the dichotomy of body & soul, William Blake, getting the robot mind to outsmart the animal body, the mind-self and the body, Caitlyn Jenner & denying category uncertainty, Rachel Dolezal’s transracialism, Jenner’s idea of female power, a world of Onion headlines, talking about trans, the same old spell, turning away from P. T. Barnham’s Unreality Show, movie-watching, partaking in a collective dream, F.O.M.O. in the Global Village, fear of the Alt-Right, Lethem’s new novel, the awareness of trump-Brexit, sucked into our phones, the John McCain funeral media circus, bipartisan centrism, the rule we follow.

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Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; “Heaven is a Ghost Town” by Krestovsky; “If It’s All The Same To You” by Gib Strange.


The Liminalist # 165.5: A Southern Accent (with Corey N.)

Second of two-part conversation with Corey N, on rapid onset gender dysphoria, a cultural context for the incomprehensible, the non-existence of gender, gender stereotypes, the concept of identity, the opportunity of identity crisis, targeting the shamanic demographic, marketing identity, hyper-socialization, becoming institutionalized, sleep deprivation in a mental hospital, enforcing focused awareness, being infantilized, learned helplessness, bad parenting & denial of autonomy, accounting to family, the context of trauma, back to the Cowboy, the element of intuition in creating an alter, an involuntary transformation, possession or reincarnation, outlaw country, Fight Club.

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Songs:  “Slouching Towards Bremen” & “My Heart Is a Piece of Garbage” by Geoff Berner; “Bleak” by Littlefoot;

The Liminalist # 165: Corey & the Cowboy (with Corey N.)

Two-part conversation with Corey N. and a life of high strangeness, sudden onset kundalini rising, an awakening on the toilet, a grandiose experience, a new set of eyes, a scientific paradigm, Robert Anton Wilson’s Maybe Logic, a lightness in the body, taking testosterone supplement, self commodification and self-optimization, the cowboy & the fool, sorting obstacles from tools, hyper-ambition, a fully-formed alter-persona, retreating to the wilderness, a DID spectrum, archetypal explorers of the unconscious, when the dam of identity bursts, a stay in a mental hospital, being under the microscope, institution vs. wilderness, giving birth to the cowboy, using marijuana to to self-medicate, levels of identity, doubling won on the ego, the will to power, the neoliberal mindset, a life review, an expanded sense of identity, Sam Harris’s Waking Up, a super-charged ego, a changing worldview, the psychedelic hype, an interest in the occult conspiracy, the trap of occultism, Gordon White, CERN sacrifice psy-op, seeing the second matrix.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” & “Prairie Wind” by Geoff Berner; “Black Hole” by Littlefoot;  “Running Eiskrokodil” by Lobo Loco.

The Liminalist # 164: An Encounter with the Self (with Martin Jolly)

On-set conversation with Martin Jolly on Dave Oshana, an orientation towards the wholesome, subjective & objective impressions of Dave, Oshana retreats, the issue of language, a critical toolset, the problem of the teachings, a developing sense of enlightenment, a perfected methodology, ancestral consciousness, the retreat space, amplifying the signal of the soul, an encounter with the self, the presence of the departed, a configuration of love, George de la Tour, Milton of the Devil’s Party, the problem of depicting goodness, love & light via the darkness, addressing a collective wound, the writer & the pen, accepting the limited self, the persona as a mask, the body as mediator for the true self, abhorrence of the body, where psychic entities live, Dave’s subtle effect, the softest touch of enlightenment, awareness of the transitory, the cruelty and the comfort, the luxury of distraction, counterfeit compassion, cowboy & fool: two modes of perception, focused & unfocused awareness, Dave’s charisma, the attraction of authenticity, the space created by Dave’s passivity, counteracting the teacher-student dynamic, addressing transference, reducing awe, teaching to relax.

Songs: “Quite a Light Show,” by Party People in the Can; “Though the Light Seem Small” by Art of Flying; “Oh Kiss No” & “Blinde State,” by My Bubba & Mi.

The Liminalist 163: A Counterfeit for Incarnation (with Samuel Corwin)

Return conversation with Samuel Corwin; show notes pending.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; ” “Mountains Into Outer Space” and “A Storm of Light Ignites My Heart”by Richard Youngs.

The Liminalist # 162.5: Approaching the Incomprehensible (with Simone Weil)

Part two of read and response to Simone Weil’s Gravity & Grace. Impressions of Weil, an austere perspective, suffering & joy, the absence signals presence, the meaning of suffering, the door to the supernatural, knocking without assumptions, images of the divine, good & evil, minimizing evil, soul-curiosity, the criteria of the real, existence & non-existence, a split in the Self, dictating fiction, shifting levels, absorbing evil, inviting affliction, withdrawal when hurt, the spiritual vs. natural path, 2 kinds of self-negation, God’s weakness, an over-compensatory God, two atheisms, attention & will, spiritual matters, where water goes, the space of love, gateway to eternity, the temporal face of eternity, the use of violence, training the inner animal, cursing God, the limits of intelligence, a curious compassion response, approaching the incomprehensible, threatening connections, the production of saints, the notion of oppression, increased comforts, the final depletion of the will to power, a one-sided divide, Plato’s politics, the victory of barbarians, the error of progress, wishing for the impossible, the pure reality of the past, the illusion of revolution, the handle & point of the sword, socialism & racialism, the swing of society’s pendulum, the spirituality of work, a squirrel in a cage, the chronology of fatigue, the opportunity of exhaustion, the possibility of an authentic response.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; ” Creatures Of The Night by Waylon Thornton; “Sleepwalking” by ???


The Liminalist # 162: The Only Gateway to Knowledge (with Simone Weil)

This week on The Liminalist Jasun does an old-school solo show in the hot hot heat, reading Simone Weil, but first, feeling the pressure of the current (moment), okay, turn down that music, does believing in God make me a Christian ? Belief, humility and the (I), Sensed and not sensed, Me and not me, “The invitation to be touched by grace”, righteous action, this is 40, r.e.g.r.e.t. : find out what it means to me, “letting-go of the desire to act”, true impulses, “doing” the “good” deed, protip : Satan and your imagination are best buds, fighting against prejudice or : how I learned you’re full of it, the level of infinity, “we humiliate ourselves before false gods”, leave no trace – maybe a few books, the present of the present, where were you when they built that ladder to heaven ?, making ourselves clear to ourselves, we’re friends, right ?, evil is limitless but not infinite, Prisoner of (false) Infinity, the inevitable collapse of the crucial fiction, the new good, “evil flies from the light”, who’s doing this good anyway ?, the value of humility for the (good) deed, impossible canundrums : 12 for a dollar, the raw material of suffering, the toxicity of our nine-gated city, who’s doing this suffering anyway ?, Am I Evil ?, The Case of Judgment vs. Karma, the Devil’s in the den, loving God through the evil, “the chosen people keep fucking up”, I’m just talking, thinking and not thinking, the invisible fire of purification, Beyond Dirt flashback, the creature and God, the whole range of good and evil, evil becomes innocence, the Devil on the horizon, gravity and grace, embodying the paradox. (Show notes thanks to Mike B.)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Cat Songs Pt III, Glass Cat Song” by Fake Cats Project; “Goodbye Oslo Rose,” by Richard Youngs; “On The Streets Of Old Milwaukee” by Cullah.

The Liminalist 161.5: A Woman Among Trans (with Posie Parker)

Second of two-part conversation with Posie Parker on open organized child abuse, collective gaslighting, body dysphoria, children’s transition assembly, Educate & Celebrate, the point of doublethink, trans-criminality, desistance, the murder of debate, no platforming, leaving the left, sympathy for the right, left-right cycles & the pendulum effect, the history of an ideology, the Fabian Society, Havelock Ellis & sex research, incremental change, the Weimar Republic syndrome, the death of psychology, changing views on homosexuality, identity politics succession drama, the eradication of boundaries, the gateway to transhumanism, Martine Rothblatt, the privatization of morality, people as islands, the problem of ease, runaway narcissist culture, perfecting an image, Gender Quake, a woman among trans, the ineffable ego, the desire not to be human, the “beman,” Jordan Peterson, short-term happiness, avoiding suffering, totalitarian liberalism, compelled speech, cognitive dissonance, trans snake oil, Theodore Dalrymple on unhappiness vs depression, social infantilization, no transitions to peerage, one rule for the lower class, protecting the money, Alison Moyet, J.K Rowling and the perils of tweeting, intuitive risk aversion.

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The Age of Advanced Incoherence: Identity Politics, Identity Crisis (Intro)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford;  “Morning Birds” by Kristin Hersh.

The Liminalist # 161: A Perfect Storm (with Posie Parker)

Part one of a two-part conversation with Posie Parker, on coming from a leftist background, the return of the Tories & the end of days, trans-menstruation, autogynephiliac males, a peak-trans moment, gender-neutral parenting, Mermaids & Susie Green, Twitter hands over private information to police, the hate crime police, transwomen policemen, what constitutes hate speech, anti-TERF tweets, the cotton ceiling, changing laws in Britain, Malta, & Ireland, trans-sex offenders in women’s prisons, Huntley the Soham murderer goes trans, Gender recognition Act, Maria MacLachlan, stiffed by the system, P.I.E, the trans-infiltration of women’s orgs, enforced participation in fetish, children’s “rights,” Pink News, men’s sexual rights movement, the DMS-5, gender identity disorder becomes gender dysphoria, pathologizing society, a piece of the PIE. Children playing mothers, maternal enmeshment, Munchausen by proxy, a perfect storm, trans-porn and the snowflake generation, breast-binding, children of the damned, the driving force behind transitioning children, the medical industry and trans, the Tavistock on puberty blockers, an imposed ideology.

Posie on Twitter                   Posie on YouTube

The Age of Advanced Incoherence: Identity Politics, Identity Crisis (Intro)

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “The Old Crow” by Rose Windows; “Crooked” by Kristin Hersh.

The Liminalist # 160: An Invisible Awakening (Discussing The Greek)

Jasun talks about how he came to The Greek, the Antichrist in Assyria, the Bible as instruction manual, appealing to the apocalyptic in Jake, a timeline for the end-times, a Middle Eastern union, the New Assyria, a social utopia, when the gods intervene, Strieber rabbit-hole, water storage, a lateral diet, viruses & the liver, misinformed across the board, flat-earthism, fear-motivational cult creation, death awareness, longing for the gods, readers’ comments, the integration process, the problem of The Greek, how the present catches up with prophet spiels, doublethink in 2018, the breakdown of the narrative, an invisible awakening, Leftist spawns of the New Age.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane,” “Clap Hands” by Lee Maddeford; “Bad News” by The Blacks; “Hangman’s Song” by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts


The Liminalist # 159: Pavlov’s Gods (with the Greek)

Talking to The Greek, on what the gods want, magnetics, referring to scripture, the Christian era, the ancestors, looking back, misappropriation of language, ultimate trust, smoking tobacco, indirection, unrecognizable education, efficiency, being a moron magnet, cult creation, NLP, dialoguing with the other, trauma & training, Pavlov’s gods, medium& message, the Freeman show, why the Greek is on the internet, when two sentiences meet, human interconnectivity, and more!

Part 3:


Part 4: Calling in on “Greekspeak”


Songs: “I’m Going Insane,” “Clap Hands” by Lee Maddeford; “Foggy Minded Breakdown” by The Blacks; “This Shroud” by Rose Windows. Part 3: “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” and Hangman’s Song” by The Pine Valley Cosmonauts : “Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules” by Rose Windows.

The Liminalist # 158: A Body Vacuum (with The Greek)

First in a (possible, you decide) short series of conversations with The Greek, on how nuclear devices explode, where the info is coming from, a vacuum in the body, opinions vs. objective facts, the anti-cult, Stockholm Syndrome cults, a strip to an S & M club, dreams as plug-ins, a society of head-hunters, demons and dreams, connecting to the Cloud, the Justice system & goddess worship, grand cosmic narratives in the end times, a close look at the intestines, Gustav Le Bon’s crowd, the ancestral line, gods as bean-counters, a parallel society, the pursuit of concepts, 9-11 media stunt, religion as subculture.

Note to listeners: Let me know your reaction to The Greek as I am still deciding whether to share the remainder of these exchanges or not.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Goin’ Out West” by The Blacks; “This Shroud” by Rose Windows.

The Liminalist # 157.5: A Treasure Not of this World (with Simon Strauch)

Part two of conversation with Simon Strauch, on ultimate reality, Jordan Peterson’s following, hierarchies of competence, Peterson’s religious status, cult creation, taking on aberrations, a No in the noosphere, JBP’s silent support, being in the world, a Darwinian worldview, a treasure not of this world, reducing the transcendental to the mundane, going out on a limb, twists in a TV show, Trump & political correctness, Rene Girard as counterpart to JBP, Girard’s deep system, being on a mission vs. working on a problem, enforced monogamy, turning truth into social policy, liminal times, a technocratic leaning, shoe-horning technocracy, Brave New World, narrowing perceptions, ignoring the data that undermines the thesis, a romantic longing, the malevolent superstructure, a psychoanalytical tunnel, plunging into the darkness, psychology & religion, approaching the infinite, the intermediary between us & God, focusing on the gulf, psychology & morality, scars on the soul, the soul as a collective, humanity & Christ, Dave Oshana & enlightenment, when Christ emptied Hell, Karl Stern.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; “Pingpong Voodoo” by Narcotic Syntax; “Lentomatto” by Astrometrics.


The Liminalist # 157: Gnosticism Diagnosed (with Simon Strauch)

Talking with clinical psychologist Simon Strauch on how behaviorism has supplanted psychology, approaching orthodoxy, a reductionist mindset, studying occultism, a thirst for transcendence, horizontal & vertical axes, the gravitational pull of the wound, surrendering to reality, In Treatment, holding a liminal space, giving into urges, changing our predetermined path for another, a clockwork therapist, a culture of permissiveness, Havelock Ellis % the celebration of perversity, psychology erasing morality, affect & trauma, when the psyche lands, soul & psyche, relation between body & soul, a theory of schizophrenia, psychic fragmentation, demons, voices, chemical imbalances, personal evil, ancestral fragments, a pathology that transcends death. A Gnostic metaphysic, spiritually incorrect scripture, the fearsome face of God, Gnosticism diagnosed, God’s favor can’t be curried, the ego configured for gain, the spiritual seeker’s point system, Jordan Peterson’s mindset, human engineering, what the soul requires, why Peterson preaches the hero’s journey, Peterson’s spiritual pragmatism.

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Show Your Face Toothface” by We Is Shore Dedicated; “Pingpong Voodoo” by Narcotic Syntax.


The Liminalist # 156: Incarnation of a Dialectic (with Nicolas Hausdorf)

Return conversation with Nicolas Hausdorf, on being a degenerate nomad, on the Jordan Peterson phenomenon, the cultural response, truth and status, innocence & academia, a French banking whistle-blower, Peterson’s naivete, saving the Western narrative, the non-psychological approach, oblivious to propaganda, Leo Strauss & the noble lie, a caricature of postmodernism, identity politics, vulgarized knowledge, going all the way back ti the Garden to locate the rot, trauma & fragmentation, resistance to seeing the trauma, crucial fictions, McGill & MKULTRA, a subversive aesthetic, speaking truth, censorship via the Left & Right, university cults, saying No to say Yes, what Peterson is saying yes to, engaging with the mainstream, radical disenchantment, technology of decentralization, recognizing a complex, crazy psychological experiments in the 20th century, overdoses of knowledge, the Munk debate, the JBP opposition, holding a space for ambiguity, a polarizing presence, when two intelligences meet, Peterson & Trump, jokers in the pack, Peterson’s low-resolution map, an avoidance strategy, the incarnation of a dialectic, Peterson’s voice, the medium and the message, self-sacrifice, a cultural control system & the creation of a YouTube celebrity, Peterson’s blind-spot, the ambiguity of innocence, a Jordan Borg, a man with a mission, respecting the moment, future-orientation, sacrificing the moment, being too much in the Now, Alex Jones and the conspiracy sphere, the US elite in disarray, the state apparatus, ordering the world, interesting times.

Nicolas’ essay on Jordan Peterson:

Nicolas’ blog with Tarron Ruiz-Avila:

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro” by Lee Maddeford; “Copyright Kills Kids in Africa” by Jesus & the Christians; “Flatbed Truck That Is Running You Ragged” by  We Is Shore Dedicated

The Liminalist # 155.5: The Impossibility of Sex (Game of Lovers, with Jamieson Webster)

Part two of return conversation with Jamieson Webster, on the envy of infants, what Jordan Peterson does for women, feminist harpies, how the sexes don’t know what to do with each other, identifying the wrong turn in the past, the war of the sexes, acknowledging mutual accountability, identification and counter-identification, restoring femininity, Rose McGowan’s rage, the quest for justice, the burden of beauty, women’s power, contradictory messages, a tangled mess of sex relations, what shakes loose in therapy, genital organization, Freud on universal debasement and object choice, the Madonna-whore complex, a mortified phallus, multiple desire objects for women, the cost of civilized morality, the secret of marriage, order and chaos, focused & unfocused awareness, Lacan, neurosis & sexuality, no natural order, the impossibility of sex post-sexual revolution, no natural order, Peterson’s prescriptions, the marital chamber, a game of lovers, hosts to an unexpected visitor, ancestral influences, using the libido for ego validation, the moment of conception, a Darwinian struggle, mental battleground, genital disorganization, no genital stage, a black hole in Freudianism, where the fantasies all crowd in, articulating desperation, suicidal teens, inducted into a cover-up, a toxic womb, a toxic culture, the solution of alienation, separating from patterns, the opportunity of not getting, marriage as alienation, the presence of the beloved, the gift of nothing, the end of analysis, unrecognizable love, the marginalization of psychoanalysis, the thing of value, sexual love, Eros, a simulation, a mysterious conception, the only thing Freud trusted, sublimatory work, an open question, nothing left but faith, fear of Peterson’s troll army, gender confusion & bathrooms.

Articles by Jamieson

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro” by Lee Maddeford; “I’m in Love” by The Blacks; “Aurora Avenue” by Rose Windows.

The Liminalist # 155: Wild Discourse & the Mess of the Left (with Jamieson Webster)

Part one of a two-part return conversation with Jamieson Webster, on the burden of being physically attractive, the company of the blind, a cripple for a father, Jordan Peterson as father figure, wounded by academia, a series of father figure investigations, mapping the wound, Peterson’s private life, an anecdotal disclosure vs transparency, a liminal line, the therapeutic space, an intense sleight of hand, faith in order, Frankfurt school & Fabian Society, the radical left & conspiracy theory, the mess of the left, saying No to bullshit, a tide of social dissatisfaction, the psychoanalytical conundrum, the great family myth, facing an abyss, Lacan & destitution, getting in touch with the soul, trusting the mundane, a taste for the quotidian, a wild discourse, Ferenczi, out on the edge, the catastrophe of genitality, emerging from the sea, the fall of Lucifer, Freud and Ferenczi, mutual analysis, Freud’ wildness, Dalrymple’s view of Freud, Peterson & taking a position, becoming unstoppable, the use of the Humanities, becoming competent, a weird mix of disciplines, an anti-ideological ideology, giving free market capitalism a free pass, the primary goal of success, being raised up by one’s community.

Articles by Jamieson

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; “Go Go Girl” by the Limiñanas; “Second Fences” by We Is Shore Dedicated; “Strip Mall Babylon” by Rose Windows.

The Liminalist # 154: The Impossible Shepherd (with Jonathan Pageau)

Conversation with Jonathan Pageau, on the relation between liminality & Logos, the vesica piscis, the Christian formula, Christ the impossible shepherd, all the way to the limit, a confused Israelite, liminal characters in the Gospel, the many aspects of Christ, the trickster, Christ’s journey to hades, the all-redeemer, Greek myth parallels, emptying Hades, driving the demons out of Hell, the purging fire of Theosis, transparency to God, forgiveness as embers on your head, the difference between Hades & hellfire, the threat of the Infinite, projecting onto God, religion & power abuse, no common folk in Hell, the corrupting influence of knowledge, when God eats the fruit, what the incarnation is, the source of all possibilities, the corpus of Dionysus, the problem of the infinite, love over knowledge, unity & multiplicity, the Soul of Humanity, human nature as Logos, Rene Girard & zombie apocalypse, the scapegoat, unresolved world war two issues, polarization, the tree & the branches, rejecting the margins, defining mania, Weimar Germany revisited, the transgender agenda, the difference between social justice warrior and the martyr, the deification of the anomaly, multiculturalism, specialness, social contagion, & resentment, a French Canadian perspective, being associated with Jordan Peterson, organized malevolence in the end times, exploring the darkness, the spirit of Mammon, a spiritual disease, the wheat & the chaff, instant apocalypse.

Jonathan’s site.

Video version of this talk

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” by Lee Maddeford; The Natives Are Restless  by Don Tiki; “Hale Zale” by We Is Shore Dedicateed

The Liminalist # 153.5: Jordan Peterson’s Scientistic Salvation Project (with Norman Young)

Part two of a conversation with Norman Young, on picking up your cross, the man C.S Lewis warned us about, appealing to pride, submission to God’s will, inverting the Tao, Pagan hero vs. Christian hero, Jordan Peterson’s world-saving mission, the benevolent father, JBP’s wounds, the mythology of JBP’s psyche, the Oedipal mother, masculine-feminine, the Petersonian man, the Aristocratic value, competence of the warrior, the strength of withholding, the doing of salvation, JBP’s heroism, all the young men, the dangers of fame, JBP’s Christian converts, false prophets, Alt-Right and cultural Christianity, a science-based religion, a Gnostic thought, preempting the leap of faith, Kierkegaard and surrendering to the absurdity of the infinite, an element of hubris, 12 Rules for Life & Maps of Meaning, JBP’s shadow-totalitarianism, the social pendulum, Lloyd de Mause, the privatization of morality, egalitarianism vs. the rock of Nature, Luciferian infant ego drives, transhumanism & the will to power, civilization’s emergence from a tribal format, the Messiah-as-State, the inevitability of the democratic project, the idea of Antichrist, the JBP opportunity, the Sam Harris debates, invading the dogmatic citadel.

Norman’s website:

Norman’s Essay on Peterson.

Answer to Jordan (13 Reasons to Watch Jordan Peterson Closely), # 2: JBP encourages active dialogue with the environment

Songs: “I’m Going Insane” & “15 Bistro 2” by Lee Maddeford; “I’d Like to Say” by the Blacks.