On the Holocaust, Philip K. Dick, and “the technological body of evil, with Kevin Barret, Truth Jihad


First half an hour of Big Mother into talk at Legalise Freedom

Talking with Matthew Ehret on UFOs, for Canadian Patriot Podcast (video). (Audio download)

For AeonByte, for Big Mother (video).

(Audio download)

With Recluse for The Farm, on Kubrickon.

For The Melt, on The Kubrickon.



My Family Thinks I’m Crazy:


Talking with Chris Knowles, Secret Sun Mystery Hour, on The Kubrickon:

Part One:

Part Two:


“Harvesting Humans & the Rise of Machine Intelligence,” Greg Moffitt, Legalize Freedom, March 14, 2023:

“Stanley Kubrick and The AI Demiurge,” AeonByte, Feb 22, 2023:


Psyop Cinema:


50-minute interview with Ed Opperman.



Briar Patch Observatory (Perhaps my most succinctly comprehensive interview, ranging from the Fabian society to Jimmy Savile, Ancient Greece  to Ed Gein, & from Aleister Crowley to David Byrne to Dave Oshana, in a mere 100 minutes): here

Psyop Cinema

With Joe Green (Part One)


Melt Interview: An Epitaph to a 30-Year Hell Map

Interview with Recluse at The Farm, July 2021

Dodcast #9: Jasun Horsley

Dodcast #9.5: Jasun Horsley

Legalize Freedom, June 2021:

Reptile Dysfunction, with Travis Matter, April 2021:


Consensus Unreality, Dec 2020, on 16 Maps of Hell & Prisoner of Infinity

Parallax View, Dec 2020, on 16 Maps of Hell

Andy Nowicki, Nov 2020:

The Melt, Oct 2o20:

Sarah Hart, Oct 2020:

Resistance Recovery, Sept 2020:

Bill Ramsey, Sept 2020:

Aug 2020:

Aug 2020:

July 2020:

May 2020:

March 2020:

Talking for CryptoBeast on Vice of Kings:



The Farm, with Recluse: Anti Mystery Babylon: Talking The History Of Secret Societies with Jasun Horsley, 29 Feb 2020.

The Farm featuring Steven Snider and Frank Zero with guest Jasun Horsley of Auticulture, 3 Jan 2020


Legalize Freedom, 4-part talk on Prisoner of Infinity:

Part One: UFOs, Trauma, and Hacking the Human Psyche, July 19, 2019

Part Two: Stormers of Heaven: Enlightenment or Oblivion?, November 9, 2019

Part Three: Stormers of Heaven: Counterfeits and Conspiracies, November 25, 2019

Part Four: Transhumanism and the Colonisation of Space, March 16, 2020

End of the Road podcast # 78, discussing Prisoner of Infinity with Michael Kokal

Dark Occult and Social Engineering, Aeon Byte, Feb 2019

Occulture – Jasun Horsley on The Vice of Kings, Fabian Socialism, Social Engineering & the Culture of Abuse Jan 2019

Legalize Freedom – Jasun Horsley – Sex, Occultism and Social Engineering, Jan 2019:

Part One

Part Two

William Ramsey interviews Jasun Horsley about The Vice of Kings, Jan 2019 


Strieber, Dick, Castaneda and other Prisoners of Infinity – Aeon Byte, Dec 2018

Jasun Horsley, Socio-Spiritual Engineering |392| – Skeptiko, Oct 2018

KunstlerCast 308 — Chatting with Jasun Horsley About the Sexual Hysteria of Our Time, Oct 2018

Occulture # 90, “Bicameral UFO Man” (on Prisoner of Infinity), June 26 2018.

William Ramsey Investigates: Prisoner of Infinity, Jun 1 2018 (video)


William Ramsey Investigates: Dark Oasis: A Self Made Messiah Unveiled, Dec 2017

Unspun, Gnostic Media, with Jan Irvin & Joe Atwill: #062, March 28th 2017: “Uranians / Isis-Urania Temple.”

Unspun, #063, April 4th 2017, also with Steve Outtrim: “The History of the Normalization of Pedophilia.”

The Stark Truth with Robert Stark, March 2017.

KunstlerCast # 286, January 22, 2017.

Always Record Episode 172: Beyond the Pale King Kill, January 2017


KunstlerCast # 267, June 13, 2015.

Zero Squared #17: The Liminalist, April 2015

C-Realm # 448, January 2015

Part Two

Zero Squared # 1: Seen & Not Seen, January 2015

Part Two


Sync Book # 103: Kubrickon, November 2014

Red Waters, January 2014


Pijama Surf Interview, November 2013 (video)

Expanding Mind, with Erik Davis, Oct 2013

42 minutes, June 2013

Aeolus Kephas

Mother-Strangled Interview, March 2013, Part One

Mother-Strangled Interview, March 2013, Part Two

Hidden Experience with Mike Clelland, March 2012

Black Light in the Attic 75: Stay Naked, January 2012 (On the occupy movement)

Shamanic Freedom Podcast, July 2011

Shamanic Freedom Podcast, September 2010

Infinite Waters, March 2010

Jesse Miller’s Mystic Mind Podcast, March 2010

Aeon Byte #153, January 2010

C-Realm Podcast, Dec 2009, Part One

C-Realm Podcast, Dec 2009, Part Two

Infinite Waters, Sept 2009

Red Ice Radio, April 2009, Part One

Red Ice Radio, April 2009, Part Two

Shamanic Freedom Podcast, March 2009, Part 1

Shamanic Freedom Podcast, March 2009, Part 2

Black Light in the Attic, January 2009

SMiles Lewis on The Blue Rose Report, June 2008

Adam Gorightly on Untamed Dimensions, January 2008

James Haarp, December 2007

Kentroversy, December 2007

Dialogues with Doug Lain

Zero Point: Stanley Kubrick, November 2014

Diet Soap # 179: The Necessity of Trauma, May 2013

Diet Soap #166: Beyond Dirt, December 2012

Diet Soap #153: The Dream of Enlightenment, June 2012

Diet Soap #128: An Unidentified Reality? December 2011

Diet Soap #88: Being Who You Pretend to Be, January 2011

Diet Soap #72: Ways of Knowing, August 2010

Diet Soap #44: Close Encounters of the Everyday Kind, February 2010

Diet Soap #45: Close Encounters of the Everyday Kind (part 2)

Diet Soap #31: Surrender, Self, and Stormy Weather, November 2009

Outtakes from Jasun’s chats with Doug:

Thetas? Me Worry! # 13: Sex, Paranoia, and Gurus, November 2011

Warts & Storms # 8: Terms of Opposition, October 2010

Oh Sweet Martyr # 26: The Somebody Virus, February 2010

Jake Horsley

Aeon Byte #12, with Miguel Connor on Gnostic Cinema, July 2006.

The Spiritual Message of The Matrix, Jake Horsley on NPR

On violence in movies, To the Best of Our Knowledge, June 2002.