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Stormy Weather: News from the Front Line in the End Times

Stormy WeatherStormy Weather was a weekly podcast by Aeolus Kephas that covered subjects such as shamanism, alien abduction, global conspiracies, occultism, mythology, DNA, Masonic Sorcery Theater, postmodern society, and the day-to-day struggle of the creative individual to navigate an increasingly apocalyptic environment and turn ordinary paranoia into heightened awareness.

The show began on August 22 2008 and ended on March 21st 2009, after 30 episodes.
Stormy Weather 11: “Something Ain’t Right,” with Mr. McCoy, on Inorganic Beings, Jehovah, and Christ, the dormant part of the brain, “junk DNA” and Dark Matter, the energy of worship, feeding the deities, the religious reference for blood, the denial of the feminine, opposing spirit of Old and New Testament.
Stormy Weather 1.22: “Part 2” with Mr. McCoy, on the elite control of information and alien abduction, money, the European Union, scapegoating of Hitler to prevent integration of the Shadow, the demon Legion, environmentalist as anti-humanity, full disclosure of National Socialism, apocalypse as waking from a dream.
Stormy Weather 33: “Lucifer, God and the Big Bang,” with Mr. McCoy, on the satanic nature of worship, food and other human compulsions, humanity’s loss of soul, loss of purpose, the mercenary mind and the personal self’s lack of reality.
Stormy Weather 44: “The Not-Doing of Being an Artist,” with Mr. McCoy, on Politics and doublethink, Reptilians, Surrealism & Sorcery, Reality-Shaping & Handling Awareness, Creativity vs Marketing, the Not-Doing of being an Artist, and continued personal explorations of navigating the end-times.
Stormy Weather 55: “Mutating Viral Entities.” Special Guest Lucinda Horan challenges Aeolus on the question of Ufos and alien abductions – covering secret psi-ops, initiation sorcery theater, faery phenomena, mutating viral entities, astral fragments, demons and succubi, kundalini rising, etc etc.
Stormy Weather 66: “The Perils of Identity Deconstruction.” AK and Lucinda Horan discuss the difference between paranoia and paranoid awareness and the necessity of opposing reality, belief as habit, mind viruses, life as a storyline, becoming consciously crazy as a way to become sane, the passivity of schizophrenia, morality as codified taste, adopting beliefs as a way to deconstruct the self.
Stormy Weather 77: “Postmodern Animism,” with synchromystic Jake Kotze on postmodern animism, the hidden archetypal patterns behind pop culture, the secret designs of the “influencing elite,” the global awakening to cosmic consciousness, 9/11 & mass initation through catastrophes.
Stormy Weather 88: “Dreams of the Artist.” Mr. McCoy comes clean about his Messiah complex and alien interactions. Also covered: the geometry of consciousness, Galactic Being and the mystery of matter, the thorny question of the “chosen few,” the role of solitary bees and avatars, and the inevitable redemption of the Nosferatu. High strangeness content.
Stormy Weather 99: “You’re Just Jealous Coz the Voices Only Talk to Me.” Synchromysticsm and the difference between animism and mysticism, the bicameral mind, the parallels (and differences) between schizophrenia and shamanic consciousness, and ways to open a dialogue with the environment and mine our day-to-day life for symbolic meanings.
Stormy Weather 1010: “Masonic Sorcerers Play Fair.” Gnosis as an antipode to belief and opinion, how not to get lost in the data-deluge of paranoid research. Alex Jones and David Icke as unwitting disinfo agents? Mysteries of dream life, movement of the assemblage point, ego transformation, lunar vs solar being, ET invasion as the ultimate manifestation of the Other, Grays as aspects of our collective Shadow.
Stormy Weather 1111: “The Secret Life of DNA,” As the crack between the worlds opens, year’s twilight arrives! A special Halloween broadcast for All Hallow’s Eve at the Witching Hour. A haunting crypt-side chat where AK reads from sorcerer’s handbook Homo Serpiens and explains the secret life of DNA as the goblins and witches lead the way for the saints and ancestors, and the multitudinous dead.
Stormy Weather 1212: “The Riddle of the Heart,” Talking with Eunice, Aeolus takes on Relationships,Romantic Love, Alchemical Marriage, emotional celibacy and tantric sex – and how to make the most of being single & turn the Whole Universe into your Dream Lover. Reincarnation, soul-mates, and Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Love (But Were Afraid to Ask).
Stormy Weather 1313: “Quantum Astrology,” with astrologer Lyn Birkbeck, on the historical and contemporary revolutionary influence of Pluto/Uranus/Saturn waves, last seen in the ’60s and in 2008/9, a new astrological paradigm, President Elect (Momma’s Boy) Barak Obama’s hidden agenda, Charles Manson and the 60s, and the Awakening of the collective Shadow.
Stormy Weather 1414: “The Delicate Primal,” Aeolus discusses the primacy of the primal experience, the two streams of sex and violence upon which civilization is founded, the rejection of the feminine by Judaism, Jehovah’s impotence, the question of sex with aliens and the Current 93, and the Masonic sorcerers’ biggest secret revealed!
Stormy Weather 1515: “Alchemical Libido,” with Mr. McCoy, on what it means to be primal, animal transformations, blood lust, unrefined masculine energies, the role of the sexes, the joys of sex and cooking, life after the libido, Jesus’s erection, stage fright, how to channel hormonal energy, Jesus’ sin of sins (and the masonic sorcerers secret recipe?), dreams of the anima, role-playing in sex, men-women relations.
Stormy Weather 1616: “Illuminati ‘R’ Us,” Aeolus offers up a Christmas Party Paranoid Podcast for Para-Political People on ways and ways to turn the Global Conspiracy to our advantage, free our imaginations from the mind-spell of Culture and weave our own narratives as sorcerers on the way from Consensus Reality to Galactic Consciousness, via the rainbow-razor bridge of Paranoid Awareness. Recommended.
Stormy Weather 1717: “The Great American Psycho,” with Phil Snyder, on the archetypal aspects of real-life psychopaths Henry Lee Lucas and Charles Manson, psy-ops and the “serial killer meme.” “The GAP is a kind of cross between Captain Ahab from Moby Dick and Wyle E. Coyote from the Roadrunner cartoons. He is in part our national heritage, the dark side of what the American environment creates.”
Stormy Weather 1818: “The Unwitting Sorcery of Adam Gorightly,” on Ufos, occult ritual, the overlap between Ufology, occultism, and conspiracy, the Chapel Perilous of paranoid awareness, Manson as patsy for a governmental psi-op to discredit the counterculture, directed energy weapons and the difference between “historical revisionism” and parapolitical research.
Stormy Weather 1919: “What’s Wrong with this Picture?” AK on the danger of prematurely connecting the dots of conspiracy, drawing erroneous pictures by following leads hidden by Masonic sorcerers, assisting with the revelation of the method, conspiracy theories around Eyes Wide Shut and Bohemian Grove, Masonic hoodwinking, the not-doing of sorcery, the emerging true elite, the alchemy of emotions.
Stormy Weather 2020: “Planting Heaven,” with filmmaker Jim Sanders (Nosis) on working together with the plant intelligences to open up undiscovered avenues of understanding and empowerment, paranoid awareness as a bridge between Consensus reality and galactic consciousness, fusing shamanic knowledge with technology, the coming global shift, omega point and the question of death toll.
Stormy Weather 2121: “Heading Towards Ecstasy,” with Jake Kotze, on gray aliens and inorganic beings as aspects of the Higher Self, the inevitability of projecting onto the Other, the ebb and flow of consciousness, crop-circle hunting in England, self-transformation through ritual, information vs. ideas, intellect and imagination, Jake’s LSD meltdown, premature identity loss, the joke of fear.
Stormy Weather 21.521.5: “Unraveling the Other,” part 2 with Jake Kotze on “madness” and gnosis, mind-made realities, being a carrier of the virus, synchromysticism and the goal of Zen, protection of the Spirit, difference between fear and awareness, the path of the warrior, the different faces of Apocalypse, cracking the shell of identity, gnosis momentum, using death as an advisor.
Stormy Weather 2222: “The Reader & the Red,” with Neil “the Cleaver” Kramer, on the polarization of consciousness, untruth vs. truth, NK’s megalith project, entheogens as a tool for self-awakening, AK’s experiences of salvia divinorum, the body toll, DMT flashes, the dangers of ego inflation, creative imagination when researching conspiracy, Robert Anton Wilson & gonzo occultism.
Stormy Weather 22.522.5: “Do Not Feed the Entities,” part 2 with Neil Kramer, on the bliss of surrender, the illusion of free will, the Richard Dawkins fallacy, the trap of the intellect, projection of the shadow, the formation of the ego in the species, planet Earth quarantine, 2012 shift, the only game in town, Atlantis and the fall of Man, Ahriman and Steiner, the old seers of Carlos Castaneda.
Stormy Weather 2323: “Hijackers of the Unconscious,” with Peter Levenda on animism & paranoid awareness, shamanic & mystic worldviews, religious control, Wilhelm Reich, mysticism for political control, MK-ULTRA and the power of the unconscious, the Nazis’ occult ideology, worldview warfare, the militarization of language, 9/11 as theater, the war on terror, blood sacrifice as fuel for god-forms.
Stormy Weather 23.523.5: “Blood Groups,” part 2 with Levenda, on Vampire gods, ancestral DNA & soul substance, Aleister Crowley & the Choronzon working, the 11th degree of the OTO, the occult properties of menstrual blood, male domination of the mysteries, old seers’ rejection of the female, transvestite shamans and blood-letting, the crossing of the abyss, the politics of insanity, a gnostic consensus.
Stormy Weather 2424: “Lunatic Tunes,” AK gives a free-associative alchemical dada blend of tunes, movie clips, and esoteric rambles, centering around the construction of labyrinthine identity patterns, the nature of the eschaton, and the war of Truth and untruth. With special appearances from John Wayne, Marlon Brando, Cary Grant, Humphrey Bopcat, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Tyler Durden, and an X-rated Elvis.
Stormy Weather 2525: “The Christian & the Gnostic,” with Vyzygoth, on Christian fundamentalists, Armageddon and Antichrist, gnosis vs faith, Ufo dreams, Barack Obama or the Pope as Ufo false prophet, God’s shadow, humanity as Satan, financial bloodletting in the end times, antichrist as the embodiment of the shadow, the fraud of the founding fathers, humanity as Job, fathoming the mind of Jehovah.
Stormy Weather 2626: “The Enjoyer of the Meal,” with Greg from Occult of Personality on the New Age movement, the riddle of David Icke, leaders and followers, male addiction to pornography, the old Irish electoral system, sex as a tool for gnosis and for enslavement, trolls and shills in the occult-ufo-parapolitical community, psi-operatives as meme-creators, the identity agenda vs. gnosis.
Stormy Weather 2727: “The Screaming Leprechaun and Other Tales of Everyday Gnosis,” with Chris Knowles, on superhero archetypes, Watchmen & simulated alien invasion, DNA & comic books, Jack Kirby, corporate religion’s Armageddon narrative, inner discovery vs. external revelation, projecting the shadow, Jung & flying saucers, X-Men & the Other, the end of the age of messiahs. Recommended.
Stormy Weather 27.527.5: “The Happening,” part 2 with Knowles, on myths as blueprints, living by synchronicity, identifying with archetypes, Jung, Stan Lee, Terence McKenna, Ufo as eschaton, the space program and space-born economy, the war on terror, alien pageants, government systems as experimental models, the dangers of exploring the occult realms, Jung & Crowley’s parallel streams of gnosis.
Stormy Weather 2828: “Generations of Trauma,” with Kevin Annett, on the secret genocide of Native Americans, residential schools, Christianity & the Roman empire, ideology of genocide, genetic memory, the demonic force in human history, story-telling as healing, the romanticization of the aboriginal people to steal their collective soul, humanity and the trials of Job, the quickening of evolution through crisis.
Stormy Weather 2929: “Sacred Horses,” with Henrik Palmgren, on psychology, the natural state of human beings pre-egoic consciousness, the building of the megaliths, the storehouse of genetic memory, the collective insanity of history, Jung and the psyche, genetic memory, conspiracy consciousness, 9/11, “the conspiracy that none dare name,” David Irving, the narrowing of the bandwidth of perception
Stormy Weather 3030: “Closing Time,” 2-hour special with the long-promised Sorcerers’ Revelation, the alternate perceptions community and conspiracy narratives, the matrix outside the matrix, occult knowledge as technology without manual, Tulpa creation, Masonic Sorcery Theater, Carlos Castaneda, the art of dreaming, the old seers & the thought forms of God. Recommended.
Stormy Weather 00: “Are We Our Vessels?” farewell to AK from the Aeoli. I can’t see the thing. Tonight everyone agrees. Nothing shall be done. This is Not a Podcast.


Selected Episodes from Warty Theorems: Pattern Recognition in the End Times

Warty Theorems MainWarty Theorems (aka Wormy Theaters, aka Rosewater Myth, etc) took up where Stormy Weather left off. It was a group undertaking and part of the “Gnosis Through Crisis” program of finding and mapping archetypal narratives hidden within personal histories, conducted at SWEDA, the Stormy Weather Existential Detection Agency, a private sphere of the Stormy Weather forum.

The show began on August 22 2009 and ended on March 21st 2010, after 30 episodes.
Warty Theorems 4ReHeat My Worst # 4: “Quantum Reciprocity,” with Mr. McCoy on bread and Spirit surviving as an artist, rejection, the virus of self-doubt, the value of feeling worthless, the fallacy of debt, letting go of the drive for success as the key to success, addiction, life as a flesh vessel, money as “the Big Issue,” being defined by status, learning to be in the world but not (so much) of the world.
Warty Theorems 5Meaty Throwers # 5: “Quantum Karma,” with Mr. McCoy, on collective karma, instant karma, poverty and money, giving energy as its own reward, how to get attention, how to learn not to care what others think (and what WE think) about us, McCoy’s unusual method of haircut, what Davie Bowie feels like, is there a way to be successful enough to avoid identity deconstruction, muscle memories.
Warty Theorems 15Threats, Ye Worm? # 15: “The ARChitects of the Second Matrix,” on SWEDA as a rehabilitation center of occultists, the splinter in the brain, Michael Tsarian, David Icke, Henrik Palmgren and Red Ice, information as entertainment, the burden of knowledge, exploring ideas vs. propagating beliefs, perception vs. projection, the psychology of prior investment, the Alternative Research Community.
Warty Theorems 16Oh Wrye Maestro # 16: “Living in the End Times,” with Ascension Nick on ordinary paranoia as a side-effect of increased awareness, the higher octave of terrorism, Joseph Chilton Pearce, Carlos Castaneda and the driving force for the warrior, the core paradox of sorcery & Neil Kramer’s missing pizza.
Warty Theorems 24We Stormy Hater # 24: “My Brother, My Keeper.” Juxtaposing Jason’s childhood experiences growing up with his brother, Sebastian Horsley (author of Dandy in the Underworld) with the revelations of Dave McGowan’s Programmed to Kill, the podcast looks at serial killers as military-programmed psychopaths & the everyday mechanics of mind control.
Warty Theorems 25My Rawest Other # 25: “The Lion & the Lamb.” Part 2 of Sebastian-Gate, false memory syndrome, the victim card, amnesia, Lucifer & the curse of the first-born, embodying archetypal energies, yin & yang, the absent father, the constructed identity, the original binary system, myths as maps of consciousness, how myth coagulates into personal history, reconciling the Christ-Lucifer conundrum.


Selected Episodes from Warts & Storms: More Theorems About the Weather

Warts & Storms MainWarts & Storms was the third season of podcasts after Stormy Weather and Warty Theorems and consisted of dialogues with the last of the SWEDA participants and several solo explorations by Jason Kephas. Due to the sudden and unexpected end of the Stormy Weather Detective Agency, the series terminated after only twelve episodes.

The show began on August 22, 2010 and ended on November 6th, 2010.
Warts & Storms 11: “Staring at Maps,” with Mark, Zach, and Gabriel, the deranging effects of the infinite, reading the mind as a map, looking outward to see what is within us, cyber whores and cyber viruses, holding a space for women, the battleground of personal love, the SWEDA experience.
Warts & Storms 44: “Man Without a Family,” with Zach, on not taking pain personally, inheriting family patterns, individuation vs. family, Jesus says Hate Thy Family, the hidden war, Sebastian Horsley’s book, secret family agreements, the social contract of enmeshment, crazy-making and the virus of dishonesty, cutting ties, energetic threads, the hidden war, reality management, why family = cover-up.
Warts & Storms 99: “The Energetic Nature of Enmeshment,” on soul loss and spirit possession, fragmentation of the psyche through trauma abuse, MKULTRA and sex slaves, psychic vampirism, the “flyer mind,” fragments and hungry ghosts, co-dependency, sexual relations, alien intelligence inside the matrix. (First half)


Shooting the Ghost: A Podcast About Men

Wild BunchThe focus of Shooting the Ghost was on filmmaker Sam Peckinpah, the legendary, scabrous, & self-destructive director, and by extension the themes of masculinity, mythology, initiation, generational wounding, male bonding, ritual space, creative expression & self-destructive urges, storytelling, movies as collective dreams, and the function of myth.

The show began on May 1st and ended August 22nd, 2009, after a total of 14 episodes.
Shooting The Ghost 11: “The Ghost of Sam Peckinpah.” An Introduction to Sam Peckinpah, legendary director of The Wild Bunch, boozer, womanizer, warrior, genius, psychopath, and lost soul – how an individual life intersects with both myth and history – the death of the old west, loss of innocence, estrangement from the ancestors and Nature.
Shooting The Ghost 32: “Who Created God?” The dangers of mother-bonding, the definition of tragedy, the price of fame, the power-play between men and women, Sam’s family patterns, the hero as psychopath, the need for father figures and role models, Peckinpah channels his demons into The Wild Bunch, the razor’s edge between shaman and psychopath.
  3: “Shamans in Denial.” Disowning the primal self, anger-management, the predatory structure of society, Peckinpah’s relationship with his father, a man out of time, the ancestors, the shamanic use of dreaming, the American dream and the disowned Shadow of White Man, the shaman within, the function of myth for survival and for gnosis.


Shooting the Ghost # 4

   Shooting the Ghost # 5

Shooting the Ghost # 6

Shooting the Ghost # 7

Shooting the Ghost # 8

  Shooting the Ghost # 9

Shooting the Ghost # 10

Shooting the Ghost # 11

Shooting the Ghost # 12

  Shooting the Ghost # 13

Shooting the Ghost # 14


Crucial Fictions: A Metaphorensics Laboratory

On May 1st 2013 the art installation website Crucial Fictions was created by Jasun Horsley & Lucinda Horan (a.k.a. Mrs Horsley) as a platform for airing the first part of Prisoner of Infinity. Each week a chapter was released in PDF form along with artwork and audio conversations (usually two mp3s) with unidentified participants, discussing Strieber and the material from that chapter.

The series ended in July 2013. The site was taken down in 2017 in preparation for the release of the Prisoner of Infinity book in 2018.

1. “The History of Trauma Repeating

2. “Seize the Trauma

3. “The Kingdom of the Liminal

4. “Sympathy for Strieber

5. “The Ardures of Atheism

6. “Space Is the Place

7. “Ray Kurtzweil’s Digital Dreams

8. “Prosthetic Gods

9. “The Unreliable Narrator

10. “Puer Aeternus

11. “Absent Dads

12. “Sisters of Mercy

13. “Straw Men (Strieber’s Intelligence Connections)

14. “The Human Factor

15. “A Dangerous Perspective

16. “The Author of His Own Experiences

17. “Trapped in the Closet

18. “Infinity the Prisoner

19. “Where’s the Toilet? (The Ultimate UFO Question)

20. “Magical Solutions

21.”Motherland & Overman (Pinning Butterflies)

22. “Lost Objects & Mind Deaths

23. “Writing Wrongs

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