Dark Oasis

A Self-Made Messiah Unveiled

‘Horsley’s painfully honest tale of devotion and deceit shows how cult logic can draw in pretty much anyone. It can happen to you.’ ~Douglas Rushkoff, author of Present Shock and Program or Be Programmed

No one who belongs to a cult believes they are in a cult. 

Most people who join cults are seeking freedom, truth, and happiness. They are trying to get free from the (mostly unacknowledged) cult-like nature of society. Desperate for spiritual orientation, they fall prey to the first charismatic guru who crosses their path and meets their emotional needs. 
Dark Oasis: A Self-Made Messiah Unveiled documents how the sincere search for meaning can cause us to mistake the allure of a mirage for a genuine oasis. It reveals how the desire for deliverance can lead to psychic servitude, loss of autonomy, and cult-like dependency.
Inspired by the author’s experiences with spiritual philosopher and self-proclaimed ‘living embodiment of truth’ John de Ruiter, Dark Oasis is an in-depth exploration of religious doctrine, language manipulation, and misplaced devotion. It provides informed inoculation against the many subtle forms of power abuse and exploitation found within the spiritual marketplace.


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