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Illuminations Never Come from the Crowned

Carbon Credit, New Reserve Currency, & the Oligarchic Green Lock-Step to a Post-Covid-19 World

Leaving Hell

A New Perspective on Trauma, Language, & Mind Control, & Restoring the Love Body of Humanity

White Male Edgeman

Liminality, Group Identities, and Authoritarianism Left & Right

Rewriting Global Culture

Jeffrey Epstein, Edge Foundation, MIT Media Lab, TED Talks, & the Biology Wizards

                        Testifying to Love

How Dave Oshana & the Enlightenment Transmission Allowed for an Experience of My Soul

            The Age of Advanced Incoherence

Transgender, Identity Politics & Identity Crisis

Answer to Jordan Peterson

If You Meet Jordan Peterson on the Road, Kill Him (JBP Series)

High-Road to Hell

Theodore Dalrymple & Progressive Politics as Perpetual Misery Machine

Scumbags and Superstars

Hollywood Predators & the Dark Side of Celebrity Culture

Vicious Circles, Angry Squares

Pedophilia, Scapegoating, Taboo, & Social Control (PDF)

Mind the Theory

History, Culture, & Language Thru a Liminal Looking Glass (PDF)

The World Itself

Exploring the Underworld of True Detective Season 2 (PDF)

Vast Regions from Nowhere

Paul Bowles, Unfathered Authors, Mother-Bonded Sons

Conspiracy Fact & Theory

Conspiracy Fact & Conspiracy Theory: Micro and macro investigations into social engineering and perception management
Social Engineering and Perception Management (PDF)

 Something About Stanley

There's Something About Stanley: Kubrick's Strange Science Of Obsession
Kubrick’s Strange Science Of Obsession

 Exploding the UFO Bottle

Trauma, Perception, & Belief, Towards a New Theory of Ufology

 The Disillusionist

New Spirituality, Stranger Than Science-Fiction (PDF)

 The Serpent’s Promise
The Shocking Truth About “Entheogens”

Consensual Perception

What Is Consensual Perception and How Can We Escape It?
What Is It and How Can We Escape It?

 Body Electric

Transhumanism, Sci-Fi Distopias, & Death Denial

Raskolnikov and the Peanut

Skywriters In Hades
Mirror Neurons & the Arcane Art of Writing

A Sorcerer’s Corner

A Sorcerer's Corner: Carlos Castaneda's Doomed Romance with Knowledge
Carlos Castaneda’s Doomed Romance with Knowledge

Thru a Fractured Glass, Darkly

The Facts in the Strange Case of Whitley Streiber.


Bailando sobre las ruinas


Bailando sobre las ruinas

historia desde espejo liminal


historia desde espejo liminal

Tu verdadero amigo imaginario


What Is Consensual Perception and How Can We Escape It?

El realismo de la magia negra

(“El Consejero”)

The Extinction Of Reality: The Counselor Reassessed

escritores del cielo en hades

escritura chamánica, las neuronas espejo, empatia, y la mente grupal

Skywriters In Hades

la promesa de la serpiente

la perturbadora verdad sobre los psicodélicos


juego serio:

el movimiento occupy y los cuernos gemelos de la opresión y la revolución

Serious Play

el patrón del oro:

bodas químicas y el viaje de cero distancia


los peces grandes

reseña de ‘the master’, la película de paul thomas anderson


criado por el ovni

trauma, percepcion, y creencia, una nueva teoria de ufologia




Mirror Neurons, Individuation Spellcraft, and the Art of Shamanic Writing, Longer version

Skywriters In Hades
Part 1 Part 2 PDF


Film Writings

A Critical Divide: Melodrama, Movie Violence, Taxi Driver, & Gregory Desilet

Critical Divide

The Extinction Of Reality

The Counselor Reassessed

The Extinction Of Reality: The Counselor Reassessed

Bigger Fish Are Harder to Fry:

Why The Master is only Two-Thirds of a Great Movie


The Alchemy of Individuation

In The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly
(from The Secret Life of Movies)

Good, Bad & The Ugly

Ghost of a Legend:

The Assassination of Jesse James


Heroic Indifference:

The Man With No Name, or A Guy Named Joe? (From The Blood Poets : A Cinema of Savagery 1958-1999)


Horsley on Hollywood:

Selected Writings on the Rule of the Mediocracy