The Liminalist # 80: An Anti-Human Ideology (with Recluse of VISUP)


Part one of a two-part conversation with alternate researcher Recluse, of VISUP, on how the Volusia Investigative Society on Unexplained Phenomena began, Recluse’s incorporeal dreaming, childhood & the paranormal, trauma & psychism, hallucinogens & aliens, LSD experiments on children, Ewen Cameron’s subjects, Project Pelican, Naval Intelligence & Bluebird, Morris Allen, Artichoke and MK-Ultra as separate programs, historical research versus conspiracy theory, organized malevolence, questioning whole-cloth conspiracy theory, Tavistock, conflicting factions, the Rockefellers and the New-Age movement, the CIA and Christian fundamentalism, social and cultural engineering, geopolitics, inter-dimensional control, the implicate order, a non-human element, a fundamental change in human psychology, controls through embedded ideology, ancient Greece and social psychology, taking the child to make the man, the keys of ideology, the new Satanism, New Age atheism, the denial of the power of archetypes, appealing to unconscious drives, the Satan archetype, Girard and the scapegoat mechanism, Lucifer as Prometheus, the cosmic rebel, conflating Lucifer and Satan, Neoliberalism & the rush to disassociation, the function of the archetypes, the toll of scientific rationalism, an anti-human ideology, a scientifically engineered society, denying the larger portion of human existence, blind to the natural world, moving towards digital existence.

VISUP blog.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion,” by SunWalker; “Black Rainbow,” by The Upsidedown; “Texaco,” by Blitzen Trapper.

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 80: An Anti-Human Ideology (with Recluse of VISUP)”

  1. Yeah really enjoyed you two dudes jamming , almost felt the life flowing back into Jasun as you effortlessly conversed , it cant be easy out on the fringes , how should i know ? .. Found myself recalling all the zombie satanists i have encountered this week , and all the behaviours i increasingly see around me that reflect exactly what you are talking about , its quite chilling really , thanks

  2. Thanks for this interview, I enjoyed listening.

    Jason I know I had already shared this with you, but I thought your guest and listeners might also be interested. It’s a book by a friend of mine who is a survivor of cult abuse and US CIA/Navy assassin programming.

    I will say that having known him for a number of years now I have seen his perspective about certain elements of his past and what he had been told about it by others shift on a number of occasions, especially after beginning to work with a therapist specializing in trauma and CPTSD. I think this version contains a section including some more recent updates perspectives.

    Nonetheless, the main elements of his life story remain unchanged. I would highly recommend this book along with his other written books and articles to anyone interested in these topics.

  3. (Small note: the above link to the VISUP blog doesn’t work because the linked address’s ‘.com’ is missing its ‘c’.)

  4. Great conversation. You two are some of the most hardcore writers of this murky world that I’ve been able to find online. Thanks!


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