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The Liminalist # 146.5: The One I Never Was, or: How to Avoid Archetypal Possession (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 6)

Final part of Chronicles of a False Awakening, on taking on a demon form, God coming all the way down, Matrix Warrior, true depression, running with Keanu, the place of euphoria, disappearing daily, Charles Upton on Lucifer, God’s knowledge of Himself as Other, the etiology of the ego, an impossible dream, levels of God, getting the idea of Matrix Warrior, publishing … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 146: For the Love of a Dog (Harry’s Game, Chronicles of a True Awakening Part 5)

Chronicles of a True Awakening (part 5), taking a psychic dump on my audience, a lucid crap scenario, a self-diagnosis, threads of shit, moving towards truth, why people take to religion, an external structure, summoning Lucifer, the danger of sacrifice, power of the fool, spiritual suicide, Satan’s well-earned reputation, Jake’s psychotic naiveté, alien minerals inside a meteorite, organized abuse, organized religion, father and brother, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 145.5: The Geometrics of Pain (with Guido Preparata)

Part two of a conversation with Guido Preparata, on what the ruling class get up to in secret, making the masses comfortable and soft, Masonic Lodges of articulation, a close connection to carnal laceration, MKULTRA and traumagenesis, looking at Whitley Strieber, confusion between enlightenment and empowerment, the politics of shock & awe, matrix revolution, Carl Jung: where’s the damage, Rudolph Steiner mishmash, Guido’s Catholicism, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 145: When Buried Phantasms Reign Supreme (with Guido Preparata)

Part one of a two-part conversation with Guido Preparata, on why conspiracy theory is  too important to leave to conspiracy theorists, the academic world, the myth of agency,  centers of power, the mechanized beehive, the class division, Alex Jones, insider knowledge and oaths, a sociological study of Jones, a custodianship of truth, an academic caste system, monks and universities, veneration of power over truth, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 144: The Sadness of a Fallen Angel (The Judgment of Jake, COAFA # 4)

Part four of “Chronicles of a False Awakening,” opening or closing to humanity, the moral of Jake’s story, the sadness of a fallen angel, archetypal language, the degradation of the metaphysical tradition, Unity denied, the judgment of Jake, seeking Trinity, Sebastian’s crucifixion, among the chimera, an archetypal dyad, managing annihilation anxiety, meeting Ram Dass, psychic vomit, Tyler Durden and Jack, a lawful kind of … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 143: Lucifer’s Ladder (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 3)

“Chronicles of a False Awakening,” part 3, on ceaseless pressure, Charles Upton’s System of Antichrist, intensity as the only measure in occultism, psychic and spiritual planes, when deterioration becomes deviation, the Lazarus experience, the Christ key, flying pyramids, Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind, the mothership, a poisoned womb, spaceships on the horizon, a Christian imprint, Neo as Antichrist, Satan as … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 142: Between a Rock & a Hard Place (Chronicles of a False Awakening, Part 2)

Part two of the Icarus Story (Chronicles of a False Awakening), Jasun explores his past, on hitting a wall, a secret chamber, a liminal space, the shifting sands of identification, an epic time, what a magician does, a reversion to type, the myth of Narcissus, animating a hungry ghost, the godhead speaks, falling under the spell of the One, riding the psychedelic wave, what’s … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 141: Icarus’s Story (Chronicles of a False Awakening # 1)

First in a new series of podcast explorations of the pseudo-awakening period of “being the One” (2000-2003), podcast update, the give & take of audience participation, books for 2018, saturation point, what is awakening?, examining the past, sticking to the facts, the purpose of being unenlightened, the splinter in the brain, premature answers, enlightenment or apotheosis, the life of the luminosity, Castaneda & Strieber … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 140: Letting the Other In (with Anonymous Italian)

Two-hour-plus return conversation with Anonymous Italian, on Prisoner of Infinity, Whitley’s “guardian,” the weathered boy, the Strieber spin, an old presence, history came out of him, nautical twilight, letting the other in, dream logic, the somnambulist spectrum, the most pure evil thing, after the encounter, exhaustion & dehydration, interpreting the experience, the Nazi connection, a transitional period, Strieber’s guardian via Donald Kalsched, the … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 139: The Land of the Wounded Father (with James Howard Kunstler)

Return conversation with James Howard Kunstler, on the wounded masculine, Transparent, messaging TV shows, the land of the wounded father, Psycho, Bates USA, the ideal family, whatever happened to Mr. Bates?, Ed Gein, Mind Hunters, the inception of profiling, Edward Kemper & matricide, possession by the mother’s psyche, the theme of the domineering mother in horror, Jim’s mother, a classic New … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 138.5: The Will to Cognitively Rule the World (with Branko Malić)

Part two of return conversation with Branko Malić, on the nature of eternity, what to do in a postmodern world, can we get away from narratives, what makes fictions crucial, sorting the seeds, sifting through the wreckage of postmodernist narratives, knowledge as a personal thing, knowing through identification, developing discernment, narratives as assertions of power, Foucault & voluntaryism, truth & social power, a forced … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 138: Forms of the Underworld (with Branko Malić)

Return conversation (part one of two) with Branko Malić of Kali Tribune, on Branko’s primary training in philosophy, synchronicity, Carl Jung’s influence, prevailing cultural narratives, Branko’s problem with Jung, Jung’s seminary on Thus Spake Zarathustra, Jung’s influence on the Alt-Right and postmodern Satanists, negation of metaphysics, archetypes, materialistic metaphysics, Schopenhauer on Fate, the being of beings, striving for Nirvana, explaining causality, ancient … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 137.5: Unlived lives (with Jessie Browne)

Part two of conversation with Jessie Browne, on an over-protective mother, an absent father, righteous anger, reenactment compulsion, an energy exchange, seasonal depression, a Martian rescue, Persephone’s need to be rescued, becoming whole, owning sexuality, separating from the mother, the competing pulls of parents, becoming autonomous, a psychic umbilical cord, a mission to please parents, unlived lives, tithing to parents, the child as mediator, … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 137: The Problem with Decent Society (with Jessie Browne)

First of a two-part conversation with Jessie Brown, on the auticulture banner, identifying as autistic, discovering sensitivity, reading body language, fear of bright lights, sunglasses after dark, birth memories, blogging, white guilt and white privilege, Rally the Right, living in the US, dealing with anger, how politically incorrect am I, ideological inception, rich person in a poor person’s body, a healthy way to express … Read the rest

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Liminalist Interlude: Soul-Mining (Jasun Horsley talks to William Ramsey about John de Ruiter)

An interview by William Ramsey on Dark Oasis: A Self-Made Messiah Unveiled, on Jasun’s life story so far, driven by a splinter, the shamanic path, connecting to Kenneth Grant, following Jimmy Savile through UK history, Peter Levenda, meeting John de Ruiter, first impressions of Oasis, bypassing the intellect, body to body communication, Oasis corporation, manifesting power and inducing reverence, a Yin being, manifesting … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 136: Enlightenment without Heart (with Tano)

Two-hour conversation with Tano of Enlightenment Myth, on Jed McKenna, the man behind the franchise, a mad run into truth, a mind-opening experience, the Invisible Guru forum, Kenneth McMordie, how self-realized beings behave, can a serial killer be self-realized, enlightenment without heart, surrogate states of enlightenment, 8 billion points of view, a self-verified state, animal personalities, animal nature, function and human nature, optimal … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 135: Allowing the Soul to Exist (Deconstructing Dave Oshana with Los Liminalistas)

Four-way conversation with Martin J., Chris S, and Frances H., discussing the 11/11 Dave Oshana meet, that thing he’s doing, allowing the soul to exist, a sense of nature, a quasi-religious group, meeting Dave without expectations, weird effects, reverse vampires, an attractive sense of self, like a hologram, sleeping through Dave’s class, letting go of mind-based identities, something indescribable, the Enlightenment Transmission, watching a … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 134.5: Loyal to the Lodge (with Ann Diamond)

Part two of return conversation with Ann Diamond, on Leonard Cohen’s family connections to organized crime, McGill and Fabians, the Sabbatai Zvi cult, Kabbala and Judaism, Lyndon LaRouche, identifying the causes, conspiratainment and the second matrix, a wealth of disinfo, Hollywood pedophilia, Kevin Spacey & scapegoating, the drive to be a somebody, celebrity worship & tobacco addiction, double bind situations, a core of ritual … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 134: Comparative Mythologies (Leonard Cohen’s Deep Background, with Ann Diamond)

Part one of a return conversation with Ann Diamond, on the second part of her Leonard Cohen book, Jasun’s book about John de Ruiter, being entwined with one’s subject, working towards forgiveness, Leonard Cohen celebration month, a Silvia Symmonds event, Cohen wall murals and Masonic hand signals, hero worship & scapegoating, Hollywood pedophilia, erasing Kevin Spacey, a systemic reaction, removing the “bad apples,” comply … Read the rest

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The Liminalist # 133: Living Inside an Invisible Control System (from 4th Liminalista Live Meet-Up)

Highlights from fourth live video meet-up, with Martin J, Nick Kalani, Jeff Gentry, and Chris S., on self-censoring, being trapped on the Internet, fear of exposure, echoes in eternity, what are the consequences of being seen and heard, talking around trauma, subject to a malicious force, aspects of conflict, a perceived enemy, being vulnerable as a form of revolt,  smooth-faced columns of culture, holding … Read the rest

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