The Liminalist # 93: The Gatekeepers of Consciousness (with Gary Heidt)


Return conversation with Gary Heidt, on censored conversation, external & internal filters, the dangers of public testimony, how is reality constructed, the question of credibility, why male survivors don’t speak out, a motif among drag queens, suffering as identity, military culture, sex as power, language as penetration, dictating narratives & child-raising, imaginary friends, Gary’s automatic writing, improvisation & the forbidden, the burden of unconsciousness, the pressure of content, different reality keys, incompatible identities, Gary’s NASA childhood, South of Houston, Boys for Sale, alpha male oil industry men, Prussia-based university culture, Columbia Uni as CIA training ground, Whitley Strieber, mysticism, & space culture, Nazi flying saucer pilots, technological rape, a wormhole in the psyche, interstellar rape adventures, a hidden Nazi identity, a quarantine in consciousness, antithetical identities, alcohol & the ancestors, betrayal trauma, poison containers, Freemasonry & alcohol, a bearer of shame, an internal site of control, astronauts, Freemasons, & child abuse, Empire’s propaganda & Fake News, the path of right-thinking, the New York Times’ purple propaganda, the gatekeepers of consciousness, Lori Handrahan & the US as no. 1 producer of child porn, Pentagon porn, secret societies, child rape, & psychic fragmentation, Alefantis & Comet Ping-Pong, the constructed narrative of #Pizzagate.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Unfinished Bird,” by Fist of Kindness; “Baron in the Trees,” by Big Blood.

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 93: The Gatekeepers of Consciousness (with Gary Heidt)”

  1. An example of a falsehood promoted through the video “Boys For Sale” can be found on page 137 of the “Protection of Children Against Sexual Exploitation” hearings in Illinois, 1977.
    From the Chicago Tribune: “Dallas police told Sgt. Ronald Kelly, head of the Area 6 youth division, that they have information associating Norman with the ring that.helped transport to Texas the 27 boys murdered in Houston in 1973 in a widely publicized sex and sadism case. That case involved Dean Corll…”

    But all of Corll’s victims were local to Texas – in fact many of them were from the same Houston area neighborhood. None of Corll’s victims were “transported to Texas”, not by John Norman’s imaginary “just call, we’ll deliver” boy prostitution service, nor by anyone else. Furthermore, none of Corll’s victims were male prostitutes. Neither were any of them child pornography models, or runaways, despite unsupported claims that persist all over the internet. All of Corll’s tragic victims were quite ordinary, typical boys of their time & place, and the many attempts since 1973 to misrepresent them in aid of some agenda is offensively disrespectful of their memory.

    There were never trash bins full of dead boys bodies, in Houston.

    • Could it be that there is an inaccuracy in the “Boys for Sale” video? There could be some, it is impossible to know for sure. I’m really not sure what ‘You Know Who’ is trying to say or what the point is. My point was that in the oil business there were, in the 80’s, and probably still are, a lot of “manly men” who liked to use young boys for rough sex, and that this is a big part of Houston culture. Perhaps Tom Philpott didn’t get every detail right (if indeed he was wrong about some details, he got his information from the boys he talked to, and it still represents their lived reality.) It’s sad that he was murdered for the little truth he did manage to get out there (although officially, he killed himself by wrapping cellophane around his head.)

      I also deplore the tendency of the press to call all victims of child rape “hustlers” or “boy prostitutes” and I think it speaks to a normalizing bias (i.e. if a boy is a victim of this kind of crime, he must have been somehow to blame.)

      Here’s another point of view on the subject. You can find various articles about Bill List, because he was murdered by one of his victims, but most of the people who did this kind of thing got away with it and aren’t memorialized in the press.

      • After I responded to ‘You Know Who,’ I found that the same person had written me a personal harassing email under the pseudonym “Robert Dobbson” which was similarly obsessed with this Corll perp (a case I’m not familiar with) and was written in that kind of troll-rage style with a few personal insults thrown in. He pretended to be defending the honor of victims of sexual violence in attacking me.

        First of all, the choice of the name ‘You Know Who’ is intentionally creepy.

        Second, how do you stand up for the victims of sexual murder by insisting they remain forgotten?

        Third, it’s as if Jasun had done an oral history with a Black Southerner during Jim Crow, who said, “All I know is, black people were being lynched a lot,” and someone flies into a rage saying, “You don’t know anything! Those Jackson boys were killed by shooting, not by hanging!” when the interviewee didn’t say anything about the Jackson boys at all. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

        It’s clear to me that ‘You Know Who’ is trying to be intimidating precisely by making no sense at all. It’s just the rage that comes across. And who is he? I don’t really want to know. I suspect he feels it is important to attack me personally in order to silence me. And that brings us back to the opening of this podcast, which is that it’s important to be able to talk about these things.

        It’s also important to eventually achieve historical accuracy. Now if someone wants to call details into question, that’s great. Insults are not necessary. Let’s bring the shadowy history of child abuse in Houston to light and do what little justice we can to the victims. But the people who were involved are all only going to have a small part of the story. No one is going to have a completely accurate picture, and in any case, all you really have are various stories.

  2. I don’t think You Know Who was actually attacking tho it;s hard to tell and they did start by pointing to a falsehood, which does set the tone. But it’s almost certainly not the same person who attacked you via email, as I blocked them from this blog. Always best to inquire first when feeling like one might be under attack; the aim is to get us so reactive that we generate attacks out of thin air. Saves the sock puppets a lot of work..

    • The thing is, I looked up this Corll they’re talking about, and he has nothing at all to do with what I was talking about. This is a serial killer who happened to live in Houston in the seventies; I’m talking about something else. Tom Philpott isn’t talking about Corll in Boys for Sale. They’re just muddying the waters for some reason.

      I do think it’s the same person though, because these comments about Corll, who we didn’t discuss and who has nothing to do with our conversation, both popped up roughly simultaneously, and both messages use this reference in about the same way. If it’s not the same person they are in communication in some way, because there’s no reason to connect Corll to our discussion.

  3. Yeah there is a Pizza meme in the seminal Rolf de Heer film ” Bad Boy Bubby ” , a film which got a standing ovation at the Venice film festival about a dude who is raised confined to the house and repeatedly raped by his brutal mother . She convinces him the outside air is poisoned and he musnt leave , although eventually he escapes to become a rock star , a serial killer and a loving husband and father . It really is the high water mark of Australian Cinema ..

    Listening to Gary speak of child abusing , alien worshipping Nazis in the deep south , obviously operation paperclip comes to mind as does Spenglers outline of the Faustian Teutonic spirit and its desire for limitless space in ” decline of the west “.
    Good on you lads


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