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“Anything Jasun Horsley writes compels me to an uncanny degree; the stakes feel enormous. He exemplifies a mind grappling to the very edge of itself and to the edge of collective human experience simultaneously. Language, in his hands, seems pressured into use as spacecraft into unknown territory.”
~Jonathan Lethem, author of Chronic City

“Dynamite with a laser beam. An original, independent Autistic scholar. . . He has a very progressive way of thinking. Not extremist, but very advanced for his time.”
~Furor Gedrenicus

Auticulture is an ongoing exploration of liminality and the interface between the human psyche, society, and culture. My primary focus is on connecting to others on a similar quest for meaning, sharing data and deepening our shared experience of reality.

The specifics typically (if non-volitionally) involve some of the more problematic and contentious (non-consensual) aspects of culture, society, and human existence, aspects such as spirituality, organized child sexual abuse, psycho-social & cultural engineering, parapolitics, trauma, autism, transgender & identity politics, and occultism.

This is how one reviewer (Sidney Blackwood) described my output:

Horsley is very much a writer for our postmodern times. His own personal journey is most interesting, from liberal establishment dilettante second son and heir to wandering seeker and  sorcerer of the psychic realms to grounded parapolitical, parapsychological and sociological critic of the most dangerous kind. Horsley fearlessly deconstructs all the “crucial fictions” of life in the transnational corporate state, including the deconstructionists themselves.

Among the shifting sands of the Nietzschean abyss in which our culture finds itself, Horsley outlines the carefully engineered cultural patterns which inform the multi layered matrices of unreality in which we all live and move and have our  traumatised being. By slowly deconstructing the shadow structures of various nefarious contemporary devices the reader is as gently as possible bought to the realisation and recognition of the webs in which we are all somewhat uncomfortably enmeshed.

“Encountering myself wandering in your labyrinth before it was even constructed has been disconcerting, unnerving—-a plunge into the state of mise en abym, even—-and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. . .”
~Jonathan Lethem, afterword to Seen & Not Seen

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About Auticulture

What is Auticulture?

Like everything else in my life and output, the meaning is constantly shifting and mutating in unexpected ways. This is how I originally meant it:

Auto: meaning “self,” “same,” “spontaneous,” e.g. autonomous.

Culture: a particular stage of civilization; development or improvement of the mind by education or training; the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular group; the sum total of ways of living transmitted from one generation to another; the cultivation of microorganisms

The term auticulture is a deliberate oxymoron, because culture entails a collective body (developing over time) where auto signifies an individual self acting spontaneously (or even self-as-spontaneous action?). The autos (micro-organism) which cannot shape itself to match the dominant culture must create its own culture in order to survive, and flourish. In a word, auticulture.

However, in 2018, now that identity politics have completely and irrevocably jumped the shark, I realized that the term auticulture might also be a sort of prophetic diagnosis, a culture overrun with autodidacts, autocrats and ideologues, in which every-wo-man is an island unto zhe-self.

Not the way I meant it, but that’s OK, I am a diagnostician who loves paradoxes.