Jasun Horsley

About Jake Horsley, Jason Horsley, Jason Kephas, Aeolus KephasOver the past forty years, I have drawn doodles and comic books, written screenplays, books and articles, made short films and podcasts, and performed my own songs. Many of these are available on the Internet.

The common drive behind all this activity is the desire to bring my inner experience to the outside and make sense of it. By communicating it to others, I have somewhat reduced my feelings of alienation. That’s why I hit on the term AUTICULTURE to sum up what I do.

I see autism as closely related to self-expression, which is perhaps why more and more artists are being identified as on the spectrum (often posthumously).

My experience of autism is a continuous seeking for a signal in the noise; a feeling of alienation and estrangement, of always being potentially at sea in an ocean of data, inner and outer. As a child, like many autistics, I learned to channel these traits into creativity. I think this is far more common than most people realize.

I see creativity, spirituality, and the autistic experience (in its purest form) as synonymous: a going inward in order to make sense of what’s outside — and vice versa. This has always been my aim, and it’s the one common theme throughout all of my work. But you have to look for it.


“Encountering myself wandering in your labyrinth before it was even constructed has been disconcerting, unnerving—-a plunge into the state of mise en abym, even—-and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. . .”
~Jonathan Lethem, afterword to Seen & Not Seen

“Dynamite with a laser beam. An original, independent Autistic scholar. . . He has a very progressive way of thinking. Not extremist, but very advanced for his time.”
~Furor Gedrenicus