16 Maps of Hell Table of Contents

Author’s Foreword. 

Book One: A Dark-Adapted Eye: Propaganda, a.ka., Script Development. 

Introduction the First:  Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Chronic Fantasy Syndrome/A Town of Confabulators

Hollywood Secret Society

Chapter One: Wonder Boys (Attention Harvesting). 

Island of Lost Toys: Case Study # 1: Robert Downey, Jr. & Stagedoor Manor. 

From Crash & Burn Victim to Holder of “the Right Stuff”. 

Hollywood Harvest. 

Nicholson’s Warning. 

Case Study # 2, Heath Ledger and the Curse of the Joker. 

Actors, Doppelgangers, Sacrificial Vessels. 


Chapter Two: The Bad and the Beautiful (Parasocial Relations & Tulpas). 

Dark Aurora Rising. 

An Ideological Informational Divide. 

Butterfly Child: Case Study # 3, Natalie Wood & Kirk Douglas.

Parasocial Interactions. 

Tom Waits for No Man. 

Imaginal Architects. 


Chapter Three: Conspiracy Theory (Schismogenesis, Sociological Propaganda, Secret Societies). 

A False Dichotomy (What Some Call Conspiracy).


Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. 

The World-Psyche as Split in the Soul 

Hollywood Conspiracy: Just the Facts. 

The Science of Cultural Propaganda/Secret Societies & Political Organization. 


Chapter Four: Touch of Evil (Social Cryptomnesia & Disinformation). 

Case Study # 4: David Fincher, Fast & Loose with the Facts. 

The Thin End of Hollywood Hypocrisy. 

Making Movie Myths around Organized Crime. 

Lifetime Actors. 

In the Doghouse (Case study # 5: Bill Mechanic). 

Minority Influence & Spectator Sport. 


Book Two: Inside the Videodrome: Casting (a.k.a. Army Training). 

Introduction the Second: Devil’s Advocate. 

2001: Depp Background (My Second Trip to Hollywood). 

2001-2003: Don’t Let The Matrix Tell You Who You Are. 


Chapter Five: The Streisand Effect (Controlling the Narrative). 

Managing Information: National Enquirer & the CIA. 

Keeping Back the Lizard People: Case Study # 6, Barbra Streisand. 

The Killing of the Sacred Deer. 

Method Seduction Skills. 

A Monster Curve. 

Lurid Nonfiction Vs. Believable Fiction: When Competing Narratives Collide. 


Chapter Six: Sweet Smell of Success (Taboo Breakers & Power Brokers). 

Homosexuality in Hollywood (David Geffen, Barry Diller, Howard Rosenman). 

Case Study # 7: The Fall of Mike Ovitz. 

Case Study # 8: Bryan Singer, Usual Suspect. 

Case Study # 9: Gary Goddard. 

Homophobia & Heterophobia. 

The Bro Code. 


Chapter Seven: Swimming with Sharks (Operant Conditioning, Sexual Abuse & Applied Trauma). 

Hollywood House of Cards: Case Study # 10, Jeffrey Epstein. 

A Mirrored Fun House: Case Study # 11, Harvey Weinstein/George Clooney/Kevin Spacey. 

An Unseen Iceberg & Invisible Tipping Point (Homosexuality, Hebephilia, Pedophilia, What’s the Diff?)  

Elite Hollywood Pedophiles Control America—Or Someone Wants Us to Think They Do. 

The Ambiguity of Complicity: Case Study # 12, Michael Jackson. 

The Lost Boys, or, Let’s Talk About Love. 


Chapter Eight:  The Insider (False Ceremony Masters & Lifetime Actors). 

Kindly Patriarchs or Traditional Terrorists. 

Field Commander Cohen: Just the Facts. 

Ewen Cameron & MKULTRA.

Deep Background. 

An Alibi for Something Nobody’s Ever Been Able to Talk About. 

Closing Time (A Secret Covenant). 


Book Three: The Wages of Fear: Warfare (a.k.a. Production). 

Introduction the Third: The Pledge. 

2006-7: A Grand Dark Emptiness. 

A Dream within a Dream.


Chapter Nine: Sorcerer (Psychological Ground Warfare). 

Conspiracy by Any Other Name. 

The Comfort of Darkness: Case Study # 14: William Friedkin. 

Catholic Psyop: Case Study # 15, William Peter Blatty. 

The Paul Bateson Bag Murders. 

What Cannot be Concealed: Case Study # 16, Marina Abramović’s Blood Puddings. 

The Untouchables. 


Chapter Ten: The Dead Zone (Latah, Mimesis, & Weaponized Superstition). 

Stalin’s Pet Chicken. 

Psychological Operations Field Manuals. 

Atlanta Murders: Serial Killings as Psyop?

Trojan TV Shows & COINTELPRO.

Selling Satan. 

The Dialectic of Trauma. 


Chapter Eleven: The Man Who Would Be King (The Crowning of Creative Criminal Class). 

An Underground History of “The New Hollywood” (Roger Corman & AIP). 

The Boy from Neptune: Case Study # 17, Jack Nicholson. 

Hollywood Incest: Case Study # 18, George Hodel 

All Mobbed Up: Case Study # 19, Robert Evans & the Kingmakers. 

Jinxed: Robert Evans Comes Bottom Up with The Cotton Club

Hollywood’s Hall of Mirrors. 


Chapter Twelve: The Man Who Knew Too Much (Hollywood’s Dark Misogyny & the Secret Drive of “Genius”)  

Case Study # 20: The Divided Consciousness of Roman Polanski 

High-Level Confabulations. 

Hollywood Sex Cult Brings Disaster on Itself! (Manson: The Counter-Narrative). 

Hollywood Drug Deal Goes Horribly Wrong!

Torture the Women (A Shadow over Hollywood). 

Not a Love Story. 


Book Four: Eyes without a Face: Colonization (a.k.a. Distribution). 

Introduction the Fourth: The Hunted. 


Queen of Drama: Case Study # 21, Billie Whitelaw.


Chapter Thirteen: Cul-de-Sac (Marketing Childhood Revenge Fantasies to Abuse Victims). 

What It Takes to Make It in Hollywood. 

Impenetrable Screens & the Bid for Invulnerability. 

Violent Quests for Identity. 

Propaganda Machine. 

Voluntary Symbiosis. 

A New Order of Attachment: Dream Catchers & Child Catchers. 


Chapter Fourteen: They Live (Narrative Transportation & the Science of Übermensch). 

Masters & Slaves. 

The New One Percent: Tomorrow’s Superheroes (The Science and Entertainment Exchange). 

The Overmen. 

America’s Inner Empire. 

The Expendables. 

Brains in a Movie Vat. 


Chapter Fifteen: Maps to the Stars (The Architecture of Collective Regression + a Way Out). 

Reigning in Hell: Case Study # 22, J. Michael Straczynski 

The Hostile Takeover of Childhood. 

Vehicles of Longing. 

Cryptocracy Coming Out Party. 

Digital Apocalypse. 

Invisible Constellations & Participatory Democracy. 


Chapter Sixteen: This Must be the Place. 

Popcorn & Circuses. 

Case Study # 23, David Lynch’s Toilet to Eternity (A Last Look at the Dark Side?). 

Cultural Traps & Organic Cheese. 

The Book I Read (and You Too): Case Study # 24, David Byrne. 

It’s (Not) Love. 

Band on Fire.