Neurodiversity Quiz

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    Have you had any unusual perceptions, visual, auditory, sensory, or other?

    All the timeOftenSometimesOnce or twiceNever

    How would you describe your internal sense of right and wrong?


    Do you receive impressions that influence your actions which you cannot describe in words?

    All the timeFrequentlySometimesRarelyNever

    You are immersed in activity in a public place and suddenly notice that some acquaintances have been calling to you for who knows how long. It’s as if you were in another world. You find this experience:


    You are pondering a personal problem when you overhear words (on TV, or people talking) that seem to offer a solution. Do you find this experience:


    It’s your birthday and you notice a car license plate with your date of birth on it. Do you find the experience:


    You are shopping at a market and become transfixed by the colors, sounds, and smells around you. Is the experience:


    You come out of a movie and run into some friends from work. They persuade you to join them for a drink though you’d rather go home. Is the experience likely to be:


    You have just moved into a new apartment and the neighbors invite themselves over. They stay for a long time, engaging you in small talk. How do you feel?


    You recently suffered a bereavement and you run into someone you dislike at the supermarket. They express sympathy and try to engage you in conversation. Do you:

    Keep walkingMake a sincere effort to connect to themGive a shallow display of listening and wait it outUse the opportunity to express your feelingsAsk them frankly to leave you alone

    You are at thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Do you:

    Keep quiet and observeTake the first opportunity to be alone (watch TV, go to the garden)Try to be helpfulDo your best to be interesting and “hold your own”Find someone you like to have a more intimate conversation

    When do you feel most at home?

    AloneWith a close friend or partnerIn a groupIn nature/with animalsNever

    When do you feel most at home 2?



    What’s your experience of autism?

    I am autisticI have close friends/relations who are autistic.I have worked with/met autisticsI have done my own researchI’ve picked up bits & pieces from mainstream media and hearsay.

    How do you understand autism?

    As a spiritual gift.As an alternate experience and way of perceiving.As a behavioral disorder.As a learning disability.As a mental illness.

    If you have met people on “the spectrum,” how would you describe them?

    Specially gifted/blessedEccentric/mysteriousDisturbedIsolatedCursed

    Do you consider yourself to be on the spectrum?

    Yes, I am diagnosedYes, self-diagnosedI am starting to suspect itNoI’d rather not say

    If you would like to share more, please answer these questions in your own words:

    Do you sometimes feel like you belong to a different species? What’s it like?

    What’s most difficult for you about adapting to new social environments?

    Have you felt intrinsically connected to someone without knowing why? What was it like?

    How big of a role does the feeling of loneliness play in your life?

    Do you feel that your body language makes you stand out? In what ways?

    In an intimate relationship, how difficult is it to communicate your experience/understand that of the other? What’s it like?

    Is there a connection between your perception and your spiritual life? Describe.

    Do you suspect or know about any unusual traumas in your past?

    What's your past & current drug intake (including meds, alcohol, coffee, tobacco, etc)?

    Do you listen regularly to The Liminalist podcast and/or read the Auticulture blog?

    If so, can you sum up what you like about it/what you have gained from it?

    Would you be interested in recording a conversation for possible airing on the podcast?

    If the answer is yes, and if you also habitually consume any drugs, would you be willing to abstain for one week preceding the conversation?

    How did you come across

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