Auticulture & the Neural Revolutions

Jasun Horusly is collating data for new book project. Share your experiences of extra-consensual perceptions.

Autism is a mystery that electrifies and divides people, polarizing public opinion. Is it the result of brain damage or divine grace? Auticulture will be the definitive “alternative” text on the social, psychological, and spiritual significance of autism and neurodiversity.

There are an immeasurable number of “sleeper agents” out there. We know we’re different but not how or why or what to do about it. I am writing this book to answer that question, both for myself and for others. Autism is like the splinter in Neo’s brain: it comes in varying sizes, and the size of the splinter determines how well we can function in the Matrix of neurotypical society. Writing this book is an opportunity to explore my own nature within the larger context of human neurodiversity, and that of consciousness at large.

If you feel you have something to contribute to this project, contact me at

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