BONUS WEEK in MEXICO with Rushkoff, Pinchbeck & Davis


I will be speaking at Bonus Creative Week in Mexico City, on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2013, the last slot of the day, and apparently of the whole program (maybe due to my being a last minute addition to the cast).

Douglas Rushkoff and Erik Davis will be there too, and I just found out that I will be part of a discussion panel with these two cyber-giants, as well as Daniel Pinchbeck (who opens the program on the 8th) and Francisco Gómez Mont. The discussion will be on Nov 8th, day one, and about “Culture as an Operating System.”

I was really happy to be invited by my Pijama Surf amigos, especially since I always enjoy spending time in Mexico.

Here’s what I wrote for my presentation. I actually haven’t decided (or “received”!?) what I will be speaking about, since I want to get a feel of the place and people first. I also find that inspiration flows better when I am not overly prepared.

The Smallest Particle In Creation

What if you were infected by a pathogen that interfered with your ability to distinguish the real from the unreal?

To be cultured means to be infiltrated by external forces and turned into a host. Is that really what you want?

Could the End of Culture be a Good Thing?

Am I talking to you? You’re the only one here.

Culture is a viral infection that comes between the signal inside you and the world outside, that prevents the two from becoming one.

Culture is predicated on the reification, deification, and defecation of concepts. Like a virtual economy divorced from the gold standard—it’s only make-believe.

Authenticity is like raw gold in a crumbling economy: almost entirely unknown and seemingly redundant, the forgotten determinant of true value, the standard against which everything else is measured.

It is the smallest particle that cannot die, that is of lasting value.