The Liminalist # 61.5: The Noetic Transformation Template (with Robin S. Eubanks)

noetic template

Part two of interview with Robin S. Eubanks, on conspiracy culture, Robin’s three-tap rule, why conspiracy is the wrong word, the nerves of government, when facts don’t change anything, the levers of government, a coordinated vision, outlawing conspiracy theory in the UK, institutional abuse revelations, sexualizing children for social engineering, the noetic transformation template, Willis Harman & SRI, Changing Images of Man, Bellagio Center & the Rockefellers, backward mapping, human development & the internet, computer game visuals and motivational beliefs, planning a society around data, Obama’s first executive order on open data, CDI, ideological ways to see the world, creating the Borg, education and work force development, BRAIN Initiative, a spiritual memeplex, Edgar Mitchell & the Overview Effect, Planet Under Pressure conference, the Belmont Challenge, Steven Sterling, Ken Wilber, the Hewlett Foundation, the new three R’s, General Evolutionary Research Group, forcing cultural change, NASA & scenario planning, foresight knowledge, seeding desires, Robin’s Illuminati Project, neurological hijacking as education, sunlight is the best disinfect, the colonization of our interiority, creating AI through human consciousness, how to program human beings, Edutopia, a goal-setting system, competency-based education, systems thinking and federal law, the black hole of transhumanism, do the fiction makers believe their fictions, legally mandating mindfulness, getting them while they’re young, deep learning, the cybernetic component, competency template, reading ability as vaccination, how Scandinavia paves the way, the learning society vision, the new totalitarians, study circles, Steiner’s Waldorf schools, applying understanding, school shootings and behavioral-science-based education, breaking the trust of students, using liminality for control, false ceremony masters, introducing cognitive dissonance, what is it about Scandinavia, technology and prosperity, the Fabian society & Marx, Marx’s true vision.

Songs: “El Mariachi”  & “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “Codeine Arms” by Eilen Jewell; “Save My Soul” by Cullah

9 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 61.5: The Noetic Transformation Template (with Robin S. Eubanks)”

  1. Unrelated to this podcast which I will listen to tonight but…

    Just had an aha moment re: Jasun. Just interchange the s and the n and you’ve got Janus.

    From professor Mayernik’s video lecture on the meaning of Rome: “Janus was a two-faced god. Janus had a face facing both forward and back. He was a god of boundaries, he was a god of beginnings. So you find images of Janus at bridges, points of transition, at gateways.

    He was an Etruscan of the liminal state!

  2. Thanks again Robin , the part about the shooters having been ” common cored” really blew me away , if youll pardon the sick pun.
    I had my humanities university teacher tell me to stop using ” big words ” and ” wordy english ” recently . She then directed me to the relevant newspeak chapter in the corporate approved textbook . She then remonstrated about my reflective ability , declaring that i didnt have enough unanswered questions , feelings , and questions with multiple answers . This reflective business seems to be one of the main bear pits in which they are seeking to cast people, and indeed it feels invasive and confusing , and one is graded much higher if one is mightily confused with no answers or multiple contradicting answers . Overall its worth 20% of the unit mark .
    Starting to suspect ” humanities ” might be something of an oxymoryon.

  3. I am grateful to Robin for doing this podcast, and all her work, and that I can do my little bit to help amplify her signal. That said, I found it uncomfortable to listen back, because of my own lack of presence as an interviewer: being accustomed to loose dialogues and unable to grasp a lot of what Robin was saying at first hearing (due to its newness), I didn’t have a natural, embodied response to most of it, or to her. So these podcasts are somewhat of a departure. Just FYI.

  4. I enjoyed this interview, thank you. Not that it wasn’t disturbing in what it uncovered, but in that it provides a framework for the changes we are seeing rolled out in education. Training the next generation to perform well (or at least remain useful and easy to control) in the technotronic era I suppose. On that note, Patrick Wood’s research on Technocracy would make a good addition to this information, for those who are unfamiliar. I disagree with his views on certain issues such as the reality of climate change, but his research into Technocracy is quite solid IMO.

  5. The false ceremonial master stuff you were talking about at the end is exactly “order out of chaos”. mirabeau During the french revolution really embraced that concept.

    “But do you think the nation knows what it wants? It is a large flock, that is intent only upon grazing, and with good dogs the sheperds may lead as they like. No, my friend, neither your old regime, your religion, your manners, nor your antique prejudices, merit that we should pay attention to them; the whole is a disgrace to the present age, and must give way to a new plan” -mirabeau.

    Same shit different day lmao.


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