The Liminalist # 80.5: An Immanent Conspiracy (with VISUP)


Part two of a conversation with VISUP on the dissociative drive, transhumanism and religion, original trauma of transferring from spirit to matter, Satanism old and new, false memory syndrome, denial of the unconscious, legitimizing child abuse, cycles of abuse, cycles of belief, Islamic networks, binary opposition and liminality, no end goal of the elite, keeping us triggered, the abolition of allegory, literalization and relativism both leading to absurdity, the involuntary possession of the elite, the unreality of groups, elite as aspect of the human collective, aspiring to the elite, creating cultural leaders through trauma, Terminator identities, the Final Solution & bureaucratic insanity, unconscious rage and conscious rationales, scientific rationalism as cruelty, divorcing science from Soul, and internal moral compass, the toll of psychedelics, the database of the past, unintended consequences of our decisions, a glimmer of wisdom, moving past pathological drives, ideological poisons, sorting the seeds of experience, an immanent conspiracy, seeking the day of enlightenment, integrating the poisons, depression as a processing period, letting the dream die, coming-of-age, VISUP’s breakdown for breakthrough, introducing the subjective voice, the value of the personal, VISUP’s Freemason ancestry, a Masonic ring, ancestral lines and intergenerational abuse, ancestral possession, the sum of our ancestors, VISUP’s father and military intelligence, stationed in Maryland, parental secrets, waiting till parents die, Five Easy Pieces, a one-sided conversation, the father as model, the son as mirror.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” and “Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “1984,” by The Deserteurs.

4 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 80.5: An Immanent Conspiracy (with VISUP)”

  1. Enjoyed this conversation … partly because it was just plain good, but also partly because I seem to share similar patterns with the guest.

    — Father was in the military
    — Grandfather was a freemason (and if not in the KKK, he was sympathetic to their ways … used words like “nigger” and “kike” as part of his normal lexicon around the house)
    — don’t share the same birthday as Grandfather but share same name
    — complete psychological breakdown in my early twenties (within weeks after Grandfather dying) which led to a period of reclusiveness
    — trouble with having open and honest conversations with Father

    … etc.

  2. Enjoyed this greatly. I just wanted to say that I get so much out of your podcasts Jasun (as well as your writing). What you are employing here is the art of intimate conversation and in this day that is a rare commodity indeed. As well as the open-mindedness and no holds barred honesty with which you plunge head first into these topics – and your willingness frankly to be vulnerable.
    With your choice of guests you are bringing the real quality thinkers and writers out there, not just going for the click-bait fluff.
    Keep up the good work.


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