Invitation to a Brainstorm: Divide & Conquer, Corona-Style

The idea of a “covid-19 virus” continues to facilitate massive global changes at an unprecedented speed. And as we enter all the way into a global climate of artificially induced liminality (AIL), opinions or strong and fixed positions, of any sort, start to become potentially deadly. Flexibility and spontaneity, the most essential attributes to receiving and following our guiding intelligence, become increasingly hard to maintain.

We are in the advanced stages of societal schismogenesis, in which, if we are not careful, we may find ourselves on one side of a manufactured divide. As the paranoid-aware, we see the machinations of the social engineers all-too-clearly, and feel their scorn and derision as they rub our collective nose in the audacious gall of their malevolent machinations, and feel a corresponding upsurge of fear and loathing. Am I right?

On the other side of this (imaginary) divide, we have the ever-more compliant “sheeple” (whom I once referred to, with aristocratic disdain, as humatons), those who are not merely going along with the dark Pavlovian program, but actively policing the rest of us. We who refuse to withdraw to our customized jail-cells at a ring of the bell, or to do our bit to “flatten the curve,” become their enemy, and they in turn, if we take the bait, become ours.

It is easy to see how both demographics are being prodded and provoked into an ever-deepening sense of moral superiority and smoldering contempt for the other. If you are at all like me, you may find yourself having thoughts such as, “If this is how stupid humans have become, they deserve to be wiped out by a virulent bio-weapon.” If so, then you are experiencing, first-hand, the efficacy of our overlords’ age-old M.O: divide and conquer, mimetic contagion, scapegoating. These are the oldest and simplest, most universal principles that continue to reap the most astoundingly effective results, only now with the technology and the mass to assume critical momentum.

Eschaton, here we come. Sheep on one side, goats on the other.

But what if all this is just a simulation? What if those who create the fake narrative of good cop government saving the world from killer virus are also creating the (real) counter-narrative—left and right hands working independently—of bad cop totalitarian regime using a bio-weapon to shoe-horn in an age-old biometric enslavement program? Parapolitical truth isn’t enough to set anyone free; if it were, would it be so damn easy to come by?

Before deciding on any sort of position on this, we need to take the time to breathe deeply, tune into our innate bio-intelligence, and reconsider everything we think we know, see, hear, feel, and perceive.

To this end, I would like to consult with some of my regular participants on this current coronafied climate before, or instead of, making any sort of public presentation about it. This way I can better avoid the risk of further contaminating the environment with premature ejaculations aimed, misguidedly if well-meaningly, to purify it.

Proposed day and time: Monday March 30, around 1 pm PST, which will be 9 pm in the UK by then (hours going forward) but still 7 am in Oz. If this is too late for any UK-ers, and/or if enough Ozzies aren’t signing up, I will consider moving it forward an hour or more.

If it is your first time, please start here:

I would like this event to be both less formal and more focused (on specific subject matter and aim) than previous ones, and as such it will be less donation-dependent (though donations will still be accepted)

As suggested viewing, there is this video I watched today. I am not exactly recommending but offering it as an example of the predominant counter-narrative which I consider more in line with actual sociopolitical reality, albeit very far from “truth,” capital T: 

love during wartime


P.S. To attend this meet-up you will need a secure email account. Here is a short list of free providers: I recommend proton as that is the mail most liminalist use and so ensures mutually supported encryption

5 thoughts on “Invitation to a Brainstorm: Divide & Conquer, Corona-Style”

  1. Thanks Jasun, it will be a great opportunity to unpack this situation from a liminalist perspective, looking at both sides, laying the pieces on the table so we can look objectively as possible at the situation, to create a map, looking at the game in play and the mechanics involved.

  2. “avoid the risk of further contaminating the environment with premature ejaculations aimed, misguidedly if well-meaningly, to purify it.”

    Hope so. CV-19 media fatigue may lead to a droop off in global birthrates, despite stay-at-home policies.

  3. Thanks Jasun.

    I sent you an e-mail about joining the meet tomorrow.
    Let me know if I need to do anything.


    • I have added the link to the form request, the only essential part of which is the part about abstaining from intoxicants.

      Some have balked about suspending tobacco use for my or Dave events; here’s a bit of context: I have blogged a lot recently, inspired by Dave Oshana’s teachings, about the nervous system and how it goes into lockdown due to early and/or sustained trauma. Tobacco is a mild paralytic that works by paralysing the muscles and so providing an induced kind of temporary relaxation. Simply put, people smoke to calm their nerves, but tobacco (and marijuana in a different way) shuts down the nervous system rather than unlocking it. It reduces anxiety by suppressing trauma affect in the body but for the same reason it also numbs our capacity to tune into the guiding intelligence. The cost of temporary relief is not merely addiction but desensitization, the snuffing out (pun intended) of consciousness in the body.

      Since tobacco and other drugs (including psychedelics in most cases, IMO) work because they allow for temporary dissociation from the body, using them while attending these meet-ups would be like bringing porno to a Tantric workshop or sneaking peanut butter cups into a weight-watchers convention. What’s the point?

  4. “like bringing porno to a Tantric workshop or sneaking peanut butter cups into a weight-watchers convention. What’s the point?”

    To be self-indulgently naughty?


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