Melt Interview: An Epitaph to a 30-Year Hell Map

Making space in our bodies, awareness, and lives for God to enter the building seems to be the theme of the hour, as explored in ongoing Affinity Groups.

Also: how we, as complementary incarnations of the human energy field, can collaborate and complete one another. How we can deepen our awareness of love for, and from, our ancestors. How we are healing the wounded feminine and wounded masculine by acknowledging an affinity of trauma. How we can suspend the belief of, and in, the mind, shake up the structures of self-awareness and self-expression, and allow for something else to come through us, and to become us. The more we can discover just how well life becomes us, the more we can become life.

Although it was recorded two months ago, some of these themes are covered in a just-aired interview which, though it probably won’t be my last, stands as a decent enough epitaph of the exploration of the dark side of the human energy field phase of my output (i.e., the last 30 years):

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5 thoughts on “Melt Interview: An Epitaph to a 30-Year Hell Map”

  1. Thank you for transcending and healing the small identity to bring this darkness to the attention of all unable, for the courage and little worn path that’s barely visible in the foggy allure, where the gnarled willows murmur of suns and moons past and gone.

    To speak of these coveted inflations, of egoic relations, cough cough, conveys a great integrity and empathetic resolve for the ‘undirenosed’ traumas of us/our beforefathers.

    To end this hellish internatal cabal, we must do as you do, 4 too few here, what is fear?

    May this align more mortal mission statements of a life well lived :))


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