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  1. Strangley every extreme seems to call forth its opposite. I guess that seems right.
    Well maybe not always. Not sure extreme cold brings heat. Although it does burn…perhaps heat is not the opposite of cold..perhaps there is no Dana only Zoohl?

  2. “God is dead! Science is king!” shouts one.

    Hearing this another stands in haste.
    “God is eternal! Science is mans ego trying to become a god!”they cry.

    Hearing this another stands in haste.
    “Religion is the bane of man! Science is the saviour!” shouts they.

    Hearing this another stands in haste.
    “Religion is the saviour of mankind! Science is mans end!” they cry.

    Upon hearing this and pondering closley both perspectives, another stands slowly.
    “Perhaps god is neither alive nor dead. Perhaps god is the way our finite minds deal with the infinitude? Perhaps science is a way to understand some of the processes of the infinitude? Perhaps both are only a representation of the other. Both are impersonal. Both only speak of the impersonal. Neither can tell you of you the ‘conscious being experiencing’ Perhaps what would be best is a blending of god and science mixed with deep contemplation and attention to our own cast shadow and the immediacy of the now?”

    Upon hearing this everyone stands in haste, and stones him to death.

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