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I am now doing regular interviews for The New Books Network. This entails finding new or newish books that interest me (generally on hidden history of one sort or another) and then contacting the publishers for a copy and the authors for an interview. My first published interview is with Lance deHaven Smith, author of Conspiracy Theory in America. The second was with William Blum, author of America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy, see here, and the next is with Michael Lesher, author of Sexual Abuse, Shonda and Concealment in Orthodox Jewish Communities. These interviews will be mixed up with all the other NBN interviews, which run at several per day, so for those who want to keep up with them, I would suggest following me @JaKephas on Twitter.  I will also mention new NBN interviews at the end of The Liminalist Podcast.

If you would like to recommend books for me to cover, send your suggestions to jasun [at] this website.



3 thoughts on “New Books Network Podcast

  1. Just fucking around. You see I’m a very funny guy. Also extremely humble. The mostest humble. Anyways this is an awesome idea you have here. I was just thinking of how bored I was getting of the “typical” podcast (not a pock shot at you, heavens no) I think I just listen to too many.
    I am excited to see where this goes and what nuggets come forth.
    Cheers to you Jasun Horsley!

  2. Hello again, just listened to conspiracy in America interview. Very good interview.
    Not that 9-11 was the focus of the show, and not to come off as one of those guys that comes off wrongly…, but I am always caught on the fact that not only was there video survalence at the pentagon of said attack (obviously) , and the gas station across street also had apparent survalence, yet no one seems to ever bring that up, or act as if those videos are of significance.


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