The Liminalist # 185: The Most Forbidden Thing (with Jannie Hischild)

Conversation with Jannie Hischild on childhood experiences of organized ritual abuse in Ontario, a police investigation, father’s culpability, mother’s complicity, generational abuse, a bent towards evil, trigger smells, the sacrifice of Daniel, conditioned helplessness, early therapy with DID sufferers, matching stories, flesh-eating rituals, occult ends, a vision of Satan, saved by Asperger’s syndrome, UFOs & Greys, seeing a black orb, Satanic psychism, an encounter with Greys, the element of theater, a red orb, a Satanist boyfriend with connections, an O.T.O Lodge in town, power & persuasion, Terry Driver the Abbotsford Killer, a therapist’s betrayal, EMDR, the Pickton farm, Bryce Taylor, Satanists as low-level foot soldiers for the elite, Ewen Cameron & MKULTRA, a network of hospitals for abuse, dungeons, encountering the abusers, malignant narcissists, playing on deep fears, necessary paranoia, learning to trust, recognizing abusers, fragmented memories, alternating alters & missing time, the ice angel, anger and fragmentation, aligning with the power, the highest levels of society, children’s aid, access to children, a preference for boys, the most forbidden thing, the fashion industry and boy-like bodies, tracing back in history, the Druids, the Queen’s initiation, Rosemary’s Baby, an unconscious pregnancy, a child sacrifice, eluding suicide, finding a safe place to remember, loving the baby, body love, emotional overwhelm, alters & memories, a sensation in the brain, the party girl alter, opening a portal via sacrifice, demonization, wanting to confirm forgotten abuses, awfulizing trivialities, self-parody, Sybil, journaling, alters & handwriting, when the door bursts open.

Songs: “Slouching Towards Bremen” by Geoff Berner; ” “Save Time,” by Littlefoot; “Serial” by Ex Luna; “You Would Not Believe” & “These Words Are Yours,” by Hazelwood Motel

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 185: The Most Forbidden Thing (with Jannie Hischild)”

  1. You are most welcome. I hadn’t spoken of it for many years. It is difficult for people to hear, and I don’t wish to traumatize anyone. The formal investigation and subsequent court case solidified in my mind that what I recalled over a lengthy period of time was uncannily accurate. I owe that revelation to my being diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.

    • Thank you for doing this interview. Though there are many things that you had to endure that I didn’t, there are key commonalities in your story that were very much in common with mine. It was very helpful to me to hear another person relate this.

      Thank you again

  2. Very disturbing, but convincing. I’ve known of similar, but far less terrible, groups who have done things to family members. I take some small amount of comfort in the fact a lot of it seems to be deliberately theatrical to make the activities seem unbelievable to outsiders, so not everything seen/remembered was what actually happened.

    It strikes me how incredibly different and malevolent the world is compared to how the majority of people are aware of. I have never known what to do with such knowledge. Seems impossible to completely digest and integrate, even after many years.

    Much love to you, Jannie.

  3. Great guest Jasun, thank you. Thanks also Jannie I know it must be difficult, take comfort in the fact that your words provide help to others…


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