The Liminalist # 11: Basket of Snakes (with Peter Levenda)


First part of an epic, three-hour conversation with Sinister Forces author Peter Levenda, covers the cultural dissonace of traveling, Horsley & Levenda’s alternate approaches to writing, the lens of liminality, Levenda’s knack, teenage years, political and religious awareness, writing and synchronicity, the river of Tao & the writer’s mission, endless doubt, breaking the vow of silence, the dangers of inadvertently contributing to the cover-up, conspiracy culture, the Moon landing and the liminality of not-knowing, how the mainstream press has failed us, cherry-picking conspiracy-theorists, blood and documents, the loss of faith in institutions, pedophilia in the UK, a liminal period, rising mimesis, charisma and false ceremony masters, mimetic control, Mercury the trickster, Lord of the Crossroads, idolizing serial killers, Hannibal Lecter and the shadow of the shaman, betrayed by science, “Trust me, I”m a doctor,” the Golden Dawn Rule, the dummy’s guide to spiritual enlightenment, the novitiate and learning to trust the unconscious, shamanic dismemberment, anthropology infiltrated, academia in entropy, the closing down of spirituality, navigating the snake pit of the unconscious, the desire for certainty, Ayn Rand’s sociopathic ideal, identifying the scapegoat, on shifting sands, the end of idols, celebrity empowerment participation, Hollywood and Might is Right, the victory of technology over morality, negative identity and the scapegoat mechanism, a multiplicity of consciousness, the antithetical other, Americanism and the need for an enemy, the 3rd Reich and the US, manifest destiny, Rene Girard applied to geopolitics, a displaced people (US/Israel), living in a haunted house, communicating through attacking, using language as a perceptual weapon, displacing cultures, counter-cultural warfare, nation-abusers, validating the crime by repeating the crime, killing the savage.

Part Two.

Songs: “El Mariachi” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra; “I Arivee,” “Noye,” and “Fais moi pipi dessus” by Titan; “Good Morning Sick World,” by Art of Empathy.

8 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 11: Basket of Snakes (with Peter Levenda)”

  1. Took a minute to get going, I had the impression that perhaps he was not as comfortable in the highly abstract territory that you frequent. His approach of sticking to verifiable material evidence works well in the “who/what/where” area of conspiracy, but becomes less applicable the closer one gets to the unknown element of this equation. One cannot avoid stepping out on to the ledge if one is to speak about it at all.

    From my perspective your approaches are something like micro and macro approaches to the same problem – perhaps a person cannot perform his task adequately in one if he is constantly shifting his focus to the other. This might be why you tend to avoid the “field research” as you mentioned, and why he tends to avoid abstraction and remain on the solid ground of empiricism.

    Regardless, I think the approaches enrich one another and once the stride was hit I really enjoyed this show – looking forward to part 2.

  2. At about 42 Min. Peter is discussing the Trickster…This came to mind: Listen, Little Man! by a truly great man named Wilhelm Reich….a short quote:
    “Those who are truly alive are kindly and unsuspecting in their human relationships and consequently endangered under present conditions. They assume that others think and act generously, kindly, and helpfully, in accordance with the laws of life. This natural attitude, fundamental to healthy children as well as to primitive man, inevitably represents a great danger in the struggle for a rational way of life as long as the emotional plague subsists, because the plague-ridden impute their own manner of thinking and acting to their fellow men. A kindly man believes that all men are kindly, while one infected with the plague believes that all men lie and cheat and are hungry for power. In such a situation the living are at an obvious disadvantage. When they give to the plague-ridden, they are sucked dry, then ridiculed or betrayed.”
    “It is high time for the living to get tough, for toughness is indispensable in the struggle to safeguard and develop their life; this will not detract from their goodness, as long as they stand courageously by the truth. . . . Anyone who wants to safeguard their life from the emotional plague must learn to make at least as much use of the right of free speech that we enjoy in America for good ends as the emotional plague does for evil ones. Granted equal opportunity for expression, rationality is bound to win out in the end. That is our great hope.”

    Does not Reich grasp what You, Jasun and Peter are at? I see where the Trickster (my people called him Coyote) will be the Source of Self Awareness. Coyote causes people to Pause and Reflect.

    I was in Mental Hospitals after taking LSD in 1967, and then Eating Belladonna which allowed me to converse with my Cats. I also observed Spiritual Entities running along Electric Power Lines, their colour was Red, they told me they Were Angry at being Forced to Labour for man! also Grand Sprites, they would Pop Up from the Earth in front of me, as I walked, I was never fearful; I was 17 Years Old.

    Later ( 1995) I heard a Navaho Story Women speaking about Shaman : Two Small Holes on Top of Ears- the Third Ear, identify with both gender, and native blood. I am all three.

    I have seen mountains rise up and sprites fly out, at the top. and I used to Talk to Running Water, it replied.

    Oh you are discussing Jimmy Savile & Lector now….ugh!

    I was in the State Hospital with Ed Gein, in 1973. He was a jovial & popular patient, Nu?


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