The Liminalist # 11.5: The Individuation Chamber (w/ Peter Levenda)


Part two of Jasun’s conversation with Peter Levenda, on Jimmy Savile and false individuation through violence, magical taboos, banishing the soul by desensitization, shamanically internalized violence, the serial killer as failed shaman, Jung and schizophrenic society, identification with community, Paul Bowles on the Arab unconscious, diverging psychologies, Americanism and homogeneity, “Star Trek” and colonialism, psychology disguised as politics, weaponizing Islam, Eisenhower and Dulles, the sorcerer’s apprentice, seeing as transforming, erasing the borders between subject and object, erasing liminality by embracing liminality, crossing the abyss, secular and sacred space.

Kubrick again, 2001-as-propaganda, religion-as-dissociation-mechanism, Ludendorff and war as the natural state, growth through conflict, Jasun’s magickal path, spirituality as pathology, the problem of individuation, saints’ visions of unresolved psychological material, right/wrong or real/unreal, Kubrick’s show and tell, the bid to conquer space and religion weaponized, space race as cultural warfare, Roman Catholic missiles, US thinking in boxes, William Sims Bainbridge and Galactic Religion, seeding memes through pop culture towards space colonization, the myth of inter-species communication, autism and ETs, Levenda’s idea of entertainment, scenes of devastation in the Hunger Games, identifying with fantasy victims.

Back to Girard, divinizing the scapegoat, Native Americans and autists, self-dehumanization, self-inflicted trauma, groups bound together by multiple trauma, how the US was founded by trauma victims, Mars tourism, infecting the Universe, the serial killer’s traumatic reenactment as US policy, Levenda’s middle way, becoming conscious of unconscious agency, becoming separate from compulsion, Catholic mass as trauma-reenactment, Levenda’s early communion experience, the body as focal point, blood and Eros, evolutionary engineering and the cure that almost works, psychism vs. enlightenment, the two Tantras, Crowley and the Black Brothers, Jasun’s failed will to power, the spiritual smorgasbord of psychic fragmentation, embodiment as the only thing that works, imaginary Rosicrucians and the doctors of the soul.

Songs: “Noye” by Titan; “Mars Trouble” by The Gandua Sound Project; “1996” by Origami Conspiracy; “El Mariachi” & “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

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