The Liminalist # 10: The Greatest Thing Ever Invented (with Joseph Chilton Pearce)


Conversation with author Joseph Chilton Pearce, on life at 89, opening up to new landscapes, Matrix Warrior, adolescent enlightenment, evolving brain states, autism, the natural need for blank-eyed gazing, socialization and the perceptual filter, language as a biological implant, thinking and body pains, invading thoughts, getting lost in the Akashic records, the spell of the sensuous, letting go of external relations, entering into new states of being, life beyond the world, the unknown factor, the inner journey of old age, innate intelligence, biology as a gateway, original wisdom, earth as a living organism, the growth of cancer, the biology of transcendence, the death of religion.

Songs: “1000 Mile Gaze,” by The NumbersInTheDream; “White and Blue,” by Trent Herzman; “El Mariachi” and “Monkey Said” by The Freak Fandango Orchestra

7 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 10: The Greatest Thing Ever Invented (with Joseph Chilton Pearce)”

  1. I concur with Dean: A marvelous human being is JC Pearce. Thank you for bringing him to us, Jasun! He had me way before it, but when he brought up watching the Attenborough nature films, I was fully in 100%.

    The title of the book he’s proudest of [“The Death of Religion and the Rebirth of Spirit”] is a greatly hoped-for evolution of our species. Necessary to save this planet as well.

  2. Could I be composed completely of JCP’s disowned shadow energy? Just kidding. Mr. Pearce is a charming and highly enlightened being. Great interview Jasun.

  3. Sounds like this man is getting into the whole can of worms of mother Gaia worship during one part of this interview towards the end. I don’t think cancer is really being propagated by the earth it’s self, just man and his many man destroying creations.

    Strange. Seeing man as something unnatural and seperate from the world like a lot of the climate change activists is pretty unhealthy.

    • Yes I had a similar reaction when he was speaking but didn’t see much point in trying to try and change a 90-year old’s point of view.

      • I agree, it was just shocking when I heard it. I don’t know why though, I’ve grown up hearing that kind of attitude and belief system my whole life.

        All hail Pol Pot lmao.


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