Christmas Bonanza: 7 New Interviews, on 16 Maps of Hell, Prisoner of Infinity, Vice of Kings

Recommended Selections:

TechnoSocial, on 16 Maps of Hell (includes DaveO talk)

Nice free-associating rap with Mike B’s Labaratorium, a close reader of 16 Maps of Hell (includes DaveO talk)


Consensus Unreality on Prisoner of Infinity & 16 Maps of Hell (inc DaveO talk):


The Melt, on Vice of Kings:


Also of interest:

With Miguel Conner on AeonByte, on 16 Maps of Hell

With J.G. Michael for Parallax Views, on 16 Maps of Hell



Interview with Andy Nowicki on 16 Maps of Hell, decent intro but perhaps not much new here for regulars:


The Future of Men

Last but not least, a word from Louis Proud, on the lonely plight of the incel, the dawn of robosex, and the future of men (6:37):

(For reasons known only to Al Gore’s Rhythms, YouTube have age-restricted Louis’ short video, so it can’t be embedded here)

3 thoughts on “Christmas Bonanza: 7 New Interviews, on 16 Maps of Hell, Prisoner of Infinity, Vice of Kings”

  1. Hey Jasun, I found someone who might be worth your while to have on your radar. I think you guys might have a lot of overlap in experience and opinion (as well as unorthodox spellings of common first names!) Might be a good potential podcast guest.

    Thanks for all the content this past year and looking forward to what 2021 brings

  2. Just a random point (it relates to my text included in your previous post).

    When Jill Dando was murdered, the first articles covering her murder claimed that a Serb assassin did it. He was professional and brutal, skilled and a natural sadist, experienced and vicious (a typical Western media charactarisation of Serbs in the 90s, so to most readers it sounded plausible if not probable). Apparently, the motive was Jill Dando’s investigation of a Serbian warlord Željko Ražnjatović “Arkan”. No evidence to the contrary of this man being a criminal and a warlord exists. He was a son of a Yugoslav Army higher up, had a long resume of being a criminal, served multiple prison sentences in European countries, was used by Yugoslav State Security forces before the civil war and was the main organiser of Serbian paramilitary forces mainly made up of former convicts and hardcore football fans. Everyone who had heard of him, knew who he was. The whole of It made no sense whatsoever at the time but the theory circulated in the papers for years. The fact that the established newspapers were doing their best to make a nonsensical theory stick immediately made me aware that there was something deeper to the story and that there was a different and hidden reason for her execution. Basically, a cover up. It took me years, until the Savile shitstorm came out, to presume that her investigation was researching members of the establishment.

    Article disputing the Serb assassin theory:

    Then the police arrested Barry George whose conviction was subsequently overturned on appeal.

    “When no motive could be found, and no evidence emerged from criminals or British intelligence of a contract or conspiracy to kill Dando, police began to reassess evidence that had been set aside at the start of the inquiry. George was in the area at the time, sought to plant false alibis, had a history of violence and stalking women, took photos of female TV presenters and despite denials was found to have possessed a gun. However, when arrested a year after the murder, the only non-circumstantial evidence was a single particle of firearm discharge residue—a speck that matched the ammunition used in the killing.

    He was convicted of murder, but the forensic evidence was later discounted and his conviction was subsequently judged unsafe by the Court of Appeal, and was quashed in 2007. After a retrial, he was acquitted on 1 August 2008. His claims for compensation for wrongful imprisonment have been dismissed. (Wikipedia).”

    So… No one was ever arrested for her murder. A point which after hundreds of pages of text might have been lost on some readers.


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