On the Wings of a Bee: Ecce Homo Naturalis

Talking about online time with Dave as if it was a product, or even an event, seems like a bit of a dead-end. For example, I could say that last Sunday’s Meeting Truth in the Mystical Realm was one of the most essential Oshana events I have attended in over ten years. I could say that but—don’t quote me Dave—although true enough, these words do what words so often do, and obscure a deeper, richer truth.

If there is only a sound in the forest if I hear it, what I am really praising now is an experience. And that experience belongs to me, not to Dave. And, by same token, it will only mean anything as and when it belongs to you.

Though you can book a replay (there is one today), Dave’s thing is not a product that can be passed around, like a song, a movie, or a book.

Central to my experience here (of what Dave calls the Enlightenment Transmission, though it feels presumptuous for me to call it that) is that the mind cannot quite compute it. My mind works by categorization, and the context it’s accustomed to using is that of cultural artifacts, books, movies, songs, podcasts, things that are judged by their efficacy and excellence as products. (I used to be a movie critic, remember.)

In this context, it doesn’t really make sense to keep saying of an author’s books or a filmmaker’s films— “His best ever!” This is partly because that never happens: artists always peak eventually, at best they are hit and miss (which admittedly is true of Dave up to a point; but I digress).

Saying “Best online event ever!” repeatedly, as Dave does in his newsletter (based on the feedback he gets), starts to seem silly and meaningless after a while , at least to a mind that categorizes experiences into artifacts, and thereby creates a Hierarchy of Attainment. It seems like hyperbole—the boy who cried masterpiece—and in the context of culture, hype loses meaning the more frequently it is repeated.

While culture doesn’t and maybe can’t get progressively more vital, however, nature has its cycles of growth. Fruit ripens, and as fruit ripens it gets tastier with every bite. With culture, everything goes to seed; culture is a fungal overlay on Nature, and its very progress is a form of rot. In Nature, by contrast, everything moves towards a harvest, a blossoming (until winter, that is).

Dave’s thing (the ET) is here to provide us with a glimpse of Nature—human nature, the hardest view of all to find a room with; and he does it, improbably enough, via the cultural machinery of online events and language (at least until retreats can happen again).

Dave is a natural man. One participant described him to me as the only adult he has ever met. And although he is getting older (winter is coming), like other natural beings (trees, say)—or like wine, which is a natural product that requires a bare minimum of culture, and has been around since Jesus’ time (or vine)—Dave improves with age. We should assume nothing less from the enlightened life.

We may not recognize a natural man easily, however, because we are bred on cultural counterfeits: false Hollywood heroes with their conquests and cacophonies. The feats of a natural man are neither epic nor thunderous; they aren’t monuments or monoliths, rocket ships or supernovas. They are like pollen on the wings of a bee—only by its fruit (or honey) can we ever know it.

Now I will let you in on a secret: To know Dave’s goodness, you must first imbibe it, and then exude it yourself.

If, like me, you have wondered or rolled your inner eyes each time Dave writes “Best online event ever!”—wonder no more. Dave, the ET, the participant-morphogenetic-love field that congregates around these Happenings, is coming to bloom. Naturally, it gets sweeter, richer, brighter, and more concentrated in its essential flavor as it does so. But only if you drink it in deep enough that it seeps into your bones.

Natural systems move towards maximum balance, optimization and harmonization: goodness. So it is that “Dave” gets better as the instruments (the nervous and all the other systems) tune into one another and get more in tune with themselves, with their essential nature.

The symphony progresses, the bees bustle. They start to create out of their bodies the wax they need to build the honeycomb that will soon be filled with sweetness. And meantime, as if incidentally, the flowers cross-pollinate and proliferate. Symbiosis happens, happily for all.

Spring is coming. And whether or not we are ready to return to Nature, Nature is coming back to us—and coming back through us.


If this blogpost seems a little . . . unlike my usual blogposts, a little sunnier and sweeter perhaps, since Nature abhors a vacuum and is nothing if not fearfully symmetric, check out Dave’s most recent online article, Confused yet?, for some darker, more cutting commentary such as (I imagine) you may be accustomed to seeking here. Sample:

The spectre of “1984” has crept in the backdoor to achieve mass acceptance and now is boldly kicking in the front door. Those who have eyes to see it are witnessing an unreported coup that takes away the right to think and live freely – a perennial problem that worsens.

This is all confusing, divisive and crazy-making. But you don’t have to accept it. There is something you can do, as the crazed farmer cuts down the field in a spiral to trap the remaining bunnies in a small central island.

There is a replay of the last Dave happening today, Tuesday, at noon UK time. To attend this, request a replay at a different time, or sign up for the next live happening, contact Dave here.

12 thoughts on “On the Wings of a Bee: Ecce Homo Naturalis”

  1. Lol, I will have to accept the fact that I missed the best DO event ever, oh well, I guess I will just have to attend the next best event ever!

  2. Whoop whoop! Making headway in the turbulent pools at the base of the falls. I challenge all to an enlightenment of nights come Sunday under lights, let’s put it all on the table and don’t forget your blinds.

  3. Love the singing Jasun!
    Are you giving up anything for lent this year?
    Alcohol and coffee for me… (possibly for good in the case of coffee)…
    “For good”… forever… “for God?”

    • Starts today, ends April Fool’s Day.

      It does time neatly with a resolution to clean up my diet a bit. Can’t think of anything I feel inclined to jettison 100% (that I havent already) however.

  4. Jasun hi
    Of all the words u have written on your post s and blögs JUST the jingle in this one is true authentic and Shows the Heart.
    Love you J

  5. Some scattered notes from the Sunday event that I am enjoying. Jasun described them as “raw poetry without the polish, like a turnip with the earth still on it”! so posting here for all…

    good breathing
    unstressed breathing
    good breathing for life

    can I find the unstressed breath?

    where do feelings start?
    deep inside
    meeting in place of truth you need a calm nervous system

    the body is untouched by the mind’s anxiety
    it is throwing out toxins
    it is throwing out stress
    can you let the body soften?
    noise, chemicals, molds, pollution
    this is the body’s daily battle

    the goodness replicates
    the goodness clones itself
    to all areas
    to work
    to lunch
    to evening
    in the park
    meeting people

    oxygen is the recipient of goodness
    moving the bad out
    I am getting it, the universe is supporting me in each breath

    You cannot ask the mind to calm down?
    That means you are separated
    Going back to the breath, you are going back to goodness

    Truth is when your body finds what it wants
    Think of Goldilocks: “Just right”

    This goodness being No.1 thing that you need and want to create
    This goodness is seeking to maintain itself
    Your system tries to regulate someone else’s system you come in contact with
    As it wants to focus on the goodness

    Herding scared sheep does not unite the sheep
    Seek calmness in each other
    The anchor goes back to the goodness
    The anchor stops you spinning out

    Where the body wants to go to?
    Our system knows we are going to die
    The body knows death is coming
    Have I known this body?
    Have I loved this body?

  6. To bee or not to bee. To breathe or not to breathe.
    Interesting thoughts, Jasun
    One day I’ll get up the nerve to join in and perhaps imbibe.

  7. Talking bees? How about Samson’s riddle: “What is sweeter than honey? What is stronger than a lion?” (Judges 14:18). Esoterically speaking, the Merovingian sorceror kings used bees as their “logo”; Catholic head gear (crowns) represent a hive along with the Mormons who use hives in their architecture (Utah has the bee as their State insect, emblem and nickname as the Beehive state); in Hinduism and as a Prayanama breathing technique. So, what is the point of my response? I’m altogether not sure, except for the fact that the topic of bees has always interested me (refer to my last name) and that they have been referenced and represented for quite some time in royal and esoteric applications. Maybe most likely I was trying to illustrate the liminal nature of bees in ancient religions-particularly in Egypt where bees are specifically shown to be literally liminal, (as one definition defined by Websters is that liminal means “occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.”)

    Also, great profile pic-suits the past few shows very well I think.


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