Healing a Species Divide/Counteracting Schismogenesis (2 Online Meetings Today & Tomorrow)

We are rapidly approaching a great divide. As a fault line within the collective human psyche opens wide, bodies and souls tumble helplessly and listlessly into the jaws of a vast technocratic Beast. Some of us have seen it coming for decades: a bifurcation within the human race. The masked and the unmasked; the vacced & the unvacced; those willing to stand in the truth, no matter the cost in adversity; and those who prefer to suspend disbelief, keep watching Netflix, and give their souls as fuel to an insidious and hideous Anti-Life Agenda.
This is no easy choice ~ it is literally Biblical ~ but it is a necessary one, and the time is fast approaching when a refusal to choose means that choice will be made for us, and not to our benefit.
All souls are being called; many will at least hear the call; some will respond; but how many will make it over the pearly threshold (or is that Playwall)?
The latest opportunity to glimpse behind the veil of the liminal (“what, cult, us?”) communal collective of Horsley, Oshana, & friends, and participate in the restoration of the Human Psyche Field to its full resplendence is today:
Finding the Love: From Darkness to Light (Regular Participants, Semi-Experts): Labors of Love in the Human Psyche Field. Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021, 9 am Pacific time, 12 noon Eastern Time, 17:00 UK Time.

The theme of this meet is exploring present stresses and divisions in society and the relationship to policies and media. A balance of views and a possibility to air feelings. Free speech!

The aim is to find the goodness that we all know, love and want. This meetings is not open to just anyone, but my more conscientious and discerning readers and listeners may just be made of the right stuff:  potentially eligible: semi-experts,  informed/passionate individuals who have personal anecdotes and eye-witness accounts, those who will share testimony and views.

Saturday’s event (with the same thematic focus and intent) is open to everyone:

From Darkness to Light: Finding the Love (Open to All)  Sat 6 Mar 2021, 9 am Pacific time, 12 noon Eastern Time, 17:00 UK Time.

15 thoughts on “Healing a Species Divide/Counteracting Schismogenesis (2 Online Meetings Today & Tomorrow)”

  1. Thanks for the mention. The free events are free speech forums for all sides of the DiVide.

    COvID has become the imposed lingua franca. Traditional spectacles such as the Olympics will hemorrhage and die unless every human being gets vacced (which if accented sounds like “f$cked”).

    Watching Netflix is the virtual equivalent of following a guru.

  2. Semi-experts? Was ist das?

    Does having researched the fraud since before the word coronavirus even came into the media COUNT?

  3. Jasun & Dave! Do I ever have a Steiner lecture for you! It validates not only the future bifurcation of humanity into good & evil people (sheep & goats), but also your specific path to enlightenment as facilitating the spirit to become better and better embodied in the flesh.

    First, I need to make two explanatory notes to understand Steiner’s terminology in this passage:

    [1] The Post-Atlantean culture-epochs.
    The 5th PA epoch is a span of time from 1413 AD to 3673 AD. In the year 2021, we are now just past the ¼ mark of this epoch (aka the Anglo-Germanic epoch).
    The 6th PA epoch is thus about 15 centuries into the future.
    (The 4th epoch, called Greco-Roman, was 747 BC–1413 AD
    The 3rd epoch, called Egypto-Chaldean, was 2907 BC–747 BC, etc.)

    [2] White skin color vs. Peach-Blossom color
    In his lectures on color, Steiner speaks of the color Peach-Blossom as the color of ennobled or healthy human skin (balancing light and dark, white and black). In this lecture, he speaks of “white humanity,” but he really means the purified “peach-blossom humanity.” I quote him: “We feel in the characteristic flesh color of a healthy human being [peach-blossom] the living image of the soul.”

    From a Steiner lecture called: “The Christ-Impulse as Bearer of the Union of the Spiritual and the Bodily” given in Stuttgart on February 13, 1915, GA 174b. (All emphases are mine.)

    “And what is the characteristic that must particularly develop in this 5th culture-epoch? It is one that was kindled through the Mystery of Golgotha, namely that spiritual impulses have been led down right into the directly physically-human, that as it were the flesh must be laid hold of by the spirit. It has not yet happened. It will not happen till Spiritual Science has one day spread more widely over the earth and many more men bring it to expression in direct life, until, one could say, the spirit comes to expression in every movement of hand, of finger, in the most everyday affairs.

    But it was for the sake of bringing down the spiritual impulse that Christ became flesh in a human body. And the characteristic of the mission of white humanity in general is to carry down the spirit, to impregnate the flesh with the spirit.

    Man has his white skin that the spirit may work in the skin when it descends to the physical plane.

    The task of our 5th culture-epoch, prepared through the preceding 4 epochs, is to make the outer physical body a shrine for the spirit.

    We must acquaint ourselves with those cultural impulses which show the tendency to bring the spirit into the flesh, into everyday matters. When we quite recognize this, then we shall also be clear that where the spirit has still to work as spirit, where in a certain way it has to stay behind in its development — because in our time it should descend into the flesh — where it stays behind, it takes on a demonic character and does not completely permeate the flesh, there the white skin does not appear. Atavistic forces are present which do not let the spirit come into complete harmony with the flesh .

    In the 6th post-Atlantean Culture epoch, the task will be to know the spirit as something hovering in the surroundings, to recognize the spirit more in the elemental world, because that epoch must prepare the knowledge of the spirit in the physical environment. That could not easily come about if ancient atavistic forces were not preserved which recognize the spirit in its purely elemental life.

    But these things do not enter the world without the most violent struggles.
    White humanity is still on the way to take the spirit more and more deeply into its own being.

    Yellow humanity is on the way to conserve that age in which the spirit is held away from the body, is sought purely outside the human physical organization.

    This makes it inevitable that the transition from the 5th culture epoch to the 6th will bring about a violent struggle of the white and yellow races in the most varied domains.

    What precedes these struggles will occupy world-history up to the decisive events of the great contests between the white world and the colored world. Future events are reflected in manifold ways in the events that precede. We are standing in fact, viewed in the light of spiritual science, before something colossal that must necessarily come about in the future.

    On the one hand, we have a part of mankind with the mission to bring the spirit into physical life, to let the spirit permeate each single thing in physical life. On the other hand we have a part of mankind who are now destined to take over a descending evolution.

    • Gee thanks Tom, for sharing maybe the most controversial RuSty lecture you could have shared at the site! With Anthropods like these . . . 😉

      >It validates not only the future bifurcation of humanity into good & evil people (sheep & goats)

      but which is witch?

      • OK, sorry, this may not have been the best venue to review Rudy’s root-racial ruminations, but OTOH, timing is everything, and might I thus qualify as “Surfing the Zeitgeist,” or at least noting a synchronicity to report that, as I sit down to type this reply, British tabloids are fulminating with headlines like: “How Dark Will Baby Archie’s Skin Be?”

        Perhaps I should contact Prince Charles, who is a staunch devotée of Steiner’s BioDynamic Agriculture, and offer to mediate the royal racial dispute in the light (and dark) of anthroposophy. But, as you imply, maybe I’m just looking at the world
        — and cosmos — through Peach-Blossom-colored glasses.

        As for the sheep & goats, I am referencing the Gospel of Matthew 25: 31-34 where the goats are clearly the evil ones on the left (Sinister Forces? Tee-Hee!), and the sheep — being adult lambs — are the good guys on the right. Agnus Dei, you know!

        31 When the Son of man shall come in his glory, and all the holy angels with him, then shall he sit upon the throne of his glory:

        32 And before him shall be gathered all nations: and he shall separate them one from another, as a shepherd divideth his sheep from the goats:

        33 And he shall set the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on the left.

        34 Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world:

  4. Jasun & Dave, your synergy has just given me a profound insight into the racial statements of Rudolf Steiner that I have been “gnosticating over” for the last 15 years, namely, that human skin, with all its color schemes, is a veritable liminal space or an actual threshold mediating between the bestowing spirit and the receiving human body.

    Here I’d like to quote Steiner from the opening of a lecture he gave to the workmen rebuilding the Goetheanum in early 1923 about the importance of human skin color in understanding what we mean by the spiritual.

    “Color and the Human Races,”
    Lecture 3 of 13 in GA 349
    given March 3, 1923 in Dornach
    Translated by Tom Mellett

    STEINER: Good morning! Now, gentlemen, in regard to the last question concerning colors, of course, I have not answered it entirely. We wish to pursue it further — even bring it to a conclusion. The first thing we will consider today is something of the greatest interest for us, namely, human color itself. Now it is obvious to everyone that, all over the earth, human beings manifest different colors.

    As for Europeans, to which group we belong, we can say that we represent the white race. Now, it’s also obvious to you that Europeans are not completely healthy, if they are “cheesy [pale] white,” but they are healthy when they show a fresher, more natural color* which they produce on the inside, and which shows itself outwardly as white.

    TOM: * [NOTE: he calls that “more natural color” peach-blossom in other lectures.]

    STEINER: But now, in addition to this European skin color, we also have four other major skin colors. And we want to investigate that today a little bit, because, in reality, we may only understand all of history and the entire [past] social life, as well as today’s social life only if we can really delve into the racial characteristics of human beings.

    And only then will we be able to understand everything spiritual in the true sense of that word, if we occupy ourselves first and foremost with how this spiritual essence in human beings functions precisely through skin color itself.

    Later in the same lecture, he makes this statement:

    „Die weiße Rasse ist die zukünftige, ist die am Geiste schaffende Rasse.”

    “The white race is the race of the future, the one that creates out of the spirit.”
    or in a variant translation:
    “The white race is the race of the future, the spiritually creative race.”

    • are you *trying* to get me blacklisted as a white s******cist site, Tom – or just carried away by fever dreams of peach blossoms?

  5. No contraire, Herr Horsley! I am *NOT* trying to get you blacklisted as a [insert EUPHEMY] “Snowy Hegemony” site, but rather trying to get you whitelisted someday as a Peach-Blossom Empathy site!

    However, I do concede that the road to whitelisting maps the territory of Manichaea, so blacklisting may be unavoidable.

    On that note, I urge you to read this single lecture by Steiner called Manichaeism which he gave on Nov 11, 1904. I see you, Jasun, in forming the Galicia community, to be the modern-day figure of Manes (216-274 AD) that Steiner describes.

    (Back then he used Theosophical terminology “5th & 6th Root Race,” but in the 1915 lecture I quoted above, he calls them “5th & 6th Post Atlantean Epoch.”)


  6. How many that follow this blog have investigated Christopher Hills? I think he is relevant in the world of Theosophy spin-offs and the weirdness of color/light theory in new age esotericism. I’ve been crawling through his Nuclear Evolution book, for me it is as slow going as Blavatsky’s Secret Doctrine. Blavatsky was the right kind of nuts and a remarkable person. I feel the same way about Crowley. Sometimes I think y’all are just trying to find a safe version of these scandalous authors. Do you really think you can avoid them with a map? I was hoping I could skip Steiner but I am getting intrigued.

    • Hello Ashley,

      Thanks for the introduction to Christopher Hills. I looked at his Wiki and saw that in 1962 he moved to London where his mentors were Bertrand Russell and Sir George Trevelyan. Sir George was a devoted Anthropsophist then, so Hills must have had some familiarity with Steiner, though both men strayed far from the “Anthroposophical Reservation” after that — Sir George being called a “Father of the New Age” and Christopher the “Father of Spirulina.”

      Jeremy Smith, the British Anthropopper, wrote a blogpost about his inspiration from Sir George.

      Rudolf Steiner would have severely castigated Hills for continuing the theosophical tradition of spiritual materialism, i. e. conceiving of the spiritual world as if it were a projection of the material world with its physical scientific laws. As such, I would term both Hills and Leadbeater as deeply Anti-Liminalist because it is the limen, or threshold where the proper ontological transition between spiritual and material would occur.

      That’s why Steiner grounded his anthroposophy in the epistemology of direct Goethean phenomenology where thinking and perceiving become one and the same activity — beyond the dualism of subject and object that Blavatsky, Leadbeater and Hills remained stuck in.

      • Maybe that analysis “continuing the theosophical tradition of spiritual materialism” is correct but I don’t know if I can swallow it whole, it doesn’t really sound right to me. Blavatsky wrote too many pages pointing to the opposite. Leadbeater – I really can’t speak to that attempt to Christianize Theosophy because it just seemed lame. But here is my real reply, it seems like the Liminalist and Co are heading down a path with very specific abandonment of spiritual metaphysics, focusing more on the body. Though obviously the archtypes of Christ and Lucifer seem to still have intellectual interest, hence the detour into Steiner. I am NOT any kind of intellectual on this stuff so please have mercy.

  7. Ii’ll keep this short to spare myself & others.
    Give yourself a work to do on the etymology of the word Race.
    Present day use of the word is clearly weaponized.
    Race – a term used nowadys even more by some as a tool of reign-technic & division ;because of not recognize your fellow human being as “one of us” and these enclaves of humans groups right to have their own unique ways of life and share with others freely their “local” spirit world
    There’s a total difference between sharing freely and enforced
    mingling of cultures – friendship can not be enforced – far less love and joy of life.
    Culture can also be weaponized by a few by mind-raping others.(Thankyou women of Tahiti for the feedback.)
    On enviroment and the human body:
    If I consume a sufficient amount of collodial silver and my skin turns permanently grey-blue – am I then a “race” or a race of my own? – ofcourse not – (there you have something to chew on Anthroposophs – where Rudolph Steiner mention in one of his lectures that in the future , each human being will be a race of it’s own)
    The skin color of a human is clearly a result of enviromental
    bilological reflexses – but not only IMO ; when a group of humans lives for generations under a “harder sun” , they develop a skin “sun screen” that get geneticaly fixed.
    Food in their enviroment is also a part of their aquered skin color (ref collodial silver) – and then the corn sort wheat anyone? Melanin yes but how do the amount of melanin get raised in the human body.The human body answeres to the sun.Anybody can experience that.
    The bio-reflexes total from the enviroment is vast and far from mapped – from old age liver-spots on the skin & on & on.
    I am not into simplified categories of good & evil – nuances- details is far more giving.
    Btw Celtic Nations music keeps me alive ;
    lyrics quote from the thousand of songs I listen to
    “TRy to be good – there is no grace in doing wrong ”
    And Stein Mehren : “The dream of the social that allow itself to break the single individual in his dreams , in the belief that there excist a single human being that is not “one of us” .
    The Omnidirectional Shuttle in The Weavings


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