The Liminalist # 108.5: Instrument of Aristocracy (with William Ramsey)

Part two of conversation with William Ramsey, on subtle infiltration, a psychotic break, Sebastian Horsley & the hidden aristocratic lifestyle, Temple of Psychic Youth & adolescent appeal of occultism, Harry Potter as sorcery vehicle, trauma, Satanism, and identity politics, negative identity, the pendulum, Christopher Isherwood, a post Crowley nexus, Lord Tredegar, Augustus John, instrument of aristocracy, John Sykes’ dog, Agent 666, Kim Philby and the Cambridge Set, the Dutroux affair, Tom Driberg & John Le Carré, Levenda’s plausible deniability, The Necronomicon, The Most Dangerous Book in the World & Trine Day’s water-muddying, Tavistock, the West Memphis 3, Ted Heath, the Salem witch trials and The Crucible, l’affaire des poisons, Gilles de Rais, Gerald Yorke collection, Hubbard & soul-cracking, seeking the smoking gun, Crowley’s torture porn.

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Songs: “The Kommema and his Religion” & Of the Lakes,” by SunWalker; “Promise of Water,” by Angels of Light.

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  1. It would be interesting to know as much as possible about all the founders of Wiccan and Satanic and OTO Crowley followers in California in the 60’s including the Satanic “church” in San Francisco. New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn was started in 1967 & they refer to Crowley as “Grandfather”.

    I personally know someone that was converted to a Christian 60’s Cult after taking LSD and meeting Jesus. He became a missionary for 30+ years. LSD certainly transformed thousands of lives for better or worse during that “cultural revolution”. How much of that was caused by social engineering by PTB Black Ops? It seems to be related and rooted all the way back to Crowley and his intelligence subterfuge… is this where our modern Occult Spooks come from… California SRI’s and their Silicon Valley leaders and supportive cults.

  2. One founder of Wicca in California is “Starhawk,” whose work I’ve been revisiting in light of what I know now. Her early works, first editions, are full of interesting characters — like Gregory Bateson, who she cites as an important influence for her research on groups. She’s also linked to Tavistock’s NTL Institute on the net, but I haven’t yet found a direct link.
    Other names in her early first editions are Timothy Leary, Herbert Marcuse, Adorno, Stanley Milgram and Crowley is listed in the bibliography of Spiral Dance, published on Halloween, 1979. In an interesting sync, Drawing Down the Moon was also published on the same day in 1979 by Margot Adler, granddaughter of Freud-associate, Alfred Adler.
    It’s speculated in Ronald Hutton’s book on the History of Modern Witchcraft that the “Cone of Power” ritual came from Crowley, and the Charge of the Goddess was supposedly a Gerald Gardner creation, but he links to Crowley also.
    Starhawk’s Reclaiming group has chants for the Aleister Crowley Memorial Incantatory Campfire Choir, which she’s involved with directly.
    I always found it so strange that Crowley has seeped into the so-called new age, so I’m glad to hear this depth of material. For example, the Crowley deck was used by Angeles Arrien in her book on the Tarot, and then there are all these new agers using the term “magick” – magic with a k.

    • Thanks for the info. Speaking of Crowley and Tarot…

      One UFO Occult Ufologists named Chris O’Brien brags about owning an original set of Tarot cards from Crowley. He’s a so called “expert” in cattle mutilations. Both he and his (now dead) brother are/were practitioners of occult magik, and he co-hosts a podcast mostly about UFOs and related interests.

      Not something I would boast about or want to have anything to do with Crowley. Creepy!

  3. This is was an informative conversation broken up by great music selections and nicely illustrated with Crowley’s LAM superimposed on the Kinsey Report. It’s late so I don’t have much to say other than I’m an old hippie who had thefirst iteration of the The Confessions sent to the Indian ashram I was studying yoga at in l970 and read it on a VW van rive from Dharmsala to Munich. I immersed myself in Crowleyana corresponding (by snail mail) over the ensuing years with Gerald Yorke, Jean Overtun Fuller, John Symonds, Kenneth Anger and Martin Starr. I’ve been to Cefalu, Boleskine House, 93 Jermyn St., The Warburg Institute, The Kinsey Institute and the Lilly Library also on the U. of Indiana campus where they have some of Crowley’s correspondence from Tunis archived. Being an old hippie of course, I’ve met Tim Leary, Richard Alpert (in India), Genesis P. Orridge and Sebastian Horsely who sashayed into the tiny Colony Rooms in Soho with a retinue and sat down at a table next to mine the night I was there. I’ve spent all day listening to Jasun Horsley’s conversations and am going to retire now. This conversation and the others with Ms. Diamond on Leonard Cohen and with Jan Irvin have all been very interesting. I’m thrilled to have been introduced to some fine new pop music, too!


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