The Liminalist # 118: Bearing Witness to the Sensational Self (with Aaron Soma)

First of two-part conversation with Aaron Soma, on The Lucid View, the power of not-knowing, somatic therapy, Wilhelm Reich & body armor, writing & embodiment, liminalism, what the body knows, a recurring “I don’t know,” speaking on the feet, doing this podcast, protection & revelation through articulation, the words as carriers, fear of scapegoating, the value of free speech, John de Ruiter cult therapists, Child Protection Services & organized abuse, traumagenesis, giving consent by voting, hating the world, the horror without & the horror within, bearing witness to the sensational self.

Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Out the Door,” by The Temporary Thing; “Crooked Autumn Sun” by Rick Bain.

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  1. Nick Kalani
    Posted July 9, 2017 at 6:51 pm | Permalink

    The blind, retired adolescent developmental psychology professor/ therapist that I mentioned in my chat, who was going to be sharing knowledge with us, was countermanded due to his insistence on ubiquitous “mandatory reporting,” which our executive director is against. He favors more closely examining of situations and nuanced judgement calling.

    I recently heard a local account of a foster care sexual abuse case, in which the presiding child-care doctor has fled the country, to Australia. Personal flourishes of the story implicated the district attorneys office in under-rug sweeping.

    Liminal talking points are a challenge to navigate into in over 95% of my daily interactions. I don’t go there too loosely, though I reveal the threshold closer to most people’s feet much more often than consensually normal. Those found willing to allow sexual child abuse into a more than surface-level, face to face conversation are usually over 50. Usually, the topic stilts participation. Ostracization and fear of it is the pitfall of a neurotic stumbling in liminal line dancing.

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