The Liminalist # 122: The Ninth Domain (with Heidi Crockett)

Conversation with Heidi Crockett on neuroscientific counseling, the decade of the brain, interpersonal neuro-biology, brain to brain interface, the 9 functions, autism and small talk, connecting with body language, biological tuning, invisible food, exchanging transmissions, love & integration, receiver-transmitters, the effects of trauma, three domains of the brain, temporal integration, an overstimulated reptilian brain, community improve, true storytelling, breathwork, accessing trauma, self-counseling, color therapy, implicit and explicit memory, memory storage, what a good therapist does, metabolic waste deposits or trigger points, neural networks in heart & gut, morality & systems awareness, emotional regulation, chaos & rigidity, liminality, the yes and the no, differentiation & linkage, observational mode, disagreements & war, the mind as intestinal filter, junk management, Dave Oshana’s mirror neurons, identity integration & enlightenment, the 9th domain, going beyond the mind.

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Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Blind Owl II,” “She-Wanderer,” & “Reproduce & Get Dirty,” by Big Blood;

3 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 122: The Ninth Domain (with Heidi Crockett)”

  1. Another true gem – lots of meaning for me.

    When you talk about you & your wife picking up on the subtext of the words spoken – even picking up on the thoughts, do you think this is a “talent” children of pre-verbal trauma develop as a way to ensure they don’t unduly upset a caregiver – like a alcoholic parent and thus avoiding further aggression/trauma?

  2. Thanks totally fascinating and some great recommendations for processing trauma: the book Body Keeps Score, EMDR, and connected breathing practice.

    Also very interesting to hear you two talk about Dave Oshana.


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