The Liminalist # 134.5: Loyal to the Lodge (with Ann Diamond)

Part two of return conversation with Ann Diamond, on Leonard Cohen’s family connections to organized crime, McGill and Fabians, the Sabbatai Zvi cult, Kabbala and Judaism, Lyndon LaRouche, identifying the causes, conspiratainment and the second matrix, a wealth of disinfo, Hollywood pedophilia, Kevin Spacey & scapegoating, the drive to be a somebody, celebrity worship & tobacco addiction, double bind situations, a core of ritual abuse, Cohen’s conditioned compliance, suppressed anger, an S & M system of masters and slaves, satanic culture, a second reality tunnel, a finished narrative, Montreal, hub of MKULTRA, a poem for Annie, Cohen’s intervention, loyal to the Lodge, dispelling the fog of war, a certain kind of trance, the disappearing difference between left & Right, irrational forms of behavior, investment in ideological narratives, whatever happened to the Left, belief is never enough, meeting extreme elitists, The Godfather, a fake Mafia influencing real Mafia, a fabricated reality, the ruling class’s many pies, power-based culture, encountering a cabal, slave to career, when the CIA took over the media, automated culture, weaned off the life force, LSD-laced goat’s milk, the boons of conspiracy culture, a burning sinking ship.

Songs: “Creeping Crazy Time,” by Big Blood; “My Demon”  by Hazelwood Motel; “Black Stone in the Cave,” by Elvish Presley.

6 thoughts on “The Liminalist # 134.5: Loyal to the Lodge (with Ann Diamond)”

  1. I’m HOOKED on this show now. I recently delved in, and haven’t been disappointed the last few days. Extremely critical work, and so much I’d love to weigh in and contribute with. Definitely want to stress I’m not invested in the “conspiratainment” scene in anyway. I’m coming from I guess a more “traditional” Marxist/revolutionary background and tons of history books, but have felt utterly homeless politically the last few years.

    Does Lionsgate Studio factor in this MK Ultra-CIA-Hollywood nexus? They were founded in Montreal and put out movies like the comedy American Ultra. I’ve always heard the CIA loves utilizing comedies. This stuff seems super tedious to research given how much bad info seems to be out there for every 1 solid dot worth connecting. Any suggestions? Or is it just a lot of trial & error/luck/intuition?

    I’ve also always seen strange articles & interviews revolving around Hip-Hop, which I feel has taken over in the aimless violence/rebellion, sex, drugs & rock-n-roll department for my generation & younger. The so-called Hip-Hop Cops (like the old Red Squads) that track major artists, possibly kill them and have squads in most major city police departments. I think the Miami Herald even wrote a little about it.

    I also remember seeing an interview with Fat Joe who claimed rap was “controlled by a gay mafia” then not long after had to walk those statements back & spin them in a nervous follow-up interview. His “Lean Back” video also allegedly has lots of trans prostitutes in it. And rapper/label owner Birdman has forever been accused of molesting his young artists, a few of whom die (most recently a young artist from New Orleans named BTY YoungN). Not sure how much this type of thing in rap can be attributed to ruling elite machinations vs. just street beef, but I’ve always treated it as part of the broader culture of drugs/cia/geopolitics…

    Also not sure if you’ve explored the screenwriter Gary Devore killing in light of Bush the Elder’s death? I recently was turned onto that whole saga and the just pure strangeness of it.

    I could go on & on, but that’s just some of the stuff yall have made me think about thru this trauma lens you’re working with.

    *Can track down links & resources for all of this if needed*

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